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Survival of the Fittest - Eadmund Gregory of Griogair (DECEASED)

Eadmund Gregory of Griogair

Allyn Gregory (eldest surviving child of Eadmund & Gaye)
hugs her tribesmate
Niahd Gregoire (eldest child of Lou & Trina Darga)

They are from the same tribe and may be matched up when they are older
Allyn Gregory, 2nd child of Eadmund and Gaye

Allyn's older brother, Astrophel, was carried off by wild animals before she was born.

Allyn and her father Eadmund fishing
Brooke Toyonaga Gregory, Eadmund's 2nd wife

Brooke is the mother of 5

Twin Daughters Mariah & Mehetabel
Son Ryers
Son Toyonaga
Daughter Tracy

Eadmund & his 2nd wife Brooke Toyonaga and his children from his 1st marriage (son Max, teen daughter Allyn, and younger daughter Gaye)

Mehetabel & Mariah Gregory
twin daughters of Edmund with 2nd wife Brooke
Max Gregory, 3rd child of Eadmund & Gaye

Max's older siblings are Astrophel & Allyn
Gaye Gregory (youngest child of Eadmund with Gaye)
hugs her tribesmate
Zarubin MacGregor (youngest child of Mac with Caryl Zarubin)

Elder Eadmund Gregory with his pregnant 2nd wife Brooke Toyonaga and all his surviving children up to this point

Teen daughter Allyn
Teen son Max
Child daughter Gaye
Toddler twins Mariah & Mehetabel
Infant son Ryers
Gaye Gregory, 4th and youngest child of Eadmund and Gaye

Gaye's older siblings are Astrophel, Allyn, and Max
Mehetabel and Mariah Gregory survive infancy

They are the oldest children of the union between Eadmund and Brooke Toyonaga.
Its been a tough week for Eadmund's family

Brooke and Eadmund welcomed two more children (Toyonaga & Tracy) and then Eadmund died at the age of 57 while Brooke was heavily pregnant with his 10th child.

Brooke died in childbirth shortly after and Eadmund's three teenagers were left to care for 3 kids, 1 toddler, and 2 infants

Allyn holding Tracy, Max, Gaye holding Brooke
Mariah, Mehetabel, Ryers, Toyonaga
Allyn Gregory is pregnant with the 1st child of the 3rd generation

The baby's father is an NPC and won't be present in the game UNLESS I am unable to find Allyn an in-game spouse
Allyn Gregory gives birth to a son, Sullivan Gregory

She shows Sullivan off to her youngest brother, Toyonaga.

Ryers Gregory
7th born child of Eadmund & 3rd born child of Brooke Toyonaga

Toyonaga Gregory
8th child of Eadmund & 4th child of Brooke Toyonaga
Tracy Gregory
9th child of Eadmund & 5th child of Brook Toyonaga

Brooke Gregory
10th/final child of Eamdund (born posthumously) and 6th/final child of Brooke Toyonaga (died in childbirth)


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