Monday, June 30, 2014


The Prince and Princess welcome a daughter, Princess Lyani Carington.

The new Princess is not their heir, only a son can inherit.

The Lady Beadu Ventura delivers a 3rd daughter, Lady Pansy.

Earl Paris now has 5 daughters (3 with his wife and 2 with Lady Anastasia Auteberry).

He is becoming increasingly displeased with his wife.

He has no heir.

Earl Paris Ventura and his family

His mother Lady Stasia, Earl Paris, his wife The Lady Beadu
His legitimate daughters: Lady Paris, Lady Paislee, and infant Lady Pansy
Dionysis Ellison and his wife Pandora with their children Dierck & Dierdre

Serf Anticlea Jackson dies of the Great Illness while working in the Turner's Veggie Store

Lexine Turner (formerly Princess Lexine) dies at the age of 69.

She is survived by 5 of her 6 children (Egidio, Endre, Etor, Eugene, and Emelia) and 6 grandchildren (Edward, Egan, Egbert, Vicente, Ellie, and Elaina Turner)

Alcides Porter is taken by the Great Illness while working in his shop.

He is survived by his heavily pregnant wife (Almathea) and their two daughters (Aldis & Aldona)

Almathea Porter goes into labor while the Grim Reaper is still dealing with her husband.
She delivers a third daughter (Alma) leaving her husband with no heir.

I haven't decided what to do with the store since I decreed that woman can't inherit.  Probably close the business and demote the Porters to serf status.  Although Almathea was born a Princess, that fact alone may save her from status demotion.
Serf Artemas Ashe finds love with Princess Lysandra Carington (King Lycaon's youngest child).

Dora Ellison dies of the Great Illness.

Connor Barthelet dies of the Great Illness.  He is survived by his 3 children (Codell, Codrin & Codruta)

Within a year, two of Connor's children also die.

Pictured is youngest child, Codruta (twin of Codrin).

Elder brother, Codell, is next.

Leaving only Codrin Barthelet.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


All the upper and middle class men are making their matches.

Edigio Turner is trying to find a suitable mother for his two young boys.

At first, Violet Mole is reluctant but they want the same things in life, and Head of Household Vassal Edigio has a lot to offer a young lady.
Earl Tre Auteberry Quigley, 57, dies of the Great Illness.

He is survived by his his wife (The Lady Isabel) and his children (the new Earl Stamitos, Lady Tracy, and Lady Trina)

The Lady Fedora Quigley delivers a son, Lord Stafford.

Lord Stafford is the Quigley heir.

Earl Hadrian II Auteberry died trying to defend his family and homestead from a VIKING.

He is survived by his very pregnant wife (The Lady Lyris), his uncles (the new Earl Andre & Lord Alastair), his aunt (Queen Alala), and several cousins including (Lord Andrew, the new heir)

With a heavy heart, Andre Auteberry assumes his nephew's Earldom.

He loved Hadrian as a son and had raised him since he was orphaned as an infant.

He also vows to protect Hadrian's newborn daughter, Lady Hannah.

Hannah is barred from inheriting her father's titles because of her gender.

Lord Andrew Auteberry (Earl Andre's only living son) marries his cousin Hadrian II's widow, Lady Lyris

Earl Andre Auteberry only rules for a year before he is taken by illness.

He is survived by his son (the new Earl Andrew), his daughters (Lady Anastasia & Lady Angeliki), his siblings (Lord Alastair & Queen Alala), and his grandniece (Lady Hannah)

Lady Angeliki Auteberry is very distraught.  She has been smashing every urn she can get her hands on.

She lost both her parents and her cousin recently and her sister was raped and made pregnant during the siege that killed Hadrian II.

Lady Beadu Ventura delivers a daughter.

Her in-laws are unimpressed as they desired a son or even two.

No one is interesting in naming the child, so they just call her Paris after her father (Earl Paris)

The Ventura family still has no heir, boys must inherit.

My 1st Plant Sim (this challenge).

Lia Jackson was already a very highly desired sim (by her male companions), she now possesses the power to COMMUNE with PLANTS and is immune to disease.

She will make a good marriage.

Serf Antigone Marx dies of the great illness.

She is survived only by a brother (Balasi Marx)

Lexine Tertia (sister of King Lycaon & widow of Emile Tertia) has a special communion with PLANTS and is IMMUNE to the GREAT ILLNESS (inherited by female children born after the GIFT is received).

Lexine is already an elder so her daughter won't benefit.

She had two more grandchildren during this round:  Ellie (daughter of Elek & Phebe) &
Egbert (3rd son of Egidio & Violet)
Serf Cyrenna Ember delivers a VIKING rape baby.

He is called Cyne.

Amalthea Porter (formerly Princess Amalthea Carington) has a knack for sales.

She and her husband, Alcides, run the most profitable shop in the kingdom.

They were able to afford greenhouses around some of their garden plots and a pond.

Soon they also have a daughter, Aldis Porter.


Ennea Afolayan and Neola Marx are both VIKING pregnant again.

