Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Max Gregory of Griogair

Max Gregory, 3rd child of Eadmund & Gaye

As a teenager, Max and his 8 siblings were orphaned and he became head of the family
The Gregory Family

Max, sister Gaye (holding nephew Sullivan), brothers Ryers & Toyonaga
sisters Tracy and Brooke

Max joins with teenage Allycia Gregorio (Fulgencio's 6th child)

While his teenage brother Ryers joins with 30 year old Darga Gregorio (Fulgencio's 1st child)
Justus Goldman and his mate Ngai Prescott

As a traveler also hailing from Griogair, Justus and his eventual family are welcomed in by the Gregory clan.

They quickly become parents to Amabilis Goldman.
Mehetabel Gregory has become unhinged after the loss of her mate Wong Gregorio in the Battle of 1076.

After returning home she attacked and killed her own twin sister, Mariah aged 24 and then her youngest sister Brooke aged 18.
The Gregory clan only lost one man in 1076, clan-guest Justus Goldman died at age 55, leaving behind his mate Ngai and their infant daughter.
After 5 years together, Allycia & Max finally welcome their first child - daughter Lauma

She is quickly followed by a sister - Elma

Max and Ryers with their spouses and their sister Mehetabel for one last family dinner before the clan spreads out.


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