Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Race To Royalty - 7th Week (The Founders Die Out)


Birch Brinkley and his 'daughter' Carmen

The Brinkleys have a new dining room table.

Pregnant Gemma, Belle, Birch, and Carmen

Gemma delivers a little girl whom she names after her own mother, Brittany

Ashley Brinkley, 71, dies of old age.

She is survived by her husband (Michael, 71), their children (Bahama Holden, Belle, Birch, Blossom, and twins Bronco & Brook) and their 10 grandchildren (Michael, twins Danielle & Daniel, Jarvis, Xavier, and Yuris Holden, Wulf Greenburg and Carmen, Andrew, and Brittany Brinkley)

Daniel Holden is not their bio grandson.
Carmen Brinkley with classmate Andrew Snyder

Biologically, Carmen is Andrew's aunt (her bio father is Andrew Holden & Andrew Holden is young Andrew's maternal grandfather) but as far as they know, they have no relation at all.

Michael Brinkley, 72, dies of old age less than a year after his wife.

He is survived by his children (Bahama Holden, Belle, Birch, Blossom, and twins Bronco & Brook) and their 11 grandchildren (Michael, twins Danielle & Daniel, Jarvis, Xavier, and Yuris Holden, Wulf Greenburg and Carmen, Andrew, Brittany, and Fenton Brinkley)

Gemma helps Brittany age up

In the satellite household, Brook has moved out to marry/shack up with Octavio Moore and Blossom has married Marcel Kratz (an elderly man) and his expecting his child.
Birch & Gemma's Family

back - Birch with Fenton, Gemma with Genna
front - Carmen (adptd), HEIR Andrew, Brittany

NET WORTH - $70K (Birch) + 21K (Bronco) = $91K


Aunt Naama with little Ilana.

Jacob Greenburg has two women in his care/possession - Holly Holden & Belle Brinkley

Samantha Greenburg Goss, 69, dies of old age.

She was widowed twice and is survived by her three adult children (Naama, Neva Moore, and Jacob), a grandchild that she raised as her own (Sarah Greenburg) and 4 other grandchildren (Emily & Ilana Greenburg and Pago & Samantha Moore)

Jacob Holden is also a grandchild.

Belle Brinkley miscarries her and Jacob's 1st child together.

Emily Greenburg in background.

Holly Holden delivers a girl, Yahaira Greenburg.

Besides Jacob, the Greenburgs are a family of females.

The household includes eldest sister Naama, niece Sarah, Jacob's 'adopted' daughters Emily & Ilana, his mistresses Belle and Holly, and his newborn daughter Yahaira.

Soon afterward, Belle delivers an heir to Jacob.  His name is Wulf Greenburg.
Belle Brinkley with her young son, Wulf Greenburg.

She is now Jacob Greenburg's only woman and gave birth to their 2nd child together (Hava) less than a year after Wulf's birth.

They later have another son, Ira.



Bahama is pregnant with her and Henry's 5th child.

Aunt Hyancith helps little Jarvis age up.

'Twins' Daniel and Danielle Holden
Bahama and Henry's growing family

Danielle, Michael, and Daniel eating with their parents.

Jarvis is a toddler and the newest member is Xavier.

Hunter Holden marries Naama Greenburg, his teenage girlfriend.

They have a daughter together already - 11 year old Emily Greenburg


Bahama and Henry's 6th child, Yuris.
The Patriarch of the Holden family, Matthew dies of old age.

Matthew Holden, 72, is survived by 5 of his children (Hanna Snyder, Henry, Holly, Hunter, & Hyacinth Holden) and 15 grandchildren (Hilaria, Matthew, Sabina, Tansy & Eliana Snyder, Michael, Daniel, Danielle, Jarvis, Xavier, & Yuris Holden, Ogden & Olynda Moore, Yahaira Greenburg, & Emily Holden)

Ogden Moore is not a biological grandchild
Jacob Holden is a biological grandchild but not counted toward family

Henry and Bahama's 4 oldest children (Daniel, Michael, Jarvis, and Danielle) and dog Coney

Henry's heir, Michael Holden is a ROMANCE sim.

