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Survival of the Fittest - Morven Prescott of Prescott (DECEASED)

Morven Prescott of Prescott

Morven Prescott and a female captive who helps care for his only surviving child, Phrixos.

Phrixos Prescott with his father and new pregnant stepmother Cathy Ngai

Morven is the 1st and so far only sim who has earned a Gold Gardening Badge allowing him to talk to his garden.

In the background, Cathy and Phrixos fish.

Phrixos Prescott and his two younger half-siblings, Ryann & Caroline

Morven, Cathy, and Phrixos fish with a neighbor boy (probably Niadh Gregoire)
Phrixos Prescott, only child of Morven with Astra
Carolina St Julien Prescott, 3rd wife of Morven Prescott

She is the mother of 2...

...Julien & Tempest

Morven Prescott and his newest mate Carolina St Julien and his children from previous relationships

Teen son Phrixos (son of 1st wife Astra)
Ryann, Caroline, Ngai, and infant Cathy (all children of 2nd wife Cathy Ngai)

 Cathy Ngai died giving birth to her 4th child baby Cathy
Ryann Prescott, eldest child of Morven with 2nd wife Cathy Ngai

Ryann's older half-brother is Phrixos

Caroline Prescott, 2nd child of Morven with 2nd wife Cathy Ngai

Caroline's older brothers are Phrixos & Ryann

Cathy Ngai (mother of Ryann, Caroline, Ngai, and Cathy) was very pretty.  I expect her children will be pretty also.

Ngai Prescott, 3rd child of Morven with 2nd wife Cathy Ngai

Ngai's older siblings are Phrixos, Ryann, and Caroline

Morven's oldest child, Phrixos, dies after being scared by a ghost

Phrixos is survived by his father (Morven), his stepmother (Carolina), and his younger half-siblings (Ryann, Caroline, Ngai, Cathy, and Julien)

Carolina delivered Morven's 7th child (Tempest) a year later.
Morven and his 3rd wife and the children

Morven, Carolina (holding Tempest), teen Ryann, teen Caroline
teen Ngai, child Cathy, and child Julien
Carolina St Julien Prescott with the older cihldren

Morven Prescott dies of old age at 63 years.

Morven is survived by his 3rd mate (Carolina, 35) and his 6 youngest children (Ryann, Caroline, Ngai, Cathy, Julien, and Tempest)

His eldest surviving son, Ryann Prescott, becomes head of the clan.
Cathy Prescott, Morven's 5th child and the final child with his 2nd mate Cathy Ngai

Ryann Prescott (eldest surviving son of Morven) falls in love with his stepmother Carolina St Julien

Carolina St Julien and Ryann Prescott are joined together.

Carolina can know continue to provide children to the Prescott clan

Julien Prescott, 6th child of Morven and eldest child by his 3rd mate Carolina St Julien

He is frickin' adorable


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