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Random Legacy Challenge: Venus Rendum (Gen 10)

The first things Venus does are to dismiss servants (NO STRANGERS) and find love.

Venus is a Romance sim so I let her woo-hoo until we either met the right one or she got pregnant.

She will marry twice and have two children.

She will be an ADVENTURER and her husband a WRITER.  They will have PERFECT CAREERS.

Well she is pregnant.  The 2nd chance rules state she has to have children with 1st husband so I moved in her baby daddy.

Her baby daddy is Jace Rusewicz (the father of her half-sister Jess).

Venus and Jace are the parents of a little boy.

Since he is the 11th generation and this has come full circle, I name him after the founder.

Acton Rendum is reborn.

And a girl!

The 1st set of Rendum twins.

The girl is named Larissa (a combination of Leilani & Jessica)

Venus finally marries Jace

Jace & Venus Rusewicz

The whole family.  I need to find a way to dispose of Jace now to make room for a 2nd husband.
In the Contender household, Mari's husband dies of illness.

Porter (Baity) Contender is survived by his wife (Mari), their daughter (Cadri) and his sister (Frances Baity)
Mari helps little Cadri Contender age up to toddler.

Toddler Acton Rendum is super cute.

Toddler Larissa Rendum is pretty cute too.

Jace with Larissa
In the Contender household

Mari Contender marries for a 2nd time.  Her daughter, Cadri, can be seen crawling in background.

Her new husband is Garreth Newson (son of Gary & Dora)
Aaron and Ella's daughter, Eris DeBateau marries Everett Carlson

Venus' twins celebrate a birthday

Acton Rendum II with mommy

Larissa Rendum with daddy

Proof that Jace is a writer

Ella has achieved her LTW (Celebrity Chef), now she has to work on her Random Legacy job (Adventurer)

Mari Contender and her new husband, Garreth, welcome a son (Carlos Contender III)

Daughter Cadri just got pushed out as heir

Eris DeBateau Carlson delivers a daughter, Erin.

Erin is Ella's 5th grandchild and Aaron's 1st grandchild.

Garreth Newson and little Carlos III Contender

Aunest (Rendum) DeBateau with her orphaned grandson, Armand V DeBateau.

Armand IV died when the boy was an infant.
Venus has found her 2nd husband, Shannon Todd

Shannon was her 10th Woo-Hoo and the straw that broke her marriage to Jace.

Acton Rendum II (son of Jace Rusewicz & Venus Rendum)
and his cousin
Cadri Condender (daughter of Garreth Newson & Mari Contender)

Venus got home from work just in time to watch Shannon die.

He died in the bathroom and she couldn't get in there to plea for his life.

A police officer investigating Shannon's death falls hard for the young widow.

Officer Roger Wood and Venus (Rendum) Rusewicz are married at once.

The twins are 13.
Jess Rusewicz, Venus' youngest sister, is all grown up and in love.

Jess marries Rhett Newson.

Charlie Rendum dies of old age.  He is survived by his only child, Darla Rendum.

Mari Contender, Venus' eldest sister, dies of an illness.

Mari is survived by her 2nd husband (Garreth Newson Contender) and her two children (Cadri & Carlos III)

Mari's loved ones at her memorial.

She was the heir of the Contender family and is succeeded by her young son, Carlos III.

In the Ottomas household, Destry Ottomas dies.

He is survived by his wife (Amanda) and their children (Carla & Preston)

Roger is the household handy-man.  He fixes everything that has fallen into disrepair since Jace left.

Acton Rendum II and Larissa Rendum, 11th generation heirs

Roger spends a harrowing night with aliens
In the spare household, Aaron discovers that Ella and Jace (Ella' ex-son in law) are continuing their love affair.

Aaron continues living in the household just to spend time with his only grandchild (Erin).

When Erin starts school, Aaron will move back to his family home to help care for his orphaned great nephew.

Jess (Rusewicz) Newson delivers a son, Justin.

Ella (pictured with Erin) has completed another LTW (6 grandchildren)

Aaron DeBateau dies of a sudden illness.

He is survived by his wife (Ella, 74), his only biological child (Eris Carlson) and his only biological grandchild (Erin Carlson).  He is also survived by a niece (Adria DeBateau) and a great nephew (Armand V)

Jace Rusewicz also dies of a sudden severe illness the same year.

He is survived by his children (Jess Newson and twins Acton & Larissa Rendum) and his grandson (Justin Newson)

Ella is expecting two new grandbabies!

sisters Eris Carlson and Jess Newson are both pregnant with their 2nd children.

Ella Rendum, 75, is survived by 3 of her 4 daughters (Venus Rendum, Eris Carlson, and Jess Newson) and 6 grandchildren (Mari & Carlos III Contender, Acton II & Larissa Rendum, Erin Carlson, and Justin Newson)

Rhett Newson and his son, Justin.

