Monday, July 28, 2014

Welcome to the McCarthy Legacy (George & Lilly's Life)

I started this Legacy with a townie teenager named George McCarthy.
I knew nothing about him besides what he looked like.

I sent him to college where he met and fell in love with Mallory Mace.

After a glitch in college, George graduated without any memory of meeting or loving Mallory.

This was quite a set back, but he got started on the hunt for a mate.

George all grown up and on his honeymoon.

George's new young wife, Lilly.

They got pregnant on their honeymoon.

Jolly McCarthy with Scamper.

George's LTW is to have 6 pets reach the top of their careers.

Scamper's parents (Rouxy & Sweets) have already been promoted to the top.

Since Jolly is going to be an only child, I went crazy on her room.

The Headmaster approves.

George loses all 6 of his cats.

Rouxy, Scrappy, Scamper, Rocky, Roxanne, and Heidi

After adopting back all the cats, George is promoted to IDOL (Show Business)

Jolly has her own playground.

Must be nice to be an only child.

George and Jolly

George and Jolly


ACR pregnancy

This really scared me.

George fell on the ground dying and the buy/build mode buttons greyed out.

It was just timing, George was teaching Rocky to play dead and Lilly was taking the car out.

Jolly is a teenager.

George and Lilly's kids, Jolly & Jack

Jack with Scamper

Lilly is promoted to MINISTER OF EDUCATION (Education).

Instead of building a new room, Jolly had to split hers down the middle.

Another vacation.  Just before old age and retirement.

George throwing an axe

Lilly and Jolly doing the log roll

Jolly on the log

Jack on the log

The whole family chilling around the campfire

Jolly is looking pretty today.

She is probably the heir, since I didn't even expect Jack

Everyone got to meet BIGFOOT.  Jack was so excited

Jack and his new BFF

Lilly has finally maxed her skills & achieved her LTW.

PLATINUM ASPIRATION (so I will stop controlling her)

George will age up today at 6.  Lilly still has a little more than a week, I think.
George McCarthy is an elder.

He hasn't reached his LTW yet but he is close.

Jolly has made a new friend.

She met Juan Harris on vacation.

ACR has turned my life upside down.

What are you doing Jolly?!

Sent her to college.

Jack wanted to use the computer bad enough to repair it first.

Jack is one of the 10% of my population to be homosexual apparently.  And so is the gardener, Leo.

Jolly is home from college.

Her boyfriend, Juan, caught her cheating on him with Don Lothario.

The result is an unplanned pregnancy and a child born out of wedlock (because Juan is not a forgiving man)

Devon McCarthy, child of Don Lothario & Jolly McCarthy.

1st grandchild for George & Lilly.

Devon has black hair and green eyes like his father.

Heidi and Rocky finally produce a litter.

The family's first cat, Rouxy, dies.

She was the mother of 4 (Scamper, Scrappy, Rocky, and Roxanne) and grandmother of 3 (Brock, Breanna, and Briana).

Pregnant again, Juan Harris finally decides to forgive Jolly.

She is pregnant with his child this time, after all.

Juan Harris was a level 9 in the BUSINESS career track!  Who knew?!

He is promoted to the top on his 1st day.


Another unwed pregnant child.

Jack and Leo the gardener are expecting a child.

He is taking a leave from school, so he doesn't get ridiculed or expelled.

Jolly delivers another son, Derek Harris.

Derek has blonde hair and brown eyes like his grandfather George.

He is the 2nd grandchild for George & Lilly.


I was really bored (not challenged) with this legacy.  I hated the cats (which is why I only installed PETS once before and then quickly uninstalled)
I miss the TEST OF TIME and the APOCALPYSE

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Good Bye Test of Time Challenge

I had to make the difficult decision to end my Test of Time Challenge.  EA Games was offering all the Sims 2 expansions & stuff packs for free for a limited time and I took it.  In order to install the new Ultimate Collection, I had to uninstall everything I already had.

I put in a lot of time.  They are gone now.  Goodbye, Test of Time simmies

Sunday, July 20, 2014

1207-1210: The Vampire Retreats Into the Shadows

Princess Tracy Quigley Carington gives birth to a 3rd child just as Queen Alala exits the world.

Queen Alala was 71 years old and is survived by her husband (King Lycaon), her children (Princess Lycoris, Lysandra Ashe, and Prince Lycomedes), many grandchildren, and her twin brother (Lord Alastair Auteberry)

The new Princess is named after the late Queen.

Princess Lyani Carington,
eldest child of Prince Lycomedes & Princess Tracy

The Royal Family

King Lycaon holding Prince Lyam,
Prince Lycomedes holding Princess Alala,
Princess Tracy holding newborn Prince Lynden,
and Princess Lyani standing in front.

Lady Trina Quigley dies of the Great Illness (now also called the Black Death)

House Quigley's heir (Lord Stafford) is finally a teenager.

The line is looking strong with 4 men in the family now.

Lord Stafford Quigley, 13, was the eldest son and heir of Earl Stamitos Quigley.

He is survived by his parents (Earl Stamitos & The Lady Fedora) and his siblings (Lord Standish, Lady Felice, and Lord Staunton)

Earl Andrew Auteberry dies of the Black Death just as his new wife goes into labor with their twins.

He just lost his eldest daughter (Lady Annis) to the plague.

Earl Andrew is survived by his wife (The Lady Luisa), his surviving children (Lord Ancil, Lady Andrianna, and the newborn twins)

The Lady Luisa Auteberry delivers twins, Lord Andor & Lady Andree Auteberry as her husband dies outside.

The Lady Luisa then abandons the castle and the children, forfeiting her title.

The new Lord of the Manor is 8-year old Earl Ancil and his heir is his newborn half-brother, Lord Andor.
Earl Paris' two eldest surviving children (Lady Pansy & Lady Panthea)

Finally The Lady Beadu Ventura delivers a son, Lord Payne.

Lord Payne Ventura is a twin!

He and his sister, Lady Payten, are Earl Paris' 6th and 7th highborn children.

Lady Panya witnesses the birth.

The Lady Beadu has spent her entire adult life pregnant trying to provided an heir for her husband.  Now she must provide a spare.

Edward Turner, eldest son and heir of Egidio Turner, dies of the Black Death just as his brother did 4 years ago.

Egidio's heir is now his 3rd son, 12-year old Egbert.

Egidio has lost both sons from his 1st marriage (Dagmar) and now only has the three from his 2nd marriage (Violet Mole)
Violet Mole Turner, wife of Egidio, dies of the Black Death.

She is survived by her husband and their three sons (Egan, Vicente, and Victor)
During the 1st half of this round (4 years), I only lost one serf to the Black Death.

Ennea Afolayan, 53, is survived by her two illegitimate children (Enando & Erin) and her two VIKING RAPE sons (Edric & Eamon)

There were also no serf marriages or births.

This was a very uneventful gaming period.