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Survival of the Fittest - Fulgencio Gregorio of Griogair (DECEASED)

Fulgencio Gregorio of Griogair

Darga Fulgencio (eldest child of Fulgencio & Trina Darga)
hugs her tribesmate
Akagi MacGregor (eldest child of Mac & Catalina Akagi)
Darga Gregorio, oldest child of Fulgencio and Trina Darga

She and her tribesmate Niadh Gregoire are best friends and would be perfectly mated together except that they have the same mother.
Suzanne Wong Gregorio, 2nd wife of Fulgencio

She is the mother of Wong (m), Leolin (m), Eva (f), Allycia (f), '5th pregnancy'

She is currently living

Fulgencio's 3rd and 4th children

Wong and Leolin (both sons of 2nd wife Suzanne Wong)

Fulgencio and his 2nd wife Suzanne and his surviving children

Teen daughter Darga (daughter of Trina Darga)
Child sons Lemuel and Wong
Toddlers Leolin and Eva (children of Suzanne)
Infant daughter Allycia (daughter of Suzanne)
Fulgencio's eldest child, Darga, marries his best friend and tribesmate Lou Gregoire.

Darga's stepmother Suzanne Wong had just died in childbirth leaving Darga the only mother figure for both broods.

She is charged with caring for 8 children - her own half-siblings (Lemuel, Wong, Leolin, Eva, Allycia, and newborn Suzanne) and her new stepchildren (Torben and newborn Serina)

Until her father and siblings move out to take charge of the MacGregor lot.
Lemuel Gregorio, Fulgencio's oldest son
Fulgencio Gregorio dies of old age at 57 years.

Fulgencio is survived by his 7 children (Darga 19, Lemuel, Wong, Leolin, Eva, Allycia, and Suzanne)

His oldest son, Lemuel Gregorio, becomes head of household.
Wong Gregorio
Fulgencio's 3rd child and the eldest with his 2nd mate Suzanne Wong

Leolin Gregorio
Fulgencio's 4th child

Eva Gregorio
Fulgencio's 5th child

Allycia Gregorio
Fulgencio's 6th child, 4th by Suzanne Wong
Lemuel Gregorio (eldest son of Fulgencio)
is joined with
Allyn Gregory (eldest daughter of Eadmund)


Wong Gregorio (3rd child of Fulgencio)
is joined with
Mehetabel Gregory (6th child of Eadmund)

Lemuel and Wong are half-brothers
Allyn and Mehetabel are half-sisters


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