Sunday, April 03, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Fyodor Melnitsa of Milford (DECEASED)

Fyodor and Encarna with their 2 eldest children together - son Cleve & daughter Aurelien

Fyodor and Encarna with their 3 children - Cleve, Aurelien, and Brigida

Fyodor and Encarna taking their children on a hike

There are no more babies or toddlers at home so both parents can leave the lot
Cleve Melnitsa, eldest child of Fyodor and Encarna

Cleve Melnitsa fishing
Aurelien Melnitsa, 2nd child of Fyodor and Encarna

Aurelien Melnitsa with their pet dog
Brigida Melnitsa, 3rd and youngest child of Fyodor and Encarna

Fyodor and Encarna with their 3 teenage children

Brigida Melnitsa's 1st kiss with Phrixos Prescott
Encarna Melnitsa, life mate of Fyodor Melnitsa and mother of his 3 children (Cleve, Aurelien, and Brigida)

Fyodor Melnitsa of Milford dies at age 55

He is survived by his life-mate Encarna 55 years old and their children (Cleve 18, Aurelien 17, and Brigida 14)
He was predeceased by his 1st love Asta and their young daughter Enola.

Cleve is now the man of the house and should procure a wife soon.
The proposed match between Cleve Melnitsa and Virginia Milford did not go as planned.

Virginia returns to her family.

The Melnitsas also finally reach $5,000 and build a house raising Encarna's elder survival rate to 100%.  She will probably outlive all of the other founding sims.
Cleve Melnitsa was attacked and killed by another man.

That man then took each of the Melnitsa women as his own.  Youngest daughter, Brigida, has something to show for it.

Cleve Melnitsa, 28, is survived by his mother (Encarna) and his two sisters (Aurelien 27 & Brigida 24)

He was the last Melnitsa male!

Luc Livingston is quite old and unsure of his ability to provide for his new clan of women.

When he is gone, they will be absorbed by the other Milford clan.

Brigida Melnitsa gives birth to invader Luc Livingston's daughter.

Bridiga names her Candis.

Luc woos older sister, Aurelien, impregnates her and marries her before he is taken by old age.

Luc Livingston is survived by his pregnant mate (Aurelien), his newborn daughter (Candis), and his hostages (Encarna & Brigida)

Aurelien and Brigida will now have to make matches with sons from the other Milford clan.


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