Sunday, April 03, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Lou Gregoire of Griogair (DECEASED)

Lou Gregoire of Griogair

Niahd Gregoire (eldest child of Lou & Trina Darga)
hugs his tribesmate
Allyn Gregory (eldest daughter of Eadmund & Gaye)
Niadh Gregoire
only child of Lou Gregoire with Trina Darga

He looks just like his father and is best friends with Darga Gregorio (his half-sister)

Lou's 2nd wife Cassidy Siew dies while pregnant with their 3rd child together

Cassidy was the mother of Lou's children Torben & Sabellius

Lou Gregoire with his surviving children

Teen son Niahd (son of Trina Darga)
Child son Torben (son of Cassidy Siew)
Toddler daughter Sabellius (dau of Cassidy Siew)

Sabellius does not survive to childhood
Just after the birth of his newest child (Serina), Lou decided to take Darga Gregorio as a lifemate.

Serina's mother Michelle Thompson is kicked to the curb and teenage Darga becomes the primary caregiver to her own motherless sisters (toddlers Eva & Allycia & newborn Suzanne) and her newborn stepdaughter.
Torben Gregoire, Lou's 2nd oldest surviving child
Niadh's 1st kiss

Lou Gregoire, 56, is survived by his 4th life mate (Darga, 18) and three of his four children (Niadh, Torben, and Serina)


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