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Welcome To The Dark Ages - VIKINGS ARRIVE

Princess Lais Celsus (only child of Prince Leander & Duchess Strephon) ages to adult thus bringing this challenge in the DARK AGES.

Her cousin, Prince Lycomedes (youngest child, only son & heir of Emperor Lycaon & Empress Alala) ages into a teen also.

Now the rest of the kingdom must catch up.  Alvin & Fate Rusewicz welcome twins (Alder & Aldercy).

The 1st twins since Empress Alala and her twin brother Duke Alastair were born, I think.
Or since Dia & Dimitur Eulogius.

Either way, its been a long time!

The great sickness claims Anzeka Manlius.


Families start moving into their new digs.

Pictured are Anteros Marx (formerly Manlius) and his little brother, Balasi.

The Royal Carington Family
(formerly the Imperial Celsus Family)

King Lycaon & Queen Alala, with Lord Alastair Auteberry
Princesses Lycrois, Lyris, & Lysandra & Prince Lycomedes
The Noble Quigley Family
formerly the Patrician Quirnius Family

Earl Stephanos Quigley and his Quigley grandchildren (Lord Stamitos, Lady Tracy, and Lady Trina)

Serf Athanasia Karter (formerly Kokinos) marries Sterling Futa

Serf Nella Moore (formerly Mamuyac) marries Connor Barthelet

Atlas (coughing in background) & Nox Karter welcome a 2nd daughter, Abba.

Also pictured are Athan Karter (Atlas' brother) and toddler Nichole Karter (Atlas & Nox's elder daughter)

Earl Stephanos Quigley, 80, passes away.

He is survived by two trueborn children (Lady Stasia & Earl Tre), his trueborn grandchildren (Earl Paris & Lady Pasha Ventura, Princess Lais Carington, Earl Hadrian II Auteberry, Lord Stamitos, Lady Tracy, & Lady Trina Quigley), and a bastard daughter (Nephele Moore).
The 1st home business is up and running.

Abydos Ellison tries to make a sale to serf Agatha Ashe.

The Ellison's only had two items to sell while they waited for their crops to mature.

They sold a boot & a fish from their inventories.

Although Agatha takes the bait, the 1st sale actually goes to Lady Anastasia Auteberry.

Serf Agatha bought the boot, I think

Noble Anastasia bought the fish, I think
I believe this is the Vassal Ellison household/store

The customer is one of Earl Tre Quigley's daughters.

The serf is Phebe Marx.

Elek Ellison marries one of the serfs working his father's land & store, Phebe Marx.

Elek is non-heir, so I believe he can marry anyone his heart desires.

Dagmar Ellison (wife of heir Egidio) delivers their first child, Edward.

Edward has dark hair and blue eyes.

Alvin O'Reilly also has a grocery store up and running.

Alvin with his youngest daughter, twin Aldercy.

Aldercy is the only of their 4 children to be blonde.


Sven & Olaf are of Nordic descent and are on the look for loot and women.

They both have red hair (random genetics)
Sven has green eyes.
Olaf has brown eyes.
Sven impregnates two women right away.

Ennea Afolayan and her charge Neola Marx are with child.

The babies are born almost simultaneously.

Ennea delivers a son, Edric, who is destined to follow his father's footsteps (at first, at least)

When Edric comes of age, he will be taken by his father or Olaf to receive his training.

Edric has dark hair like his mother.

Neola Marx delivers twins within minutes of Edric's birth.

The girls are named Nancy (lighter skin) and Nannie (medium skin)

Young girls are of little use to the Viking men.  Nancy & Nannie will be serfs like their mother.

Nannie has red hair and blue eyes.
I'm not sure about Nancy.
Athamas Ashe is the first man to tangle with a VIKING.

He attacks Sven who is raping Athamas' wife, Dunyasha.

Athamas is killed and survived by his wife and 8 children.

Anteros Marx also attacks a VIKING during a siege of their small home.

Anteros is killed and is survived by his wife, Daffodil, and their 4 children.

Daffodil Marx is left pregnant by VIKING Olaf.

Her brother-in-law Balasi vows to find and kill Olaf and care for Daffodil and her children.

Balasi Marx marries Daffodil (his brother's widow)

Daemon Marx (eldest child of Anteros & Daffodil) dies after a long illness.

Daffodil can't even look into the eyes of her new son, Dafydd.

Dafydd's birth is salt in her wounds.  She just lost her husband and eldest son.

Neleus Moore is orphaned when is mother, Nella Barthelet, dies shorty after delivering a new baby (Codell Barthelet)

Connor Barthelet marries his widow's elder sister (Nefili).

Together they are raising Nefili's bastards (Nectarios & Nephele), Nella's bastard (Neleus), and Nella & Connor's newborn (Codell)
Narkissa Karter (wife of Athan) suffers a miscarriage.
They already have two children (Alexis & Adrik)

Her sister, Nox Karter (wife of Atlas) delivers a healthy son, Atelic.
They already have two daughters (Nichole & Abba)



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