Sunday, April 17, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Ivers Milford of Milford (DECEASED)

Ivers Milford with his adopted clan

Encarna Melnitsa, her daughters pregnant Aurelien Livingston and Brigida Melnitsa (holding baby Candis Livingston)

Ivers became caretaker of this branch of the Milford clan after the women were left with no male protector
Ivers Milford has been trying to make headway with the Melnitsa sisters.

Brigida is pregnant again so he sets his sights on older widowed sister Aurelien

Aurelien with her daughter blonde Lana & her sister's daughter Candis.

Lana and Candis have the same father (Luc Livingston)

Brigida has given birth to a 2nd daughter, Encarna, and is pregnant again.

Baby Encarna and the pregnancy have the same father an NPC named Bill Majekodunmi
Aurelien finally falls for Ivers and they are joined.

Brigida gives birth to her 3rd child (Fyodor) and is joined with the daddy, Bill Majekodunmi.

She quickly gets pregnant again.

Ivers dies just months after joining with Aurelien.

Ivers Milford is survived by his mate (Aurelien), 4 older siblings (Virginia, Laverne, Lorainne, Reeves) and 3 younger siblings (Walter, Olav, Jayde) 

Aurelien is widowed for a 2nd time.

Bill Majekodunmi is by default the head of this household.


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