Saturday, November 09, 2013

Round 12 (A family line is extinguished)

Before young mother, Millie Manlius, was able to marry her beloved Mickey - she was accosted and gravely injured by her cousin Jiana Junius.

Millie Manlius was survived by her infant son (Titus), her father (Mark), her siblings (Melissa & Mork), and her beloved (Mickey)

Mork Manlius (Mark's heir) takes an interest in his orphaned nephew, Titus.

The Junius girls are violent.

Here Jolie attacks her younger sister, Juliet

Juliet Junius, 13, did not survive.

Emperor Cameron always acts surprised when the slaves give him gifts.

Plautia Manlius delivers a son, Xander, to her husband Miguel.

Mariniara Estrullius delivers a daughter, Lidia.

Lidia's father is Melvin Manlius.

Mariniara is scared to death by ghosts.

She is survived by her infant daughter, Lidia.

Plautia is also scared by ghosts.

She is survived by her husband (Miguel) and their infant son (Xander)

Olus & Abigail Porphyrius enjoy a meal with their only child, Livilla.

Abigai is happy to hear that her uncle (Grand Duke Aesop) and her twin sister (Abiah Petronius) have both welcomed daughters recently.

Mickey Manlius takes a bride (Jenny Junius) after the devastating loss of his girlfriend Millie.

Mroz Manlius marries a foreign lady, Miss Mummia Agrippina

The Grand Duke has a new slave girl in his estate, this is Natalie Manlius (daughter of Morris)

Grand Duke Aesop with his heir, Duchess Tullia.

He and his wife are expecting a 2nd child any day now.

After learning of the devastating events at the Petronius household, Emperor Cameron's slave girl Jeri has a confession to make.

She is pregnant with Paxton Petronius' child.

Jeri Junius delivers a daughter, Toni.

The gender of the child makes it ineligible to inherit the vacant estate.

Emperor Cameron finally chooses a bride, Princess Deja

The Emperor and his Empress

To commemorate the Empress' first pregnancy, Emperor Cameron paints her official portrait.

The Petronius household is devasted by sickness.

The first casualty is new mother, Abiah.

Patrizio & Abiah's only child, Livinia, with her Uncle Periman.

Periman was taken just after helping Livinia age.

Patrizio was the last death.  Livinia was left with no male-line relatives.

Her only family are her two aunts (Patty Petronius Junius & Abigail Aelius Porphyrius).

Her great uncle Grand Duke Aesop makes arrangements for her care.

Mamercus Eugolius is a stand-out soldier.

He was approached by the Grand Duke to take on the care of Livinia Petronius.

Mamercus is granted the Petronius household with the understanding that he care for Livinia as he would his own daughter.

Mamercus and his wife Mya (only daughter of Marco & Margaret) do their duty.

They do not love Livinia but they look after her.

This is Mya's only opportunity to escape the slavery she was born into.

Mamercus and Mya are expected to provide 6 children to the realm.

They get a great start with their twin daughters, Mariam & Mariana.

Jackson Junius marries Melissa Manlius.

Morris Manilus marries Patty Petronius.

Patty left her brother's household just before the sickness hit.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Round 11

James Junius dies of old age.

He is survived by his wife (Jana), their eldest son (Jack), and 17 grandchildren.

Jackson Junius pays Emperor Cameron with their harvest.

Penny Junius with her 10th and final child, Justina

Jana Junius dies of old age.Jack Junius with his youngest son, Jyro.

Melvin Manlius proposed to Mariniara after having carnal relations with her.

She refused him and he did not take it well.

Miguel's wife (Plautia) and Melvin's spurned lover (Mariniara) are both pregnant and in aspiration despair.

Melvis Manlius (2nd bastard son of Melvin) kills his cousin Moira (daughter of Morris & Julia)

Grand Duke Aesop Aelius finally takes a bride, Miss Lepida Tertia.

The Grand Duchess (Lepida) looses their 1st pregnancy

The Grand Duke's niece, Duchess Abigail, finds herself in a compromising position.

She and Olus Porphyrius are married quickly.

Grand Duchess Lepida is expecting again.

She takes it easy and visits with her twin sister, Faustina Tertia.

Grand Duke Aesop with his bastard daughter/only child, Accalon

Olus & Abigail Porphyrius welcome a daughter, Livilla

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess welcome their heir, Duchess Tullia Aelius

Eager to provide a son to her husband, the Grand Duchess becomes pregnant quickly and again looses the baby.

The younger of the Grand Duke's slave girls delivers a child.  Millie Manlius will marry the boy's father and move out of the estate.

Cousins Mickey & Millie are the parents of a boy, Titus.

Emperor Cameron Celsus has been reluctant to choose a bride.

I think his eye has fallen on his young cousin & only male-line relative, Princess Deja.

Emperor Cameron ensures that his young cousin gets the very best education.

Grand Duke Aesop's other niece, Duchess Abiah, marries Patrizio Petronius.

A pretty good match for Abiah (patrician) and a great match for Patrizio (plebian).  The young duchess brought a dowry of $3,000.

They are currently expecting their 1st child.