Daniel and Bahama cheer

Henry and Bahama Holden's Family

Back - Henry, Bahama with Yuris, heir Michael
Front - Daniel, Danielle, Jarvis, and Xavier

Hunter and Naama welcome the first FEMALE/FEMALE set of actual twins

This is not the 'oh I'll raise my sister's baby with my own' kind of thing

Welcome, Janet & Janis Holden!! Both with brown hair and green eyes like daddy
Hunter and Naama with their little girls.

Their teenage love child, Emily, has also moved into their household.
Hunter & Naama's Family

Hunter with Janet
Naama with Janis
teen daughter Emily

NET WORTH - $64K (Henry) + $23K (Hunter) = $87K


Gage and Mae's 5th child is Zaida.

Soon after Zaida's birth, Gracie (not pictured) delivered a bastard daughter, Adalia McGrath.

Adalia will be raised by Gage and Mae.

Pictured is Gwyn and Adalia.
Jessica McGrath (eldest child of Gage & Mae) has her 1st kiss with
Michael Holden (eldest child of Henry & Bahama)

They also become pregnant

Gwyn dies after being assulted by Hanna Holden Sndyer.

Gwyn McGrath, 31, was the 6th and youngest child of Andrew & Brittany McGrath.

She was unmarried and had borne no children.


Gideon and Muriel's eldest boys, Malachi & Noah.

Gideon and Muriel's two oldest kids, Early & Malachi with their grown up puppies.
Muriel has a breakdown.

Romance aspiration isn't working out for her.

She has 24 hours (1 year) to work through her troubles and then she must choose a new aspiration.

The change is also not going well!

Muriel is now pregnant AGAIN and has dedicated her life to GRILLED CHEESE

Gideon & Muriel's Family

back - Gideon, Muriel with newborn Kaelin
front - Early, HEIR Malachi, Noah, & Barnabas

NET WORTH - $85K (Gage) + $30K (Gideon) = $115K (1st place so far)

With both brothers producing sons, this family will probably be on top for a while.  Their only competition are the 4 Snyder brothers and their sons.


Christopher and Jessica Moore with their eldest son's 'twins', Olynda & Ogden
Ogden and Olynda Moore

Patriarch of the Moore family, Christopher dies of old age.

Christopher Moore, 73, is survived by his wife (Jessica, 73), 7 of their children (Mae McGrath, Milo, Mojave, Muriel McGrath, Oakley, Octavio, and Olive Moore) and 17 grandchildren (Jessica, Christopher, Karl, Lavena, Zaida, Early, Malachi, Noah, & Barnabas McGrath, Ogden, Olynda, Lance, Pago, Samantha, Cambria, Oslo, & Nero Moore)

Jessica Moore and her oldest son Milo

back - Jessica, Milo with Lance, pregnant Holly with Marlena
front - Odgden & Olynda


Neva Greenburg Moore helps eldest child, Pago, age up

Neva delivers a 3rd child to Mojave - this girl is Cambria.

Neva helps 2nd child, Samantha Moore, age up.
Youngest Moore boy, Octavio, welcomes a son with his lady love, Brook Brinkley

Their son is Nero.

Brook is struck by lightning just after delivering Nero

Octavio and Brook marry.

This family is driving me crazy.

Busting at the seams.

3 brothers (Mojave, Oakley, and Octavio)
2 women (Neva & Brook)
5 children (Pago, Samantha, Cambria, Oslo, Nero)
9 dogs!!

Sunday Night there will be some changes!!

P.S. Neva & Brook are pregnant WTF
Mojave & Neva's Family

Mojave with Oslo, pregnant Neva with Quenna
Heir Pago, Samantha, and Cambria

Bachelor Oakley Moore
Octavio with Nero & Brook with Patricia

NET WORTH - $55K (Milo) + $85K (Mojave) + $1K (Oakley & Octavio) = $114K (1st Place!!!)

