Monday, August 24, 2015

Race To Royalty - 9th Week


Gemma McGrath Brinkley is the first of my 2nd generation to age to elder (only because her house was played first, she is not the oldest)

She gave birth to 4 children and raised one other as her own.
Carmen Brinkley has fallen pregnant with Abraxas Snyder's child.

Abraxas already has a toddler with Lavena McGrath.

Birch having dinner with three of his kids.

Carmen is visibly pregnant.  Andrew and Fenton also at the table.

Carmen delivers a son, Quito Brinkley.

Genna helps her nephew, Quito, age up.

Birch Brinkley is now 54.

He is the biological father of 4 children (Andrew, Brittany, Fenton, Genna) and is raising his sister's child (Carmen)

Birch & Gemma Brinkley with their family

Back Row - Birch, Gemma, Carmen holding Quito, HEIR Andrew
Front Row - Brittany, Fenton, Genna



Leela Borne Brinkley delivers a 4th child in only 5 years.

Baby Marbella is named after Bronco's deceased older sister Belle.

Lorenzo Brinkley is Bronco and Leela's only son.

I'm also starting to believe that Leela's red hair is not natural.
Blossom's husband dies of old age.

Marcel Kratz, 67, is survived by his wife (Blossom, 46) and their two children (Vadim, 11 & Gala, 5)

Leela Brinkley delivers a 5th child to her husband, Bronco.

Reina Brinkley has brown hair just like her siblings and daddy.


Jacob Jr Greenburg's store is thriving and they were able to build onto their house.

Their son Worth is in school now and daughter Honora is a toddler.
Jacob Jr & Olive Greenburg with their children, Worth & Honora

Bahama Brinkley Holden turns 54.

Little Xanadu is pictured also

Henry and Bahama's youngest child, Xanadu, is a teenager.

Henry and Bahama Holden's family

Back Row - Henry, Bahama, Michael, Daniel (adopted), Danielle
Front Row - Jarvis, Xavier, Yuris, Xanadu


Hunter and Naama's oldest daughter, Emily, is pregnant by her adult cousin Jacob Holden.

I really hated that Emily was pregnant but her baby turned out to be a red-head so now I'm happy.

Emily's baby is Nehemiah Holden.

As soon as Jacob found out, he did the right thing.
Emily helps her son, Nehemiah, age up

Hunter and Naama's twin daughters are servers in the family's new restaurant

24 year old Emily delivers a 2nd son to her husband

Emily is an adult and gets tipped on her 1st customer

Neva Moore visits her sister's restaurant.

I'm really enjoying the restaurant.

Hunter and Naama Holden and their 3 youngest children.

Back Row - Hunter and Naama
Front Row - Janet, Janis, and Yardley

Jacob & Emily Holden's family

Jacob holding Nehemiah
Emily holding Saul


Lavena McGrath (Gage & Mae's 4th child) was also pregnant.

Her son, Sage McGrath, is named for his paternal grandfather Sage Snyder.

Baby Sage's father is Abraxas Snyder (Sage Snyder's heir)
Mae Moore McGrath wanted a FAMILY REUNION before she celebrated her 54th birthday so she invited all her siblings and their families over.  Her youngest brother Octavio declined.

Her siblings Milo & Olive still haven't gotten over whatever their dispute was.

Her brother-in-law Jacob Greenburg Jr (Olive's husband) and sister-in-law Holly Holden Moore (Milo's wife) decide to rekindle their long forgotten romance.

Jacob and Olive's son, Worth, is in the background very upset.

Gage and Mae age to elder together.

They had 5 biological children together and are raising his sister's daughter also.

They currently have two grandsons (Henry & Sage)

Adalia McGrath helps her cousin/nephew Sage McGrath age up.
Gage and Mae's oldest child, Jessica McGrath age into an adult.

This ushers the family into the next age and they become merchants.

Jessica is not excited about her new duds.

Jessica & Lavena (both unwed mothers) and their sons Henry & Sage move into the Greenburg orphanage.

Now Gage & Mae's 2nd child and heir Christopher is an adult.

Chris is not adjusting well.

The McGrath's banished daughter Lavena returned to the family homestead to take out her aggression on her youngest sister, Adalia.

Adalia McGrath, 19, is survived by her adoptive parents (Gage & Mae, both 61), her birth mother (Gracie McGrath, 53), and her adoptive siblings (Jessica 30, Christopher 28, Karl 24, Lavena 22, and Zaida 19)

22 year old Lavena McGrath laughs as her family mourns Adalia.

Lavena was arrested and sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Gage & Mae McGrath's family

Back Row - Gage, Mae, and heir Christopher
Front Row - Karl and Zaida

Their 1st daughter lives at the orphanage
Their 2nd daughter has been imprisoned for murdering their youngest daughter.

