Friday, April 22, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Bill Majekodunmi of Milford (DECEASED)

Aurelien Melnitsa and her only child Lana Livingston

Bill Majekodunmi and his family

Bill (holding Encarna)
Pregnant Brigida (holding Fyodor)
Candis Livingston (dau of Luc & Brigida)
Lana & Candis Livingston are sisters and cousins.

Lana's mother is Aurelien Melnitsa
Candis' mother is Brigida Melnitsa

They have the same father, Luc Livingston

Bill with his 1st son, Fyodor Majekodunmi

Bill and Brigida are the parents of three children together - Encarna, Fyodor, and Cleve - and are responsible for Brigida's 1st child Candis and her niece Lana.
Bill Majekodunmi was mortally wounded in the Battle of 1076.

Bill lingered for several months and finally passed away at the age of 30.

Bill is survived by his mate (Brigida, 36) and his 3 children (Encarna, Fyodor, Cleve)

During his drawn out death, Brigida took steps to ensure her continued safety.

As soon as Bill was in the ground, Brigida joined with Larry Miceli.

Brigida was very clear on what happens to a clan with no man at the helm and she made sure to have one at the ready.

Unfortunately, she will be forced to provide children to her new mate but that is her role.


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