Milo and sister Olive HATE each other, so Olive will live with Oakley until she marries


5th child of Sage & Mireyli - Quentin Snyder

Pregnant Mireyli Snyder with her 5 oldest children (Abraxas, Baldemar, Fiero, Gylla, and Quentin)

Mireyli delivers a 7th child and 3rd daughter - Daffodil Snyder
Eldest child, Abraxas Snyder, is a FORTUNE sim

Patriarch of the Sndyer family, Joshua dies of old age.

Joshua Snyder, 74, is survived by 3 of his sons (Sage, Seamus, & Silas) and 13 grandchildren (Abraxas, Baldemar, Fiero, Gylla, Quentin, Raquel, Daffodil, Reuben, Hilaria, Matthew, Sabina, Tansy, and Eliana Snyder)

Sarah Greenburg is also a grandchild but not counted

Mireyli Snyder delivers a 9th child, Savannah Snyder

Back Row - Sage with Daffodil, Mireyli with Reuben, teen Abraxas with Savannah, teen Baldemar, and teen Fiero
Front Row - Gylla, Quentin, and Raquel


Hanna helps little Sabina age up

Hanna delivers a 5th child and 4th daughter - Eliana Snyder

COUSINS - Quentin & Hilaria Snyder

Quentin is Sage's 5th child
Hilaria is Scorpio's 1st legitimate child

Matthew Snyder, Scorpio & Hanna's only son

Hanna with Tansy, her two young brothers-in-law (Seamus & Silas) and other daughter Sabina on the floor

Puffy's 1st puppy Perdita.

Perdita's father is Dalmatian, Ollie.  I'm very excited to see how Dalmatian-y Perdita is.

I've tried to breed with Ollie forever hoping for little Dalmatians!!
Scorpio Snyder, 38, survived his wife (Hanna, 41), their five children (Hilaria, Matthew, Sabina, Tansy, and Eliana), his father (Joshua Snyder, 70), his brothers (Sage, Seamus, and Silas), and 7 nieces and nephews (the children of brother Sage)

He is also the biological father of Sarah Greenburg.
Scorpio and Hanna's 3 youngest daughters (toddler Tansy, child Sabina, and toddler Eliana)

Hyacinth and 3rd son Seamus have their 1st child together, Tara Snyder

There's some WIFE SWAPish stuff going on at the Sndyer house.  These brothers sure don't mind sharing.

Seamus with his brother's widow, Hanna Holden.

Youngest brother, teenage Silas with Seamus' pregnant woman Hyacinth Holden.

Seamus and Hyacinth's 2nd child is a boy, Ugo.

Ugo Snyder is after his cousin Matthew's place as satellite heir.

Tansy Snyder becomes very ill and infects her poor newborn cousin, Ugo.

Tansy Snyder, 6 yrs, is survived by her mother (Hanna Holden, 43) and her siblings (Hilaria, 11, Matthew, 9, Sabina, 7, and Eliana, 4)

Ugo Sndyer, 2 mos, is survived by his parents (Seamus Snyder, 30 & Hyacinth Holden, 31) and his sister (Tara, 1)

Hyacinth Holden miscarries a 3rd Snyder baby just after losing her newborn son to disease.

Perdita is some sort of Dalmatian, I guess.

Hanna Holden with Scorpio Snyder's children

Pregnant Hanna Holden (carrying Seamus Snyder's child), daughter Hilaria, HEIR Matthew Snyder
Front Row - Sabina and Eliana

Told Ya, Wife Swappers

Seamus Snyder holding daughter Tara

Tara's mother, pregnant Hyacinth Holden, rubbing all over Silas Snyder

Seamus is expecting a child with Hanna Holden
Silas is expecting a child with Hyacinth Holden

NET WORTH - $52K (Sage) + $38K (Seamus & Silas) = $90K (5th place)