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Mroz & Accalon Manlius's growing family.

Mroz (holding Elpis) and Accalon (holding Athos), son Zorro, and daughter Pelagia

Mickey & Jenny Manlius with their children.

Farra, Trenten, Irene, and Thais

Xander & Justina Manlius with their children. 

Xiomara, Anes, and toddler Alexis

Livilla Porphyrius makes a mistake that her parents take responsibility for.

Timo Porphyrius will be raised as the son of Olus & Abigail, so Livilla can still make a good marriage.

John Junius marries Livilla Porphyrius.

She puts all thoughts of Timo behind her.

Celery & Jiana Joque with their son, Henri

The Junius family.

John & wife Livilla (with daughter Leda), brother Jyro.

The children of deceased eldest brother Jack: Siena, Gregory, Griffin

The Manlius bastards:

Titus (bastard son of Mickey & Millie),
Angela (bastard daughter of Miguel),
Neel (bastard son of Melissa)

Mork & Jeri Manilus family

Mork (holding Solon), Jeri (holding Neri)

Danae, Fidelis, Hilaria

Widow Patty Manlius and her 3 younger children (Cash, Martin, Cindy)

Melvis & Aurora Manlius family.

Melvis (holding Ona), Aurora (holding Atticus)

sons Cassius and Ira

The Aelius Duchy.

Dowager Lepida with her 6 daughters and teenage cousin

Grand Duchess Tullia Aelius is nearly decided on a husband.

She has her eyes on teenage heir, Fabian Porphyrius (3rd child of Olus & Abigail).

She and Fabian have become physical a time or two and Tullia needs to make it official.

The Patrician Eugolius family.

Mamercus & Mya with their 5 children (Mariam, Mariana, Dimitri, Dion, Abulus) and their ward (adult Livinia Petronius).


Princess Sophia Celsus, eldest child of Emperor Cameron & Empress Deja

Prince Leonel Celsus, 2nd child & eldest son of Emperor Cameron & Empress Deja

Grand Duke Aesop Aelius's long live comes to an end.

He is survived by his pregnant wife (Grand Duchess Lepida) & their 5 daughters together (Duchesses Tullia, Lorena, Emelia, Daphne, Alyssa).  He also has a bastard daughter (Accalon)

After her father's death, Accalon Aelius felt free to marry her long-time love & father of her secret son. 

Accalon is the mother of Mroz's bastard, Zorro.

Dowager Lepida Aelius delivers a 6th daughter to her late husband.

She names the baby girl, Talitha.

Aesop & Lepida's eldest child, Tullia, inherits the estate and titles.

She is now Grand Duchess Tullia Aelius and the most powerful teenage girl in the land.

Mamercus Eugolius and his wife, Mya, complete their family with a little boy, Abulus.

Mya is too old to conceive again.

The Eugolius heirs, twins Dimitri & Dion.

Melvis Manlius chooses a bride, new comer Aurora.

Her Imperial Highness Princess Sophia is a teenager.

Imperial servant, Jiana Junius, is encouraged by the Emperor to start a family.

She chooses Celery Joque (bastard son of Marcel Joque & Berry Gardner) as her mate.

The Aelius Duchy household.

standing: Grand Duchess Tullia & mother Dowager Lepida.
on couch:  Duchesses Lorena, Emelia
sitting on grass:  Duchesses Daphne, Alyssa, Talitha
laying on grass:  cousin Paloma Tertia

The Patrician Porphyrius family.  Olus & wife Abigail (holding Claudia), Livilla, Melani, Fabian, Romina, Eucio

The Patrician Eugolius family.

Mamercus & Mya with their ward Livinia Petronius

twin daughters Mariam & Mariana

sons Dimitri, Dion, Abulus

teenage parents Xander & Justina Manlius with their three children (Xiomara, Anes, and Alexis)

Mroz & Accalon Manlius with their two children (Zorro & Pelagia)

Penny Junius dies of old age.

Melissa Manlius is survived by her brother (Mork Manlius) and 4 children (Siena Junius, twins Gregory & Griffin Junius, and Neel Manlius)

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Census Data: Year 1107

My year is just based on the original sims being born in 1000.  So 107 sim years later...

5 members of the Imperial Family (Celsus)
8 members of the Patrician Family (Aelius)
13 members of the three Plebian Families (Petronius, Porphyrius, Eugolius)
34 members of the two slave families (Junius & Manlius)
3 unattached (Paloma Tertia, Faustina Tertia, Arrencia Major)

4 elders (Grand Duke Aesop Aelius, Penny Junius, and Miguel & Mroz Manlius)
17 adults (7 male/12 female)
8 teenagers (3 male/5 female)
16 children (5 male/11 female)
7 toddlers (4 male/3 female)
9 infants (2 male/7 female)

24 male sims
39 female sims

63 residents total

10 Years Later

Sorry.  I have been playing but have not updated in TEN YEARS.
The first slave execution took place.  I believe it was 15 year old Jolie Junius (twin of John)

The 2nd generation began slowly dying of old age.  Mark Manlius, in his 70s, is survived by two children (Melissa & Mork) and 6 grandchildren (Siena, Gregory, Griffin, Neel, Titus, and Danae)

Melvin Manlius, 71, is survived by his two relatively young children (Melvis aged 25 & Lidia aged 15)

Olus and Abigail Porphyrius have had a rocky marriage but still have provided 4 children to the kingdom (Livilla, Melani, Fabian, and Romina)

Mroz Manlius has a secret lover who bore him a child (Zorro).  If her identity is discovered, Mroz could be executed.

Much to the delight of bastard daughter Accalon, her step-mother has delivered a steady stream of daughters since the marriage.

No matter how many sons or daughters are born, Accalon is not set to inherit anything.  She only hopes to be allowed to marry for love.

Grand Duke Aesop is nearing the end of his life.
He has a bastard, adult Accalon.
He also has 5 titled daughters with his wife, Lepida: teen Tullia, child Lorena, child Emelia, toddler Daphne, and infant Alyssa.
He also cares for a distant relative of his wife's, toddler Paloma Tertia.

The Emperor and Empress celebrate the life of their first child, Princess Sophia, while awaiting their son.

A son is born.

Prince Leonel is the heir to the Empire.

Mamercus & Mya Eugolius (the other Plebian family) are also very unhappy in their marriage.  Their twin daughters (Mariana & Mariam) are growing and they are still expected to have 4 more children.

Mya is really working hard to limit the amount of time she has to spend with her husband.  Another set of twins (Dimitri & Dion).  Only two more babies to go.The 2nd Slave Execution is Morris Manlius.  Morris was 65 and married with 5 small children.  He is survived by his 2nd wife (Patty) and their children (twins Grecia & Greta, Cash, toddler Martin, and newborn Cindy)