Thursday, April 28, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Julien Prescott of Prescott

Benjamin Huffman, 59, dies of advanced age.

Benjamin is survived by his mate (Caroline) and their 3 young children (Rowanne, Morven, Phrixos)

Julien Prescott is the 3rd sim in the challenge (all are Prescott men) who has achieved a GOLD GARDENING talent badge.

The other men with the honor where Julien's father Morven and his older brother Ryann.

Julien is the youngest being only a teen still.

Cathy Prescott, 5th child of Morven (the final by his 2nd mate Cathy Ngai)

Cathy Prescott dies at age 26 giving birth to her 1st child, Laurentina.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Larry Miceli of Milford

Larry Miceli

Larry bonds with his stepdaughters (black hair Encarna, brown hair Candis, blonde hair Lana)

Larry's stepsons sleep in the background - toddler Fyodor on a pet mat and infant Cleve in the crib

Brigida's 5th pregnancy (Larry's 1st child) is proving to be her most challenging
After delivering a healthy 5th child (daughter Enola), Brigida enjoys a quiet dinner with 4 of the children

Candis Livingston
eldest child of Brigida (from a non-consensual encounter with Luc Livingston)

Lana Livingston
eldest child of Aurelien & her mate Luc Livingston

Brigida is the 1st woman to survive birthing 6 children.

She no longer has to fear death in childbirth.

Brigida's children are: Candis Livingston, Encarna Majekodunmi, Fyodor Majekodunmi, Cleve Majekodunmi, Enola Miceli, and newborn Wulfstan Miceli

Larry Miceli and his large familly

Larry holding his oldest child Enola
Brigida holding youngest child Wulfstan
Teen Candis - from Luc Livingston
Encarna, Fyodor, Cleve - from Bill Majekodunmi

Monday, April 25, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Reeves Milford of Milford

The Milford Family

Reeves, his mate Caryl, his sisters Virginia, Laverne & Lorainne
His youngest siblings - Walter, Olav, Jayde

When it becomes clear that Caryl cannot conceive children any longer, Reeves picks a new mate

25 year old Reeves (3rd child of Hedley)
joins with
38 year old Aurelien Melnitsa (2nd child of Fyodor)

Reeves' sister Virginia also gives birth to a daughter, Thora.

Reeves Milford with his clan

blonde Caryl Walter, Walter, Reeve, Virginia, Jayde, Olav
Reeves' brother Walter joins with Tempest Prescott.

Both are the 7th born children of their fathers.

Walter's youngest sister, Jayde, takes an immediate dislike to Tempest.

For her own safety, Tempest returns to her clan and her union with Walter is severed.

Troy Kearney (Virginia's husband) and their oldest child, Thora.
Caryl passes on all the business knowledge she gained from helping Reeves with the business all these years.

Troy & Virginia move out with their three children - Thora, Cameron, Ivers

Friday, April 22, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Lemuel Gregorio of Griogair

Lemuel's older sister, Darga, gives birth to a daughter named Trina in honor of Darga & Lemuel's mother.

Baby Trina's father is in-game but has another family.
Lemuel's brother, Wong dies in the Battle of 1076.

Wong Gregorio, 25, is survived by his mate Mehetabel, 23.

Wong was childless.

Gaye & Leolin suffer through a difficult pregnancy

Allyn & Lemuel, though, welcome a healthy son named Eadmund (after Allyn's father)

Survival of the Fittest - Bill Majekodunmi of Milford (DECEASED)

Aurelien Melnitsa and her only child Lana Livingston

Bill Majekodunmi and his family

Bill (holding Encarna)
Pregnant Brigida (holding Fyodor)
Candis Livingston (dau of Luc & Brigida)
Lana & Candis Livingston are sisters and cousins.

Lana's mother is Aurelien Melnitsa
Candis' mother is Brigida Melnitsa

They have the same father, Luc Livingston

Bill with his 1st son, Fyodor Majekodunmi

Bill and Brigida are the parents of three children together - Encarna, Fyodor, and Cleve - and are responsible for Brigida's 1st child Candis and her niece Lana.
Bill Majekodunmi was mortally wounded in the Battle of 1076.

Bill lingered for several months and finally passed away at the age of 30.

Bill is survived by his mate (Brigida, 36) and his 3 children (Encarna, Fyodor, Cleve)

During his drawn out death, Brigida took steps to ensure her continued safety.

As soon as Bill was in the ground, Brigida joined with Larry Miceli.

