Monday, April 25, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Reeves Milford of Milford

The Milford Family

Reeves, his mate Caryl, his sisters Virginia, Laverne & Lorainne
His youngest siblings - Walter, Olav, Jayde

When it becomes clear that Caryl cannot conceive children any longer, Reeves picks a new mate

25 year old Reeves (3rd child of Hedley)
joins with
38 year old Aurelien Melnitsa (2nd child of Fyodor)

Reeves' sister Virginia also gives birth to a daughter, Thora.

Reeves Milford with his clan

blonde Caryl Walter, Walter, Reeve, Virginia, Jayde, Olav
Reeves' brother Walter joins with Tempest Prescott.

Both are the 7th born children of their fathers.

Walter's youngest sister, Jayde, takes an immediate dislike to Tempest.

For her own safety, Tempest returns to her clan and her union with Walter is severed.

Troy Kearney (Virginia's husband) and their oldest child, Thora.
Caryl passes on all the business knowledge she gained from helping Reeves with the business all these years.

Troy & Virginia move out with their three children - Thora, Cameron, Ivers


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