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The Xenophilia Challenge: Princess Jemima Brethren

Princess Jemima Brethren is the only child of the late King Avid of Belladonna.

Jemima never had any inclination towards ruling her country, she only had a zest for knowledge and adventure.

She renounced her rights in favor of her uncle and regent, Prince Dresden.

Giving up her crown also meant giving up the luxuries she had become accustomed to.

Jemima was lucky to find a job that fulfilled her need for adventure.  She would explore the oceans around her kingdom.

She was also able to meet her former subjects - who were unaware of her noble birth.

After getting to know a few neighbors, Jemima was anxious to explore her tiny home.

Wow.  A telescope.

She could now explore the skies as well.

What is happening!?

Jemima is very surprised with this development.  She doesn't know what to think.  She has never known the love of a man.

She called the only person she could think of.

Her uncle only had harsh words and didn't believe his neice's incredible story.

"Babies only come from one place", he said with anger and disappointment.

It was all starting to make sense.

THEY gave her a child.  But why?

As she delivered this child, Jemima didn't know what to expect.  She just wished her father was here to help her through it.

The child is beautiful.  She names him for her father.

Little Avid will be much loved and Jemima will keep his conception secret to protect his reputation.

Why is this happening again?!

This time Jemima's son will be a little harder to explain.

Bastian has bright green skin but the sweetest smile.


Jemima again turns the the only family she has left.

Her uncle is very upset but seems warmed by the idea of little ones in the family again.

She asks of her inheritance.  King Dresden is reluctant to discuss finance.

Avid is getting so big

Avid Brethren, Jemima's 1st child

Bastian celebrates a birthday too.

Jemima had a third son and named him Coruscant.

During each 'visit' Jemima can understand and remember more and more of the encounter.

She heard the visitors speak intently on "the two".

"The two must survive the journey for the mission to be completed successfully"

Was another young lady (or gentleman) being subjected to this too?  Was this person not being returned to Belladonna safely?

Bastian & Avid

Jemima's 4th son is named for her uncle.

King Dresden, after seeing pictures of the boys, has agreed to allow Jemima to live in a confiscated household nearby but she will not receive royal funds to help raise her bastard brood.

She and her growing family are feeling more secure and comfortable every day.
Jemima's new house is fully furnished, including pictures of the previous owner's family.

She keeps them up.  Its nice to see the happy smiling faces that 1st made this house a home.

Jemima with Bastian.

Jemima is on her 1st date ever.

She is still too shy to show him into her bedroom.


But this feels very familiar.

Jemima is pregnant with #5 and helps little Coruscant age up

The 3 toddlers on (or near) their beds

Avid, Bastian, Coruscant

Jemima delivers a girl, Elek

Avid is old enough to start school and help out around the house.  Yay!

6th time

Avid entertains Bastian so Jemima can tend to Coruscant, Dresden, and Elek.

Dresden is a toddler!

Bastian is starting school this year!

Jemima is proud to present her 6th child, Furst.

With a little face make-up and long sleeves, Bastian heads out for his 1st day of school.
Elek is a toddler

No abduction tonight.  The nanny started a fire instead of watching the children.!!

Coruscant is a child.

Abduction #7

Elek and Dresden playing together

Jemima with the 3 middle children: Coruscan, Dresden, and Elek.

Two oldest (Avid & Bastian) and youngest (baby Furst) are not pictured

Furst is a toddler.

There is officially no babies in this house for the 1st time since Avid was born (I think)

This pregnancy has been really hard on Jemima - or having 3 toddlers has been really hard on this pregnancy.

Jemima loses the baby.

Dresden is ready to start school

Jemima fears that the ALIENS will punish her for not safeguarding their young and miscarrying a pregnancy.

Elek was the first to be potty-trained.

Bastian was being bullied and the teachers kept sending him home sick because of his complexion, so Jemima decided to home school him.

He can dress how he wants and even cut his hair.  He is so much happier not having to hide himself.

After the miscarriage, the family needed some joy so they are celebrating Annual Gift Man Day.

All the children are pictured.

Furst meets a doggy.

Late on Annual Gift Man Day, Jemima goes into labor.

She names the little red head Gift.

Avid, Dresden, and Gift share the same father (and the same features)

Home schooling is going great.

The dining room is filled with family pictures now.

Abduction #9

All five school age children.

Elek is also home schooled.

Avid is a popularity teen who wants to be a Rock God.

Furst is ready to start school.

No toddlers!  Yay!

Jemima and her whole brood (minus baby Gift)

Baby #8 is another girl, Hadria.

Hadria has blonde hair and golden eyes, just like mommy

Avid is very interested in schoolmate Larissa Rendum.

Shes beautiful and funny and has pointy ears just like him.

Bastian is a fortune teen who wants to be Hand of Poseidon (unfortunate since he can't leave the house)

Gift is a toddler.

Family Portrait Time

Left to right: Coruscant, Avid, pregnant with #9 Jemima, Dresden, Bastian, and Elek

Jemima delivers a 6th son, Irri

Bastian, Elek, and Irri share the same father (and the same features)

Coruscant (knowledge sim) witnesses this abduction and thinks its hilarious.

Now that Bastian is old enough to watch the little ones, Jemima is eager to get back to work.

She is the mother of NINE children already and sees no end in sight.

Hadria is a toddler.

Pregnant with her 10th child, Jemima tries to bond with each child.

Gift is potty trained too.  Only the girls are getting it.

Jemima's 10th child is blonde Katia.

Jemima has 6 boys, 4 girls.
Hadria and Gift as toddlers

Irri celebrates a birthday with Dresden's help

Jemima's 11th child is a girl named Lima

Coruscant's friend, Terra Wood, says that being different is not as frowned upon as this family has been lead to believe

Family Picture with the 6 eldest kids
Avid, Elek, Bastian, Jemima, Coruscant, Furst, and Dresden

Furst missed school today so he only had the little ones to play with

Family dinner...Jemima is pregnant

Katia is growing up.

She looks just like Hadria

Jemima's 12th child is another girl, Mae

Hadria, Katia, and Mae share the same father (and the same features)

Family Picture with the 7 eldest

Avid, Elek, Bastian, Furst, Jemima, Coruscant, Gift, and Dresden
Child #6 Furst is a teenager

Furst with is little sister Lima

Jemima with her 8 oldest children

A royal family historian tracked down the reclusive ex-Princess and her children and was shocked by what he saw

Furst with the youngest sibling Mae

Jemima receives an anonymous package containing an ancient and (once believed) lost account of her family history.

The royal family and the nobility were all founded and seeded by alien abduction pregnancies!

It was regarded as the highest honor to have your womb - your family - chosen to host such a life!

Jemima immediately calls her uncle, the ailing King Dresden.

She is hurt mostly that her children were forced to be hidden from friends, from love, and from life.

King Dresden admits resposibility for Jemima's troubles.

He admits that he shamed her out of his own self-interest.  Jemima's initial claim to the throne was always stronger than his and her 'special' children threatened his position even further.

King Dresden promises to abdicate in favor of his niece and issue a public apology.


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