Sunday, April 17, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Ryann Prescott of Prescott (DECEASED)

Ryann Prescott, oldest child of Morven Prescott by his 2nd mate Cathy Ngai

Teenage Ryann Prescott with his mate Carolina St Julien

Ryann's full sisters from his father's 2nd mate Cathy Ngai - teen Caroline, teen Ngai, teen Cathy

Ryann's half-siblings from his father's 3rd mate Carolina St Julien - teenage Julien & child Tempest
Carolina St Julien Prescott, 45, dies giving birth to her 3rd child - the 1st by her 2nd mate Ryann Prescott.

Carolina is survived by her mate (Ryann, 25) and her natural children (Julien, Tempest, and newborn Lina)
Ryann Prescott quickly remarries in order to keep making babies.

Ryann's 2nd mate is Laverne Milford (2nd daughter of Hedley Milford & twin of Lorainne)
Ryann Prescott is the 2nd sim to earn a GOLD gardening talent badge.

The 1st was his father, Morven.

Ryann and Laverne's 1st child together is a son named Hedley Prescott.

Ryann's sister Caroline and her mate Benjamin welcome a daughter Rowanne Huffman.
Ryann Prescott, 29, was killed in battle along with many other men.

Ryann is survived by his pregnant mate (Laverne), his two young children (Lina & Hedley) and his siblings (Caroline, Ngai, Cathy, Julien, Tempest)

Ryann's only surviving brother, 17 year old Julien is now the head of the clan.

Julien Prescott joins with Lorainne Milford (twin sister of Laverne Milford, Ryann's mate)

Laverne Milford Prescott suffers a miscarriage losing what would have been Ryann's 3rd child.


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