Its been a bad year for the McGraths.


Gideon & Muriel's eldest son Malachi has his first kiss with Janis Holden (3rd daughter of Hunter & Naama)

Gideon & Muriel's 2nd son Noah also has his first kiss with Janis Holden....while Malachi watches.

Their younger brother Barnabas has a crush on Janis' twin sister Janet.
The satellite McGraths have been ushered into the next age along with their cousins.

Gideon & Muriel's youngest child Kaelin is a teenager.

Gideon & Muriel McGrath's family

Back Row - Gideon, Muriel, Early
Front Row - Heir Malachi, Noah, Barnabas, Kaelin


Milo Moore kills a random neighbor whom he has hated for a very long time.
Milo and Holly Moore Family

Back Row - Milo, Holly, Ogden (adopted), Olynda
Front Row - HEIR Lance, Marlena, Zyke

Milo's 12 year old daughter Marlena is killed by Sabina Snyder.


Cambria Moore kills her older sister, Samantha.

Samantha Moore, 16, survived by her parents (Mojave, 53 & Neva 59), her siblings (Pago 18, Cambria 15, Oslo 12, Quenna 10, & Andes 8) and her half-sister (Sarah Greenburg, 35)

By the time Joanna Moore turns 2, her mother (Carmela) is already remarried and pregnant.

Brook Brinkley Moore is devastated by a miscarriage.

Carmela Wheeler Hiatt and her new husband, Anthony, welcome a daughter - Oyla

Carmela Wheeler is widowed again with an infant to care for.

Anthony Hiatt, 34, is survived by his pregnant wife (Carmela, 31), their newborn daughter (Olya Hiatt), and his stepdaughter (Joanna Moore, 4)

Carmela will not be permitted to marry another townie.  This was a gross oversight but will bring new blood to the neighborhood.
Mojave and Neva welcome another son (Samuel) a full 10 years after their youngest (Andes) was born.

Samuel was named for his deceased sister, Samantha Moore.

Quenna helps little Samuel age up

Mojave & Neva Moore Family

Back Row - Mojave, Neva holding Samuel, heir Pago, Cambria
Front Row - Oslo, Quenna, Andes

Patricia Moore helps her little brother Paul age up

Octavio and Brook Moore Family

Back Row - Octavio, Brook holding Paul, heir Nero
Front Row - Patricia, Ignatius, Joanna (adopted)


Sage Snyder celebrates his 54th birthday.

He is the father of 10 living children and grandfather/namesake of Lavena McGrath's young son, Sage.
Quentin Snyder (5th born of Sage & Mirelyi) has attacked and killed his oldest brother.

Abraxas Snyder is survived by his father (Sage), his siblings (Baldemar, Fiero, Gylla, Quentin, Raquel, Daffodil, Reuben, Savannah, and Bolivar) and his only child (Sage McGrath, 3)

Raquel Snyder (6th born) has her 1st kiss with Zyke Moore

Quentin is at it again.  He kills his 2nd oldest brother.

Baldemar Snyder is survived by his father (Sage) and 8 siblings.

3rd born son, Fiero, is now Sage Snyder's heir.

Raquel Snyder delivers a daughter, Holly.

Holly's father is Zyke Moore.

Gylla Sndyer (4th born) is destroying all the family urns.

This is Baldemar's.  She has also smashed her mother's and Abraxas'.

Sage's oldest living son, Fiero, marries Sarah Greenburg (Scorpio' oldest daughter)

They are 1st cousins and Sarah is already pregnant.

Sage Snyder's Family

Back Row - Sage, HEIR Fiero, Sarah
Middle Row - Gylla, Quentin, Daffodil, Reuben
Front Row - Savannah, Bolivar

Raquel and her baby live at the orphanage with the other unwed mothers.


Carmela Wheeler Hiatt delivers a son whom she names for her deceased 2nd husband, Anthony Hiatt.

Within a month, Anthony Jr, his 1 year old sister Olya, & Darcy Snyder had all died of a sickness.

Darcy Snyder, 9, is survived by her father Seamus.
Olya & Anthony Jr Hiatt are survived by their mother Carmela and their half-sister Joanna Moore.

Silas Snyder decides to make an honest woman out of Gracie McGrath.

He doesn't have a legal heir and Gracie's only wish is to marry before she gets too old to have children.

Within a year, Silas has a male heir.

Silas and Gracie's new son, Titus, has blonde hair!!

Where did that come from?

Scorpio & Hanna Snyder's surviving children (Sabina, 22 & Eliana, 19)

They will now move to the orphanage since their Uncle Silas has a legal heir now.

Silas Snyder, his wife Gracie McGrath Snyder and their only child together, HEIR newborn Titus.

Silas' two older children (Tara & Colin) will live at the orphanage since they have no claim to land anymore.