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Race To Royalty - 8th Week (Two Merchant Families)


Gemma McGrath Brinkley with her growing children (kids Brittany & Fenton, teens Andrew & Carmen)
Birch & Gemma Brinkley with their children

Back Row - Birch, Gemma, Carmen (adopted)
Middle Row - HEIR Andrew & Brittany
Front Row - Fenton & Genna


Vadim Kratz meets his new aunt Leela (Bronco's wife)

Bronco and Leela welcome a daughter, Eloida Brinkley

A year later, Faustiana, joins the family.

Elodia Brinkley is a toddler.
Marcel & Blossom Kratz's Family

Marcel, son Vadim and Blossom holding daughter Gala

Bronco & Leela Brinkley's Family

Bronco holding daughter Elodia, pregnant Leela holding daughter Faustiana

NET WORTH - $71K (Birch) + $46K (Bronco) = $117K


3rd Generation Sarah Greenburg ages to adult ushering the Greenburgs into the next age.

They can now own a home business.

Jacob Greenburg Jr is selling household items that are no longer wanted.  Once sold the family can replace them with more expensive items.

Marriage is also now expected of respectable men and women.

Jacob's woman and the time of the change-over is Olive Moore, they marry.  Both Romance sims.

Olive delivers Jacob a son (Worth) who moves above his bastard brothers (Wulf & Ira) now that marriage & legitimacy is necessary for inheritance.
Olive Moore Greenburg and her toddler son, Worth

Jacob Jr & Olive Greenburg with their two young children (Worth & Honora)

The Greenburg Leftovers

Back Row - Sarah & Ilana (Jacob Jr's nieces)
Front Row - Yahaira, Wulf, Hava, Ira (Jacob Jr's illegitimate children)

Sarah and Ilana will move out with the bastards and set up an orphanage MAYBE



Daniel and Danielle Holden are teenagers.
Henry and Bahama Holden and their 7 children

Back Row - Henry, Bahama, and HEIR Michael
Middle Row - Daniel (adopted), Danielle, Jarvis, and Xavier

Front Row - Yuris & Xanadu

Activity in their satellite has transformed them into merchants overnight.


Janet & Janis Holden


Naama Greenburg Holden delivers her and Hunter's 4th child and 1st son, Yardley Holden

Janet & Janis age up.
Jacob Holden turns 25 and ushers the whole family into the merchant age.

I tried to hook him up with his fellow merchant cousin, Sarah Greenburg, but it didn't work out.

Jacob, instead, impregnated his merchant cousin/housemate Emily Holden (Hunter & Naama's teenage daughter).


Jessica McGrath is pregnant with the 1st 5th gen baby

18 year old Jessica McGrath delivers a healthy son, Henry McGrath (named for his paternal grandfather Henry Holden).

Spinster Gladys McGrath is the 1st sim to master a skill
Little Henry McGrath (teenage Jessica's son) has very muted features, a nice break from the pointy noses I've been cursed with

Henry pictured with pointy-nosed Uncle Karl

Gage & Mae's 2nd daughter, Lavena, is now pregnant with Abraxas Snyder's baby

And younger son Karl has hooked up with Hilaria Snyder.

Gage & Mae McGrath's brood

Back Row - Gage, Mae, Jessica, and HEIR Christopher
Middle Row - Karl, pregnant Lavena, Zaida, and Adalia (adopted)
Front Row - grandson Henry

Gideon & Muriel McGrath with their 5 children

Back Row - Gideon, Muriel, Early, and HEIR Malachi
Front Row - Noah, Barnabas, and Kaelin


      Matriarch of the Moore family, Jessica dies of old age.
      Jessica Moore, 76, survived by 7 of her children (Mae McGrath, Milo, Mojave, Muriel McGrath, Oakley, Octavio, & Olive Greenburg) and 23 grandchildren (Jessica, Christopher, Karl, Lavena, Zaida, Adalia, Early, Malachi, Noah, Barnabas, & Kaelin McGrath and Ogden, Olynda, Lance, Marlena, Zyke, Pago, Samantha, Cambria, Oslo, Quenna, Nero, & Patricia Moore)
      Her granddaughter Jessica McGrath is very heavily pregnant with the 1st great grandchild.
Milo & Holly Moore & children

Back Row - Milo, wife Holly, Ogden (adopted), and Olynda
Front Row - HEIR Lance, Marlena, and Zyke

The three youngest children are Milo & Holly's together


Mojave's daughters, Cambria & Samantha, are both unwilling to move.  This is a monkey bar showdown.

