Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Prince Chooses a Bride

The start of another cycle (one sim week) brings another slave execution.

Neel Manlius is survived by his 3rd wife (pregnant Xiomara) and his children (teenage Neal, toddler Nemo, and infant Nerine)

Xiomara soon delivers a son (Nestor) and then is taken in as a servant to the Imperial household.

Her stepson, Neal, cares for the children in her absence.

Dimitri Eulogius' sons with Paloma Tertia are growing up

orphans, Dimitir & Dolius

Dion Eulogius' sons with widow Natasha Una

orphans, Pavel & Dorin

Abulus Eulogius and his 2nd wife, Arrecina with his children

Children from marriage to Lorena Aelius (Abderus & Acantha)

Child from current marriage (Achilles)

Argo & Alastair welcome their their, Acastus Porphyrius

Alastair's twin, Duchess Alala, is pictured also

Alala is the fancy of many noblemen.  She is trying to decide between a Prince, a Grand Duke, and a few plebians currently.

Fabian & Arrecina Porphyrius' children together 

Argo, Argo's spouse Alastair, Argo & Alastair's infant heir Acastus, Aldo, Aure, & Fate

Aure has many suitors lined up.  She hopes to marry well.

The heir to the Imperial Throne Prince Leander Celsus has chosen a bride, Duchess Strephon Quirinius

Leander's father (Emperor Leonel) and Strephon's mother (the late Grand Duchess Avril) were brother and sister


Nicholas Mamayac with his wife Farra and their five daughters

teenager Naiyah, school-age Narkissa & Nefili, toddler Nella, and infant Nox

beautiful young Naiyah recently caught the eye of bachelor Prince Franco.

Prince Franco and Grand Duke Stephanos are racking up illegitimate slave children.
Prince Leander Celsus marries Duchess Strephon Quirinius

The future Emperor and Empress

A celebratory dinner.

Princess Strephon is now an official member of the Imperial family

The Imperial Family's final portrait together.

Emperor Leonel with his wife Empress Daphne and their four children:  Princess Lexine is standing next to her mother, Prince Leander & his wife Princess Strephon are seated, Prince Lycaon standing, and Princess Delta standing in front)

Princess Lexine is getting married to Emile Tertia.

Grand Duke Stephanos Quirinios with his 2nd wife Grand Duchess Sophia and one child each.

  Duchess Stasia Quirinios (daughter of Grand Duchess Avril)
Grand Duke Palaemon Vatinius (son of Grand Duke Philokrates)

Prince Franco finally finds a suitable bride, Princess Amy Bennett from a foreign land.

Prince Franco Celsus
(youngest sibling of Emperor Leonel)
marries Princess Amy Bennett.
Prince Franco and Princess Amy welcome their 1st child, a daughter Princess Fedora

Duke Andre Aelius
(2nd son of Grand Duke Aristole & Grand Duchess Tullia)
marries Louise Contrary.

The Duke and Duchess soon welcome a son, Duke Andraemon Aelius.

Prince Franco and Grand Duchess Tullia quickly decide the two newest members of their families will marry someday.

newborns Duke Andraemon Aelius & Princess Fedora Celsus are tentatively matched.

Abulus Eulogius forces his teenage daughter, Acantha, to marry his teenage nephew, Pavel, after having found them being intimate.

Pavel and Acantha are expecting a child.

Arrecina Porphyrius Eulogius meets her 1st grandchild (Acastus Porphyrius)

Acastus is the heir of Argo & Alastair, who are expecting another child soon.


Wambau & Wachiru Afolayan are the sons of Imperial slave Wekesa.

They were fathered by Prince Franco & Emperor Leonel although they have not been officially recognized by their fathers.

Jyro Junius, 79, is survived by only two of his children (pregnant Jarina & Medus)
Nicholas and Farra Mumyac with their 5 daughters

After a fire wiped out the two daughters-in-law of Aurora Manlius (Daedelus' wife Gretchen & Filippo's wife Anatola), Filippo takes a new bride (Wekesa Afolayan)

The scion of the Joque household (Armand) kills Calantha Manlius in a fight.

Calantha Manlius, 15, the youngest daughter of Cassius & Cindy.

