Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Draken Apocalypse - Chapter 5 Moving Out

Three generations of Drakens.

Justice helps her young son Esquire age up while her mom Marsala looks on.
Aunt Tesla and Liberty move out of the only home they've ever known and create a new family compound.

Using resources that have been saved up for 3 generations, they are able to build a much cozier and more usable living space.  Although they are still restricted in size.

The top floor is the sleeping quarters.

With 2 separate bedrooms that share access to a bathroom.

The main living space is the kitchen/dining area with breakfast bar, a cozy sitting area and a small half bath to be used by guests.

Liberty jumps at the chance to move in her boyfriend Sinjin and get started on their own family.

Sinjin never thought he'd settle down but Liberty's house is definitely the nicest around and he likes beautiful things.
At the Draken house

Shea spends his free time either working out or playing with Esquire.

Grandma Marsala & Esquire

Esquire knows how lucky he is to have a grandma.  His mom told him that she never even met her grandparents.
At the Couderc Household

Liberty decides to get pregnant just before work to then enjoy her long weekend with her belly and her baby, but the rigors of the construction site leave her body too frail to support the pregnancy.

She suffers a miscarriage.

Aunt Tesla Draken dies of old age at 66 years.

Tesla is survived by her older sister (former General Marsala Draken-Raucher, 74), her twin nieces (Liberty Couderc & Justice Draken-Johnston, both 40) and her great nephew (Esquire Draken, 2)

Tesla provided her community with the availability of MEDICAL services & procedures.

Settling in to their nice cozy home, Sinjin & Liberty prepare for their family to grow.

Liberty delivers a son.

The blonde boy is named in honor of his Great Aunt Tesla's contribution.

Welcome Braxton Hicks Couderc!

Braxton Hicks is a term for false labor (Medical)

Having a state of the art kitchen, doesn't mean you won't burn it down.

Liberty is pregnant with her 2nd child.

Liberty and Sinjin are the parents of a blonde daughter, Caryatid Couderc.

Caryatid is an Architectural term, honoring the field of work that Liberty is engaged in.

Braxton & Caryatid are only 1 year apart.

I have a realistic pregnancy term mod.  I feel that each sim day is equal to a year, meaning that the original 3 days of pregnancy would be the equivalent of an elephant pregnancy.  Not realistic

Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Draken Apocalypse - Chapter 4 The Law

Since Dr. Tesla is responsible for bringing bathing back to Tirimisu, she is the first to take a steamy hot shower.

She and Blair Mace have tried several more times to have a child but she just isn't able to conceive any longer :(

Bruce Rauscher, Marsala's husband, turns 54

He has all the skills he needs to reach his LTW of Business Tycoon but now its up to him to make it happen.

I start getting the twins serious about finding mates.

Liberty and Justice age into beautiful and very similar-looking adults.

Liberty (bob hairstyle) joins the Architecture career track.

Justice (headband) joins the Law career track.

Tesla is 54 and she too has all the skills required to reach her LTW, she just needs to get to work on time everyday on her own.

This might not look like a happy face but Bruce (at age 60) has achieved his LTW of Business Tycoon!

Bruce doesn't live long enough to enjoy the restriction that he lifted, he is scared to death by the ghost of Kim the cat.

Bruce Rauscher is survived by his wife Marsala, his daughters Liberty & Justice, and his sister-in-law Tesla

With the sudden death of her father, Justice jumps into bed (and marriage) with her mother's old boyfriend, Shea Johnston.

Shea is suffering from a widespread condition were living outdoors in this radiation causes aging to slow down.

Justice doesn't care.  She's known Shea her whole life and they can make it work, in sickness or in health.

They very quickly welcome a son, Esquire Draken.

Maybe too quickly....

...Justice then discovers that Shea might not just be her mom's OLD boyfriend.

With Bruce gone and Marsala's mind wandering, she might have mistaken her son-in-law for her husband and Justice is not happy.

