Monday, March 30, 2015

3 Generation Race to Royalty Challenge

I took bits and pieces of other challenges and mashed them up to make this new challenge.

Start with 6 married couples (FOUNDING GENERATION). Features don't matter, randomize aspirations and such.

Move each onto their small empty lot and allow only $7,000 to start their lives (build small pond first).

NO JOBS, NO SKILL OBJECTS unless it is specified in the list below
NO SERVICE SIMS OF ANY KIND (no police, fireman, maid, matchmaker, garden club, ...)

You can't buy anything unless it is on this list and only when it becomes available.

1st day - double bed (keep it cheap, your money needs to last) FISH, FISH, FISH
2nd day - grill, counter & fridge (stocked only with caught fish)
3rd day - toilet (will need a wall)
4th day - sink
5th day - tub or shower
6th day - expand house to three rooms (main room, adult bedroom, bathroom?)
7th day - buy anything except electronics & unnecessary skill builders (cheapest only, 1 only)
Go on hikes & dig for treasure (this will be gifted to children to start their lives)
Adopt stray dogs (dogs may have jobs)
Only sell-able items are BOOTS or townie gifts
Mr. Humble's computer will be given to oldest son (or sold on his 25th birthday)
1st birth - 3x3 room (around your toilet maybe?)
1st toddler - dog bed (one per toddler)
2nd birth - crib (only one crib)
1st child - couch
2nd child - single bed (bed for each child -1)
1st pet - food bowl (pet must be stray) Only pet can have job
2nd pet - dog house, another food bowl
1st litter of puppies - unlocks all buying options in the pet tab (more beds, toys, ...)
Puppies can be gifted to children leaving the household.
2nd litter of puppies - animals can now be sold.
Dogs cannot retire unless another pet holds a job.
NO SELLING OLD UNNEEDED FURNITURE (can be put into inventories)
When family funds reach up to starting again ($7,000) put up wallpaper, windows, expand the house.
When family funds double starting ($14,000) you can start a garden & compost bin earlier than expected
At 1st harvest (must be put in fridge, no selling food), you can buy the ladybug house (for pest control)
All purchasing restrictions (except electronics tab) unlocked when oldest child ages to adult.
SONS MOVE OUT taking their bed & anything they have caught or found WITH THE EXCEPTION OF HEIR.
DAUGHTERS MOVE OUT when they are married into another family (taking with them whatever they have caught or found as a dowry)
1st gen is hunter/gatherer (fishing, digging, hiking).  Dogs offer protection and added success (job)
2nd gen is agriculture (gardening).  Dogs offer protection and added success (job)
3rd gen is crafting (selling crafted items, paintings included).  Pets may NOT have job can be sold only.
Marry kids off and continue until 3rd gen is adult
Then add up family funds and determine the winner.
Winning family is royalty, next two nobility, next two merchants, last three serfs
Continue if you desire