Sunday, April 03, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Mac MacGregor of Griogair (DECEASED)

Akagi MacGregor (eldest child of Mac & Catalina Akagi)
hugs her tribesmate
Darga Gregorio (eldest child of Fulgencio & Trina Darga)

Akagi MacGregor plays with her little brother Pistis

Akagi MacGregor

She is the only child of her mother's to survive infancy.

Her siblings Pistis and Catalina were not so lucky

Mac MacGregor and his surviving children

Teen daughter Akagi
Toddler daughter Jayme
Toddler son Zarubin

Jayme and Zarubin are the children of Caryl Zarubin who died in childbirth

The MacGregors are the 1st to successfully breed their pets.

Champ and Mags are the parents of Magnus, Cherry, and Chima
Mac MacGregor dies at age 55 leaving behind two daughters (Akagi 18 & Jayme) and a son (Zarubin)

Akagi is now responsible for 2 children, 5 dogs, and a home business.

This is the most tedious house to manage right now.
Jayme MacGregor
4th born child of Mac and 1st by his 2nd mate Caryl Zarubin

Akagi lost both the children (Jayme & Zarubin) and 3 of the dogs.


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