They have a new sibling, Andes Moore.
Mojave & Neva Moore and children

Back Row - Mojave, Neva, HEIR Pago, & Samantha
Front Row - Cambria, Oslo, Quenna, & Andes

Octavio and Brook Moore welcome a 3rd child, Ignatius

Patricia & Nero Moore (Octavio & Brook's older children)

Oakley and Carmela Moore welcome their 1st child, Joanna

Brook Brinkley Moore kills her brother-in-law Oakley

Brook's husband Octavio is the youngest son out of 9 children, Brook eliminates Oakley before he produces any sons to allow more family wealth to trickle down to her children.

Brook is the youngest of 6 children so she knows how slim the inheritance is with so many heirs.

Oakley Moore, 42, is survived by his young wife (Carmela, 28), his only child (newborn Joanna), his siblings (Mae McGrath, Milo, Mojave, Muriel McGrath, Octavio, and Olive Greenburg)

Pictured are brother Octavio, widow Carmela, and nephew Nero

Octavio & Brook Moore with children

Back Row - Octavio, Brook with Ignatius
Front Row - Nero & Patricia

MOORE NET WORTH - $63K (Milo) + $92K (Mojave) + $21K (Octavio) = $176K


Sage's household is busting at the seams but they are all his children!

Mireyli with 3 of her teenagers, 2 of her school age children, and #8 Reuben.

3 children aren't even pictured!!!!!!!!!

Sage and Mireyli are the first parents to produce 10 CHILDREN!

All 10 are biologically theirs, all 10 were born to them after reaching adulthood, and the parents are still fertile.

Welcome Bolivar Synder!

#5 Quentin Snyder with his youngest sister #9 Savannah and his youngest brother #10 Bolivar pictured in the crib.

1 Abraxas (m) - teen
2 Baldemar (m) - teen
3 Fiero (m) - teen
4 Gylla (f) - teen
5 Quentin (m) - teen
6 Raquel (f) - child
7 Daffodil (f) - child
8 Reuben (m) - child
9 Savannah (f) - toddler
10 Bolivar (m) - infant
Mireyli Snyder dies after becoming quite ill after her 10th child was born.

Mireyli Snyder, 46, is survived by her husband (Sage, 50) and their ten children (Abraxas 19, Baldemar 18 , Fiero 17, Gylla 15, Quentin 13, Raquel 12, Daffodil 8, Reuben 5, Savannah 4, & Bolivar 2)

Lots of death around the Snyders this 7 year stretch

Sage has a breakdown after Mireyli's death and he eventually dedicates his life to GRILLED CHEESE.

Sage Snyder's Family

Back Row - HEIR Abraxas, Baldemar, Sage, Fiero, & Gylla
Front Row - Quentin, Raquel, Daffodil, Reuben, & Savannah

Bolivar was cut off, OOPS


Hanna Holden Snyder dies of complications during childbirth.

Hanna Snyder, 46, is survived by her children (Hiliaria 14, Matthew 12, Sabina 10, Eliana 7, & newborn Darcy) and her siblings (Henry, Holly, Hunter, and Hyacinth)

Hilaria Snyder and her younger siblings are all orphans now.  Their father, Scorpio, died just under 5 years ago.

They are lucky enough to live with their two uncles who are kind enough to care for them.

In the battle over the affections of the Snyder brothers (Seamus & Silas), Hyacinth Holden kills rival Belle Brinkley.

Belle Brinkley, 45, is survived by her children (Carmen Brinkley 14, Wulf 6, Hava 5, & Ira Greenburg 2) and her siblings (Bahama Holden, Birch, Blossom Kratz, Bronco, & Brook Moore)
Hyacinth dies less than a year after giving birth to a new daughter.

Hyacinth Holden, 37, is survived by 3 of her 4 children (Tara 7, Colin 3, & newborn Karly Snyder) and her siblings (Henry, Holly Moore, and Hunter).

Her infant son, Ugo Snyder, died about 5 years earlier.

Widow Carmela Moore is pictured also.
Matthew Snyder, who was very precious to me because of his rare red hair, was murdered by his younger sister Sabina.

Matthew Snyder, 15, is survived by his sisters (Hilaria 18, Sabina 14, & Eliana Snyder 11) and his half-sisters (Sarah Greenburg, 31 & Darcy Snyder, 4)

Scorpio & Hanna's Surviving Children

Hilaria, Sabina, and Eliana Snyder

Just after this picture, Eliana attacks and kills Hilaria.

Hilaria Snyder, 20, is survived by her two younger sisters (Sabina & Eliana) and two half-sisters (Sarah Greenburg & Darcy Snyder)

Seamus Snyder and his two daughters

Tara, Seamus, and Darcy

Silas Snyder and his two children

Colin and Silas holding Karly

Tough week for the Snyders for sure