Jess welcomes another son, Randyll Newson.

Roger's unexpected daughter (Terra Wood) is the 1st GREEN alien child in this challenge.

Terra will move out to live with 'Aunt' Eris and 'Aunt' Jess.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Random Legacy Challenge: Ella Rendum (Gen 9)

Ella Rendum will marry twice and have 3 children.

She will be in the Show Business career while her spouse makes robots for a living

She and her spouse must fulfill their LTW (FULLFILLED)

They also got the JOKER card which allowed me to reroll her career which was Sewing.
Ella Rendum marries Carlos II Contender.

They are already expecting a child.

Carlos is the son of Sharla (Ottomas) Contender.

Ella's Aunt Allyn Chung has achieved her LTW

Allyn is the ex-wife of August Rendum and the mother of August's daughters (Augusta & Aunest)

August Rendum is the father of a 3rd daughter, Aunoria Rendum.

Aunoria's mother is Samantha (Cordial) Rendum

August's 2nd daughter, Aunest Rendum, marries Adrian DeBateau.

Adrian is a quadruplet.

Armand III (the eldest) died as a teenager.
Aaron (the 2nd born) is hopelessly in love with Ella Rendum Contender.  Maybe her 2nd marriage.
Adrian (the 3rd born) has now married Aunest Rendum.
Asta (the youngest) is moving out on her own.
Carlos II Contender & Ella (Rendum) Contender are the parents of a little girl.

Mari Contender is the 10th generation heir of the Random Legacy Challenge.

She has brown hair just like mommy.

Ella calls the nanny and head straight to work after Mari's birth.

She has two careers to complete.

She is already at level 5 of the Show Business career thanks to her college degree.

Carlos II Contender, 26, died on his way to work.  He was gonna work a double shift in order to complete his LTW and be a master robot builder.

He is survived by his wife (Ella, 26), their newborn daughter (Mari), his mother (Sharla Contender), his half brother (Kaylor Ottomas) and his twin sister (Carlotta Carlson)

In the spare household, August Rendum teaches his youngest daughter (Aunoria) to walk.

Aunoria is two years YOUNGER than her nephew Bradley Kit.

In the DeBateau household

Aunest (Rendum) DeBateau and her husband Adrian welcome their 1st child, Adria.

Ella Rendum invites her college sweetheart, Aaron DeBateau, to move in and help her raise Mari.

Aaron was very upset when Ella married Carlos and is hoping that he can have a shot with her now.

Ella knows that Aaron loves her very much and thinks there may be potential for romance down the line.  She is still heartbroken over Carlos' death.
Aaron helps Mari grow up while mommy is working.

She has a very Ottomas look (inherited from grandma Sharla Ottomas Contender)

Ella is taken on a trip through the stars

After her near-death experience, Ella is quicker to put a romantic spin on her relationship with Aaron.

Ella is surprised by Aaron's proposal even though he could not possibly be the father of her expected baby.

He looks nervous.

And now excited :)

Ella delivers another daughter, Venus Rendum.

Venus has the same 'father' as Starlight Newson.

Mari Contender is 5 years old.

Her little sister, Venus, is in the background.

Mari Contender and her cousin, Destry Ottomas.

They are linked through their fathers Kaylor Ottomas & Carlos II Contender (half-brothers, sons of Sharla Ottomas Contender).

They are also both descended on another level through Destry & Gala Inada.
Orren Inada (youngest child of Destry & Gala) dies at 72.

Orren achieved his LTW and is survived by his daughter (Amanda Inada)

August Rendum (3rd born quadruplet of Mercury & Dustin) dies at 66 years old.

August is survived by his current wife (Samantha Cordial Rendum) and their toddler(Aunoria), his ex-wife (Allyn Chung) and their grown daughter (Aunest DeBateau), two grandchildren (Bradley Kit & Adria DeBateau), and his brother (Ulysses Rendum, 66)

Aaron DeBateau and Ella Rendum marry.

Ella's eldest daughter (Mari Contender) and her father (Ulysses Rendum) were in attendance.

Aaron's brother (Adrian DeBateau) was in attendance.

Venus Rendum, 10th generation heir of the Rendum Random Legacy Challenge.

She has the same features as Starlight Newson (her alien half-sister)
Charlie Rendum (son of Quarles Rendum & Darlene Ottomas) with his daughter (Darla)

Darla has black hair like her mom, Jillian (Fleig) Rendum
Mari Contender (daughter of Carlos II Contender) and her cousin Sharla Barrett (daughter of Carlotta Contender Barrett)

Carlos II & Carlotta were twins

Venus Rendum

Ella gives birth to a third daughter, Eris DeBateau

Mari Contender is a teenager

Aaron and Ella painting portraits of the girls

Aaron with his only biological child, Eris

Eris DeBateau and her half-sister Venus Rendum

sisters, Venus Rendum and Mari Contender

In the spare household, Charlie Rendum (son of Quarles & Darlene Ottomas), his wife Jillian Fleig Rendum and their daughter Darla
This is not just Ella being dramatic.

