Saturday, May 30, 2015

Race To Royalty - 6th Week


3rd child Birch marries Gemma McGrath.

Gemma brings a dog (Bowser) to the marriage.

His sister Bahama marries the Holden heir Henry.
Just as 2nd child Belle delivers an illegitimate daughter (Carmen Brinkley), Birch's wife Gemma suffers a miscarriage.

Carmen Brinkley has green eyes and black hair, her father is Matthew Holden (the Holden family patriarch)
Gemma and Birch finally welcome their first child, Andrew Brinkley.

Bronco carries little Carmen in the background.

Gemma helps her niece Carmen age to toddler.

Gemma and Birch will take full responsibility for Carmen now since Belle will not take her into a marriage if she ever marries.

Gemma and Birch's son, Andrew is also a toddler.

Twins Bronco and Brook move out with the two old dogs, Alabama and Connecticut

NET WORTH - $68K (3rd place)


Naama is an adult so the family upgrades their kitchen and expands the house.

Sarah is now as tall as her birth mother, Neva.

Sarah with her TRUE father, J.J. Goss.

Sarah has only met her birth father, Scorpio Snyder, once.

J.J. and Samantha raised her.

Sarah Greenburg and her little cousin, Emily.

Sarah is Neva's daughter.
Emily is Naama's daughter.

J.J. Goss, 74, dies of old age.

He is survived by his wife (Samantha, 62), her children (Naama, 29, Neva, 28, & Jacob, 25) and her grandchildren (Sarah, 14 & Emily, 3)

Jacob Holden, 12, is also a grandchild but he will not be counted since, he is a Holden and Jacob Greenburg has no claim to his young son.
Sarah Greenburg has her 1st kiss with Bronco Brinkley

Jacob is FINALLY an adult

Jacob Greenburg is the 1st sim to master gardening

Naama delivers another bastard daughter, Ilana Greenburg.

Ilana's father is Matthew Holden.

The Greenburg family just before Jacob takes a woman.

back - Samantha Goss, Naama, Jacob holding Ilana
front - Sarah & Emily

NET WORTH - $62K (tied for 4th place)

Henry and Bahama Holden welcome their first child whom they name after Bahama's father, Michael.

Michael Holden has golden eyes and brown hair.

2nd child Hiah gives birth to a 2nd illegitimate son.

She calls this boy Daniel and can't identify his father.

Daniel Holden has golden eyes and brown hair (just like his mother)

Bahama gives birth to a daughter within a month of Hiah's delivery of Daniel.

The babies will be raises as twins (Henry & Bahama's children) and so the girl is named Danielle.

Danielle Holden has golden eyes and black hair.

Henry holds Daniel, Bahama holds Danielle, and their older child Michael rests in the crib.
Hycinath helps nephew Michael age up

Bahama delivers a 4th child, Jarvis

Aunt Hycinath with Danielle

Aunt Hycinath with Daniel

Grandpa Matthew and Grandma Emily with the twins, Daniel and Danielle

Emily Holden, 68, dies of old age.

She is survived by her husband (Matthew, 68), their children (Hanna Snyder, Henry, Hiah, Holly, Hunter, and Hyacinth) and their grandchildren (Hilaria Snyder, Michael, Daniel, Danielle, Jarvis, and Jacob Holden)

Emily Greenburg is also a grandchild.

The Holden family after Emily's death

back - Matthew holding Daniel, Henry holding Danielle, Bahama holding Jarvis, Holly
front - Hyacinth and Michael

NET WORTH - $43K (last place still)


Gideon marries Muriel Moore.

Muriel brings a dog (Talon) to the marriage.
Family dog, Beasley, dies of old age.

Aunt Gracie helps little Chris age to toddler
Mae and Gage welcome a 3rd child, Karl

Brittany McGrath, 65, dies of old age.

She is survived by her husband (Andrew, 65), their children (Gage, Gemma Brinkley, Gideon, Gladys, Gracie, & Gwyn) and their grandchildren (Jessica, Christopher, Karl, & Early McGrath and Carmen & Andrew Brinkley)

Carmen Brinkley is not biologically her grandchild.

Andrew McGrath, 66, dies of old age.

He is survived by his children (Gage, Gemma Brinkley, Gideon, Gladys, Gracie, & Gwyn) and their grandchildren (Jessica, Christopher, Karl, Lavena, Early & Malachi McGrath and Carmen & Andrew Brinkley)

Carmen Brinkley is not biologically his grandchild.


