Thursday, April 28, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Julien Prescott of Prescott

Benjamin Huffman, 59, dies of advanced age.

Benjamin is survived by his mate (Caroline) and their 3 young children (Rowanne, Morven, Phrixos)

Julien Prescott is the 3rd sim in the challenge (all are Prescott men) who has achieved a GOLD GARDENING talent badge.

The other men with the honor where Julien's father Morven and his older brother Ryann.

Julien is the youngest being only a teen still.

Cathy Prescott, 5th child of Morven (the final by his 2nd mate Cathy Ngai)

Cathy Prescott dies at age 26 giving birth to her 1st child, Laurentina.


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