Dunyasha Ashe with her daughters (Nympha, Aiode, and Aida) and her stepsons (Polydamas & Artemas)

Neola Marx is her daughter from another marriage.  She is disheartened that her eldest daughter has been repeatedly made pregnant by VIKINGS. 

Balasi Marx has a 3rd son with his wife, Daffodil.

They are the parents of Bac, Baduna, and infant Baen.

Daffodil has 4 other children and is pregnant again.


Codruta & Codrin Barthelet
(children of Connor & Nefili)

Narkissa and Athan Karter have completed their family.  Narkissa has gone through the change and can no longer conceive.

They have 4 children together (Alexis, Adrik, Athalia, and Athdar)

Violet Mole Aspir gives her young new husband a son, Jonas.

Sophia is then widowed for a 2nd time.

Jaime Aspir is survived by his wife (Sophia) and their newborn son (Jonas)

Jonas is the last Aspir male.


Juliana & Julia Jackson
(youngest daughters of Jerome & Sophia)

their half-brother, Jonas Aspir, in crib.
Foreigner Theobold Frankyn? proposes to Princess Lais Carington

They marry without the blessing of the King & Queen (Princess Lais' guardians).

Prince Lycomedes and his sisters attend the small ceremony.  They have nothing to lose.

They will leave the kingdom forever

King Lycaon and Queen Alala with their unmarried children: Princess Lycoris, Princess Lysandra, and Prince Lycomedes

Their middle daughter, The Lady Lyris Auteberry, is married with 3 children: Lady Hannah, Lady Annis, and Lord Ancil

Lady Anastasia Auteberry with her VIKING rape baby.

She doesn't name the child, but the Sisters of the orphanage call him Anson.

The Lady Beadu Ventura delivers a 2nd daughter, Lady Paislee.

Her husband now has three daughters.  Two with his wife (Lady Paris & Lady Paislee) and one with unmarried and again pregnant Lady Anastasia (Ana Auteberry)

The Lady Beadu with her elder daughter, Lady Paris Ventura.

Lady Page Ventura with her younger niece, Lady Paislee.

Prince Lycomedes Carington finally chooses a bride!

The Heir to the Throne marries Lady Tracy Quigley (elder sister of Earl Stamitos)

The Prince and his new Princess must now produce more Princes.

There are only two male Caringtons: the King and the Prince.

Pandora Ellison provides a son and heir to the Ellison family.

Little Dierck is the son and heir of Dionysis.

Pavel Ellison with his grandson, Dierck, who took his place as heir of the Ellison homestead.

Pavel was Dionysis' closest living male relative before the birth of little Dierck, who happens to be Pavel's grandson through his daughter (Pandora).

Absyrtus (eldest son of Abderus & Maryan) and Autumn (eldest daughter of Doran & Aure) Ellison with their children: Abbigale and Abbot.

Abydos (2nd son of Abderus & Maryan) &
Mari (eldest child of Athamas & Firoozeh) Ellison with their daughters:  Abelia & Abella

The unmarried orphaned children of Doran Ellison.

Dora is Doran's younger daughter from his 1st marriage to Aure Porphyrius.

Anibal, Daciana, and Dorian are from his 2nd marriage to Antigone Jackson (who has joined the Order of Sisters of the Orphanage).

Doran has one other child - his oldest, Autumn.  She is pictured above with her husband and children.
Elek Turner (2nd son of Emile & Lexine) dies of the Great Illness.

He is survived by his wife (Phebe) and their two daughters (Ellie & Elaina)

Elek's brother, Etor, marries his widow.

Plantsim Lexine in the background.

Youngest brother, Eugene, marries Lady Pasha Ventura.

All three of Lexine's younger children move out of the house with their spouses, leaving only Lexine, her eldest child Egidio, Egidio's wife Violet, and Egidio's three sons.

Amalthea Porter and her 2nd daughter, Aldona.

Serf Neola Marx dies after giving birth to another VIKING rape baby.

She has provided three children to the VIKINGS.

Neola Marx's daughters:
twins Nancy & Nannie and toddler Nelda.

Komei & Athena Dennis and their children:
Koyla, Aaron, Kolena, and Kollyn.

Sterling & Athanasia Futa and their son: Stan.

Balasi & Daffodil Marx and their blended family.

The teenagers are Daffodil's children with 1st husband, Anteros:
Ane, Anzor, and Anbidian.

The rest are her children with 2nd husband, Balasi:
children Bac & Baduna, toddlers Baen & Balbina.
Athan and Narkissa Karter and their children: Alexis, Adrik, Athalia, and Athdar

Athalia and Athdar are blonde, inherited from their grandfather, Nicholas (Narkissa's father)

Atlas & Nox Karter and their children:
teens Nichole & Abba,
children Atelic, Atlantes, Atmore, & Noa,
toddler Noe.

Athan & Atlas Karter are brothers who married
Narkissa & Nox Moore who are sisters.
Their children have the same grandparent genetics but blonde only surfaced in Narkissa's kids.

Jean Jackson, orphan of Jerome & Sophia has died of the Great Illness.

She is survived only by her siblings (Jelena, Julia, Juliana, and Jonas)