Brigida was very clear on what happens to a clan with no man at the helm and she made sure to have one at the ready.

Unfortunately, she will be forced to provide children to her new mate but that is her role.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Max Gregory of Griogair

Max Gregory, 3rd child of Eadmund & Gaye

As a teenager, Max and his 8 siblings were orphaned and he became head of the family
The Gregory Family

Max, sister Gaye (holding nephew Sullivan), brothers Ryers & Toyonaga
sisters Tracy and Brooke

Max joins with teenage Allycia Gregorio (Fulgencio's 6th child)

While his teenage brother Ryers joins with 30 year old Darga Gregorio (Fulgencio's 1st child)
Justus Goldman and his mate Ngai Prescott

As a traveler also hailing from Griogair, Justus and his eventual family are welcomed in by the Gregory clan.

They quickly become parents to Amabilis Goldman.
Mehetabel Gregory has become unhinged after the loss of her mate Wong Gregorio in the Battle of 1076.

After returning home she attacked and killed her own twin sister, Mariah aged 24 and then her youngest sister Brooke aged 18.
The Gregory clan only lost one man in 1076, clan-guest Justus Goldman died at age 55, leaving behind his mate Ngai and their infant daughter.
After 5 years together, Allycia & Max finally welcome their first child - daughter Lauma

She is quickly followed by a sister - Elma

Max and Ryers with their spouses and their sister Mehetabel for one last family dinner before the clan spreads out.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Niadh Gregoire of Griogair

Niahd Gregoire, only child of Lou Gregoire with Trina Darga

Niadh Gregoire with his brother and adopted clansmate

Niadh & Torben Gregoire and Akagi MacGregor

Niadh became caretaker of orphaned clansmate Akagi after her father's death.

Niadh joins with Akagi to create a family

Akagi was the last of the MacGregor branch of the Griogair clan.  Her family name has died out.

The clan pet, Asta, produces their 1st litter.

The sole puppy is named Astro.

The Gregoire's open a home business and build a house.
Akagi with her oldest child, Mac (named after her father)

Akagi and her 3rd child, Catalina (named after her mother)

Niadh and Akagi are the parents of Mac, Herman, and Catalina.
Torben Gregoire, 27, is killed in battle along with several other men of the land.

Torben is survived by his mate (Mariah, 23) and his only surviving sibling (Niadh).

Torben was childless.

Mariah is returned to the Gregory family.
Niadh and Akagi with their 3 sons (Mac, Herman, and toddler Karsten in back)

Toddler Catalina is not pictured
Akagi gives birth to a 5th child.

The baby is biologically not Niadh's.

The baby's father will not be in-game.

Baby Akagi is blonde (from the bio dad)

Giving birth to baby Akagi, took too much out of Akagi.  She dies at age 41.

Akagi is survived by her mate (Niadh, 39) and her 5 children (Mac, Herman, Catalina, Karsten, newborn Akagi)

Niadh needs a woman to care for his newborn daughter so he selects the only available Griogair woman, Eva Gregorio.

Eva is heavily pregnant and died giving birth to her son, Ravi.

Niadh then selects from a larger pool of women and settles on Laverne Milford, who has recently given birth to her 2nd child.

Survival of the Fittest - Ivers Milford of Milford (DECEASED)

Ivers Milford with his adopted clan

Encarna Melnitsa, her daughters pregnant Aurelien Livingston and Brigida Melnitsa (holding baby Candis Livingston)

Ivers became caretaker of this branch of the Milford clan after the women were left with no male protector
Ivers Milford has been trying to make headway with the Melnitsa sisters.

Brigida is pregnant again so he sets his sights on older widowed sister Aurelien

Aurelien with her daughter blonde Lana & her sister's daughter Candis.

Lana and Candis have the same father (Luc Livingston)

Brigida has given birth to a 2nd daughter, Encarna, and is pregnant again.

Baby Encarna and the pregnancy have the same father an NPC named Bill Majekodunmi
Aurelien finally falls for Ivers and they are joined.

Brigida gives birth to her 3rd child (Fyodor) and is joined with the daddy, Bill Majekodunmi.

She quickly gets pregnant again.

Ivers dies just months after joining with Aurelien.

Ivers Milford is survived by his mate (Aurelien), 4 older siblings (Virginia, Laverne, Lorainne, Reeves) and 3 younger siblings (Walter, Olav, Jayde) 

Aurelien is widowed for a 2nd time.

Bill Majekodunmi is by default the head of this household.