Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Survival of the Fittest - Larry Miceli of Milford

Larry Miceli

Larry bonds with his stepdaughters (black hair Encarna, brown hair Candis, blonde hair Lana)

Larry's stepsons sleep in the background - toddler Fyodor on a pet mat and infant Cleve in the crib

Brigida's 5th pregnancy (Larry's 1st child) is proving to be her most challenging
After delivering a healthy 5th child (daughter Enola), Brigida enjoys a quiet dinner with 4 of the children

Candis Livingston
eldest child of Brigida (from a non-consensual encounter with Luc Livingston)

Lana Livingston
eldest child of Aurelien & her mate Luc Livingston

Brigida is the 1st woman to survive birthing 6 children.

She no longer has to fear death in childbirth.

Brigida's children are: Candis Livingston, Encarna Majekodunmi, Fyodor Majekodunmi, Cleve Majekodunmi, Enola Miceli, and newborn Wulfstan Miceli

Larry Miceli and his large familly

Larry holding his oldest child Enola
Brigida holding youngest child Wulfstan
Teen Candis - from Luc Livingston
Encarna, Fyodor, Cleve - from Bill Majekodunmi


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