Shea knows he can't leave his child.  He also can't go back to living on the streets.  He tries hard to make it up to Justice.  He knows she is passionate about restoring Tirimisu to its former glory.

Shea needs to do his part but hes just been fired from his cross-walking job.

Justice has no patience for Shea and his infidelity and ineptness at work, she becomes THE LAW in her early 30s.

She has the rest of her life to achieve her lifelong dream of Hall of Famer.

Shea & Justice vowed to work together to bring order and joy back to Tirimisu and they will do it whether they like it or not.

Tesla and Liberty are moving out!!

The Draken Apocalypse - Chapter 3 Tesla's Toil

Justice and Liberty Draken, twin children of Bruce Rauscher and Marsala Draken

The girls are always stinky and have no fun so its no surprise when Justice takes her anger out on Grandma Crystal

As teenagers, they will better be able to clean themselves so we can work on their body skills.

Oh my.

Although they are best friends, they are just so tired of being cooped up together in this tiny house with nothing fun to do and no friends.

Tesla has been so close to the top of her career for almost a decade.

She keeps running into set backs at work and today even lost some of her cleaning skill.

She knows she can never move out, never marry, never have children.  Work is all she has.

She can't go on like this for much longer.
The ghosts are haunting mercilessly and I fear every night for the survival of the Draken clan.

The twins are strength training during the day to help fight off the angry spirits of their grandparents.
Dr. Marsala Draken turns 54 shortly after taking a job beside her sister at Strangetown Memorial.  The hospital staff needs all the help they can get and Marsala was tired of sitting around the house.

Tesla decides after 20 years as a Medical Researcher and watching her big sister reach elder lift stage that she wants to have a child while she still can.

Her coworker and teenage love Blair Mace is the perfect daddy for her little one.

Tesla is finally promoted to Chief of Staff.


She and Blair have been unable to conceive so far so this is one win in her corner.

After fulfilling her duty to her family and community, Tesla decided to do something for herself.

She joins the Adventurer career to try and achieve a lifelong dream.

The Draken Apocalypse - Chapter 2 TWINS

Marsala and Tesla adjust to life without their father

Marsala celebrates her 25th birthday and can finally begin to work toward her father's goal of defeating the Apocalypse.

She is off to a rocky start, though.

Her novel was NOT a bestseller.

Marsala knows the only way to keep the family line going is to marry and produce children.

Although Shea Johnston was her 1st love, she is unable to contact him in this dreary world so she settles for this handsome young man.

Crystal Vu Draken, 56, is taken by the Cockroach Flu.

Crystal was a Mad Scientist and when the time comes her efforts will restore SCIENCE to Tirimisu.

Tesla is making a friend

Both sisters experience life firsts and the same time.

Bruce does the right thing and proposes to Marsala.

They aren't crazy in love but they do love each other and are starting a family.

And there goes Tesla's chance at being a mother.

Bruce and Marsala's daughters are named for her career track.

Liberty and Justice Draken top the house out at 5 sims.
Tesla is finally an adult and can get a job to help make her nieces lives better.

The twins have been so hard on their family.

The Drakens don't have a crib because its too big to move so both girls sleep on the floor.

They cry and cry waking each other up until they both can't cry anymore.  Thats the only time anyone gets sleep!!

Dr. Tesla is promoted so quickly up the ranks at the broken down Draken Memorial Hospital.

She works tirelessly to restore it to its former glory.

Bruce with Liberty.

Bruce with Justice.
Bruce lost his job because the women had more important jobs outside of the home.

He became the designated baby wrangler.

Crystal has been haunting the family but her favorite target is her son-in-law Bruce Rauscher.

She knows Marsala could have done better than a former Drive-Thru Clerk

Liberty and Justice are big enough to feed themselves FINALLY

General Marsala soaks up the radiated sunlight.

She can feel her father's smile upon her.

Marsala has lifted the MILITARY restrictions for her realm and her children.