She died of an illness (a common occurrence since re-installing Realistic Sickness)

Luckily Aaron saved her life.

If only he knew what she'd been up to to catch such a disease.

Our heir, Venus, celebrates her 13th birthday

Little sister, Eris, turns 5.

A portrait of Ella in the background.

Eris definitely resembles the DeBateau side of her family.

Well, well.

This unplanned pregnancy was NOT part of the plan.

Ella is only permitted 3 children.

Aaron is very understanding since he is absolutely sure this is not his child.

Ella has been working overtime to get to the top of the Show Business career.  This is what she has to show for it.

Even the butler seems to disapprove of the tiny bastard.

Its a 4th daughter and her name is Jess.

Yay.  All the 'overtime' has paid off.

Ella can now work on her LTW (Captain Hero)

The three girls: Mari, Venus, and Eris.
In the spare household, Ella's father (Ulysses) achieves his LTW

Jess celebrates her 2nd birthday without much pomp.

Her bio dad also discovers her existence and causes trouble filling for custody.
Jess' father, Jace Rusewicz, fills for custody stating that Ella is a workaholic that leaves Jess in the care of a man who is not invested in raising a bastard child and that he himself would give Jess a more fullfilling life.

Ella was busy with a big case that week and couldn't quite make it to the courthouse to defend parenting.  Jess lives with Jace now.
Ulysses Rendum 77, survived by his only child (Ella) and his 4 granddaughters (Mari Contender, Venus Rendum, Eris DeBateau, & Jess Rusewicz)
Aaron has put all his efforts into robot-making now that his marriage is falling apart.

His greatest achievement is Betty-Lou
In the Ottomas household, Kaylor Ottomas aged 68 dies.

Kaylor Ottomas was the son of Kaylor Rendum & Sharla Ottomas.

He is survived by his wife (Leigh, 68), their three children (Leann, Kayla, and Destry) and his half-sister (Carlotta Contender Barrett)

He is also uncle to Ella's daughter, Mari Contender.
Aaron DeBateau has achieved his LTW (max out skills).
He now has a 2nd LTW, something job related so I let him take that job.

He has all his skills though, so he just chills with the girls most of the time.

In the Ottomas house, the heir Destry marries Amanda Inada (daughter of Orren)

They are both descended from Destry & Gala Inada.

Ella Rendum DeBateau's family just before the kids start aging out of the house.

Aaron and Ella in back
Mari Contender, Venus Rendum, Eris DeBateau

Ella reaches the top of a 2nd career (her LTW Captain Hero)

Her 2nd LTW is 6 grandchildren which is easily doable since she has 4 daughters and Venus is guaranteed two kids.

Ella and Aaron are elders and Mari is an adult.

Venus at table.

Mari falls in love with Porter Baity (a distant cousin)

Mari is the only resident of Belladonna Cove to still carry the Contender name so she is the heir of the estate.

She moves into the Contender Compound and greets her grandmother Sharla Ottomas Contender's dogs.

In the Ottomas house, Destry and Amanda welcome a daughter, Carla Ottomas.

They hope for a son to carry on the family name.  Destry is the only male Ottomas still living.

Deaths this round: Allyn Chung (disease), Aunoria Rendum age 25 (disease), Carlotta Contender Barrett age 53 (disease), Leigh Newson Ottomas (old age), Samantha Cordial (disease)
In the Contender household

Mari Contender falls in love and gets engaged to Porter Baity (a very distant cousin)

Mari and Porter are married.  They take her name in order to keep the Contender surname in play.
Aaron DeBateau achieves his 2nd LTW

He will now retire and enjoy his future grandchildren.

Mari Contender delivers a daughter, much to the dismay of elder Dora (DeBateau) Carlson.  The men (Angus Carlson & Gary Newson) don't notice the new child at all.

The little heir is named Cadri Contender.
In the DeBateau household.

Armand IV (son of Adrian & Aunest) chooses a bride from an entire town of hopefuls.

Starlight Newson (daughter of Gary & Dora) is the only girl that catches his eye.

Armand IV DeBateau marries Starlight Newson.

They quickly have a son (Armand V) and Starlight dies just after his birth.
In the Random Legacy household, Venus prepares to celebrate her 25th birthday.

Venus is such a talented young lady and so pretty.

Venus Rendum is 25 and ready to live life by her own rules.

Garreth Newson in the background.