She is survived by her grandmother (Aurora) and her twin sister (Calandra)

Filippo Manlius, 25, is the latest SLAVE EXECUTION.

He is survived by his mother (Aurora), his new wife (Wekesa), and his siblings (Bellamy, Daedelus, and Ganymede)

SLAVE EXECUTION...Filippo Manlius

Friday, March 21, 2014

1144-1151: The Last of the Flu, A Princess Is Born, & A Gay Marriage

Dia Eulogius dies of the flu.

She is survived by her brothers (Dimitur & Dolius)

Arrecina and Abulus welcome their 1st child together (Achilles)

Achilles is Abulus' 3rd child & Arrecina's 6th child.

Neel Manlius marries Claudia Porphyrius.

Neel is the widower of Claudia's elder sister, Melani.

Fern Porphyrius dies of the flu.

She is survived by her grandmother (Abigail) and her siblings (Argo, Aldo, Aure, and Fate)

Abigail Porphyrius, 76, dies of old age.  She is survived by her only living child (Claudia Manlius) and many grandchildren.

Neel Manlius is a widower for a 3rd time.

Claudia died just after delivering a son (Nemo Manlius)

Siena Aspir, wife and mother of one, dies of the flu.

Her death is followed closely by that of her husband, Jiro.

They are survived by their 7-year old son, Jozef.

The Junius family suffers terribly this season. 

Jacinda, Leda, Jocasta, Marsyas, and Jiri all die within months of each other.

The Junius family is again devastated in their 2nd house.

Toxeus, Antaeus, Eleni, Aneka, Narwahl Lewis, and twins Machaon & Macaire (twins pictured) die.

New life is also brought into the world.

Nicholas & Farra welcome a 3rd daughter, Nefili.

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Daphne, welcomes a 4th child (Princess Delta)

The Princess has all the features of her mother and siblings (brown hair, blue eyes, light skin)

Imperial slave, Wekesa Afolayan, delivers a son about the same time as the Empress.

Prince Lycaon welcomes the new slave boy, Wachiru.

To everyone's surprise, Empress Daphne, is quickly pregnant again.

The Empress miscarries the child.
Princess Lexine with her little sister, Princess Delta.

Duke Alastair Aelius (adopted son of Grand Duke Aristole & Grand Duchess Tullia)
falls in love with and marries
Argo Porphyrius (eldest son of Fabian & Arrecina)

Alastair forfeits his rank & titles to marry Argo (Head of the Porphyrius Household)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Farewell, Dowager Empress Deja. The Flu epidemic continues to decimate

Emperor Leonel Celsus and the Imperial Family.

Dowager Empress Deja (widow of Emperor Cameron)
Emperor Leonel & his wife Empress Daphne
their children
Prince Leander, Princess Lexine, Prince Lycaon

Duke Alastair & Duchess Alala Aelius are officially adopted by Grand Duke Aristole & Grand Duchess Tullia.

The only requirements for adoption are that the children in question already have the surname of & carry titles equal to the biological children of the new parents.

Melantha Manlius only 5 years old is on a killing rampage.  She is already responsible for one death and then attacks Duchess Panthea.

The attack on her life happened just as Duchess Panthea was to age to teen.

She was killed.

She is survived by her parents and brother.

Grand Duke Philokrates Vatinius dies of the flu.

He is survived by his son, the new Grand Duke Palaemon.

Ona Manlius, slave of the Quirinios duchy, delivers a son (Obiareus)

No one is surprised when Grand Duke Stephanos claims Obiareus Manlius as his own son.  He is the father of only two daughters.

Ona dies soon after her son's birth.

Grand Duchess Avril dies of the flu.

She is survived by her husband (Grand Duke Stephanos) and their young daughters (Duchesses Stacia & Strephon)

Grand Duke Stephanos Quirinios proposes to his deceased wife's sister, Dowager Duchess Sophia Vatinius.

Stephanos & Sophia are married.

Fabian & Arrecina welcome a 5th child, Fate

Fern Porphyrius has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Fabian Porphyrius dies of the flu.

