Sunday, April 17, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Niadh Gregoire of Griogair

Niahd Gregoire, only child of Lou Gregoire with Trina Darga

Niadh Gregoire with his brother and adopted clansmate

Niadh & Torben Gregoire and Akagi MacGregor

Niadh became caretaker of orphaned clansmate Akagi after her father's death.

Niadh joins with Akagi to create a family

Akagi was the last of the MacGregor branch of the Griogair clan.  Her family name has died out.

The clan pet, Asta, produces their 1st litter.

The sole puppy is named Astro.

The Gregoire's open a home business and build a house.
Akagi with her oldest child, Mac (named after her father)

Akagi and her 3rd child, Catalina (named after her mother)

Niadh and Akagi are the parents of Mac, Herman, and Catalina.
Torben Gregoire, 27, is killed in battle along with several other men of the land.

Torben is survived by his mate (Mariah, 23) and his only surviving sibling (Niadh).

Torben was childless.

Mariah is returned to the Gregory family.
Niadh and Akagi with their 3 sons (Mac, Herman, and toddler Karsten in back)

Toddler Catalina is not pictured
Akagi gives birth to a 5th child.

The baby is biologically not Niadh's.

The baby's father will not be in-game.

Baby Akagi is blonde (from the bio dad)

Giving birth to baby Akagi, took too much out of Akagi.  She dies at age 41.

Akagi is survived by her mate (Niadh, 39) and her 5 children (Mac, Herman, Catalina, Karsten, newborn Akagi)

Niadh needs a woman to care for his newborn daughter so he selects the only available Griogair woman, Eva Gregorio.

Eva is heavily pregnant and died giving birth to her son, Ravi.

Niadh then selects from a larger pool of women and settles on Laverne Milford, who has recently given birth to her 2nd child.


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