Aunt Gwyn helps little Lavena age up.

Gage and Mae have 4 children now - Jess, Chris, Karl, and Lavena


Muriel and Gideon are the parents of a girl, Early McGrath.

Early has golden eyes and black hair.
Muriel and Gideon also have a son, Malachi McGrath.

Malachi has black hair and blue eyes.

Early McGrath, Gideon & Muriel's 1st child.

Muriel has also given birth to a third child, Noah McGrath and the family pets are parents of two puppies (Beauty & Beast)

Malachi McGrath, Gideon & Muriel's 2nd child.

NET WORTH - $88K (1st place)


Mohave marries Neva Greenburg


Meadow Moore gives birth to a little boy and immediately hands his to her brother, Milo.

Milo and his very pregnant women Hiah Holden will raise Odgen as their own son.

Hiah Holden delivers a daughter to Milo.

Olynda Moore is only 3 months younger than little Odgen. They will be raised as twins.
Meadow Moore, aged 40, dies of complications of giving birth.

Meadow is the biological mother of two children - Ogden Moore (being raised by his Uncle Milo) & Vale Crest (being raised by her father Cullen Crest)

Hiah Holden, aged 35, dies of complications of childbirth.

She is the biological mother of four children - Jacob Holden (living with his maternal uncles), Olynda Moore (being raised by her father Milo Moore), and twins Uma & Una Crest (being raised by their father Cadmus Crest)


Oakley is an adult.

Neva delivers a son (Pago) and then a daughter (Samantha) to Mohave Moore.

They are not twins.

NET WORTH - $38K + $45K = $83K (2nd place)


Scorpio marries Hanna Holden.

Hanna does not bring a dog.  Her family breeds small dogs that are not desired by the other families.
Mireyli delivers a 3rd son to Sage.

They now have 3 infants - Abraxas, Baldemar, and newborn Fiero.

2nd grandson, Baldemar, is a toddler.

Abraxas is also a toddler, Fiero is still a baby and mom Mireyli is pregnant again.
Mireyli and Sage's 4th child is a little girl, Gylla Sndyer

Two toddlers, two infants

In 5 years, Sage has as many children as his parents had in 20. I used to come here as a refuge from babies. NOT ANYMORE.

The Snyders get a magic lamp

Fiero is a toddler, Joshua holds little Gylla in background.
Fiero and Baldemar with dog Ruffy

The Snyder's packed bedroom

Three toddlers and an infant

Mirelyi delivers a 5th child, Quentin Snyder

Abraxas Snyder, 1st child of Sage & Mirelyi

Sarah Snyder, 66, dies of old age.

She is survived by her husband (Joshua, 66), their 4 sons (Sage, Scorpio, Seamus, and Silas) and their 7 grandchildren (Abraxas, Baldemar, Fiero, Gylla, Quentin, Hilaria, and Matthew Sndyer)

Sarah Greenburg is also a bio grandchild.

Joshua Snyder with his little granddaughter, Gylla.

Mirelyi with Quentin

The Snyder family after Sarah's death

back row - Joshua holding Gylla, Sage holding Quentin, Mirelyi holding Raquel
front row - Abraxas, Baldemar, Fiero

Abraxas, Baldemar, and Gylla are clones

Fiero and Quentin have their mother's green eyes


Hanna and Scorpio have a daughter, Hilaria Snyder.

Hilaria has blue eyes and brown hair.
Hanna with little Hilaria.

They looks so much alike.  Hanna has green eyes and Hilaria has blue.

She and Scorpio are also the parents of baby Matthew also.
Hanna with her little red head, Matthew

It takes a village!

Elderly Christopher Moore plays with Hilaria, pregnant Mae Moore McGrath, Uncle Seamus with little Matthew and Hanna Holden Snyder

Scorpio is surprised to walk in on his younger brother Seamus and his eldest child Sarah Greenburg in bed together

Sarah Greenburg likes Seamus so much that she gifts him some money to get his future household up and running.

Scorpio Snyder's household

back - Scorpio holding Matthew, pregnant Hanna holding Sabina, Seamus holding Tansy, Silas
front - Scorpio and Hanna's oldest child together, Hilaria

NET WORTH - $44K + $18K = $62K (tied for 4th place)