He is survived by his mother (Abigail), his wife (Arrecina) and their 5 children (Fern, Argo, Aldo, Aure, and Fate)

Paloma Eulogius dies of the flu.

She is survived by her husband, Dimitri, and their children (Dia, Dimitur, and newborn Dolius)

Life-long bachelor Dion Eulogius marries the mother of his child, Natasha Una.

Head of the Eulogius household, Dimitri, dies of the flu.

He is survived by his 3 children (twins Dia & Dimitur, and Dolius)

Dimitri's twin brother, Dion, dies within months.

Dion is survived by his pregnant new bride (Natasha) and their son (Pavel)

Natasha Eulogius delivers a son to her deceased husband.

This is Dorin.

Dimitri Eulogius's children

Dia, Dimitur, and Dolius

Abulus Eulogius with his children Adberus & Acantha

Natasha Eulogius with her and Dion's sons (Pavel & Dorin)

Abigail Porphyrius with Fabian's family

widow Arrecina and five children (Fern, Argo, Aldo, Aure, and newborn Fate)

Abulus Eulogius takes Arrecina Porphyrius as his wife.

Titus & Lidia Etruscilla have their family decimated by fire.

Both Titus & Lidia die along with their children Tigris & Ledon and their cousins Melani & Melantha Manlius.

Neel Manlius moves in to care for the remaining Etruscilla children.

Soon illness and violence brings the household down to just Neel, his son Neal, and one Etruscilla child.

Celery Joque dies along with his sons Henri & Eustace, his wife Jiana, and his daughter-in-law Neri

The only survivor in this household is newborn grandchild, Armand.

Armand is the only Joque left except Aunt Madigan (but females don't really further the family name)

John Junius dies.

Jyro Junius with his children

John Junius' orphans

Romina Manlius dies while pregnant with her 1st child.

Jiro & Siena Aspir with their only child, Jozef

Angela Junius and her surviving children.

The orphaned children of Griffin Junius.

Head of the Manlius household, Dashiell, marries widow Cindy Manlius

Nawwaf Lewis dies.

He is survived by wife Greta and their son, Narwahl

Cailey Manlius dies at age 13.

She is survived by her mother Cindy and her sisters Calandra & Calantha

Dashiell's new wife dies while pregnant with their only child.

Cindy is survived by her twin babies with 1st husband Cassius (Calandra & Calantha)

Greta Lewis dies.

She is survived by her son, Narwahl

Head of Household Dashiell Manlius dies.

The new heir of the Manlius household is Macaire Manlius, followed by Macaire's twin brother Machaon.

Gretchen Manlius delivers a son to Ira.

Iasion is expected to be ther 1st child of at least a dozen.

Ira Manlius is taken by the flu just after Iasion's birth.

Filipina Manlius is also taken by the flu.

Echion is taken by a fight.

Galinthais Manlius, 2nd youngest child of Melvis & Aurora, also dies of the flu.

Melvis and Aurora have only 5 of 13 children living.


Xander Manlius is executed at 52 years old.

His daughters (Xiomara & Alexis) will now be selected as slaves in the Imperial household, saving them from execution in the future.

Dowager Empress Deja Celsus dies of old age.

She is survived by 3 of her 4 children (Emperor Leonel, Grand Duchess Sophia, and Prince Franco) and 8 of her 9 grandchildren (Prince Leander, Princess Lexine, Prince Lycaon, Grand Duke Palaemon, Duchess Stacia, Duchess Strephon, Duchess Alala, and Duke Alastair)

The Imperial Crypt

Portraits of the first Emperor and Empress next to the second Emperor and Empress

Empress Daphne has found herself unexpectedly pregnant.

She has been less than faithful to her husband and prays that her child will favor her looks just as her Imperial children have.

Slave Bellamy Manlius delivers a daughter, Barbara Manlius.

The father is Grand Duke Stephanos Quirinios.

Stephanos has fathered many children other than his legitimate daughters.

I think he has 3 bastards (Tre Aelius, Obiareus & Barbara Manlius)

Grand Duke Palaemon Vatinius is only 13 years old and he has already bedded slave Bellamy Manlius.

  They are not aware of it yet, but Bellamy is expecting another bastard.