Monday, October 28, 2013

Census Data

Of the original 10 sims, there are 2 that lived to see Roman times begin (James & Jana of Clan J)

In the 2nd generation, 38 sims were born.  Many were lost to The Great Sickness.  9 lived to see Roman times begin (Aesop, Jack, Mark, Melvin, Miguel, Morris, Mroz, Mya, and Penny)  Of these 9, 2 have reached elder stage (Jack & Mark, both the eldest children of their families)

So far 29 Generation 3 children have been born.  24 of them are alive to usher in the Roman times (Abiah, Abigail, Accalon, Cameron, Deja, Jackson, Jenny, Jiana, John, Jolie, Juliet, Jyro, Jeri, Melissa, Millie, Mork, Melvis, Mickey, Moira, Natalie, Patty, Patrizio, Paxton, and Periman)

That is 77 sims total in the game, 35 still living

Clan A has 39k
Clan C has 42k
Clan J has 34k
Clan M has 42k
Clan P has 20k

I don't really know what to do with the tie

Everyone: We made it to ROMAN stage

Mark of Clan M has aged into an elder.

His heir, Mork, is now a teen.

Daughters, Melissa and Millie are teens too

ROMAN STAGE begins on this lot


Penny, lifemate of Jack, has another daughter (Juliet)

Juliet is their 7th child together

Penny has an 8th child with Aesop

Clan J really ramps up their garden.

They are hoping to harvest their way into a top spot financially with Roman Stage just around the corner.

James enjoys quality time with possibly his last grandchild, Juliet

James and Jana are both in their early 80s

Jack, James and Jana's eldest child, ages into elder. His parents are so happy to be alive to see this.

Penny is pregnant.

Jackson, eldest child of Jack & Penny, successfully flirts with his cousin Melissa

Jack's father and Melissa's mother are siblings

Penny delivers another grandchild to James & Jana, a boy named Jyro

A few hours later, the family is ushered into ROMAN STAGE


Although I don't allow interactions with any sims not in this challenge, Melvin managed an ACR baby with Jasmine Aspir (daughter of Victor & Elisabeth)

The boy's name is Melvis and he is the only sim so far in this challenge to have fresh blood.

Somehow with out me paying attention, Julia died.  She was pregnant with Morris' 3rd child, her 7th.

Clan M satellite house enters ROMAN STAGE.

Melvin is almost an elder, Mya is finally an adult, Melvis is a child, and Morris and Julia's last child Natalie is a toddler.

Amaya with her final grandchild, Accalon

Aged 85, Amaya finally passes.

She is survived by her only two living children (Aesop & Penny) and 12 grandchildren, although only 3 of them are Clan A (Abiah, Abigail, Accalon)


Cameron is the 1st gen 3 to age into adult



Without a mother (Julia moved in with Clan M), Patty of Clan P cares for the little ones.

Here she is pictured with her half-brother/cousin, Periman



Friday, October 25, 2013

Clans A & C: Round 10 "The Great Sickness has ended"

Desperate for a male heir, Aesop of Clan A (the only remaining male) kidnapped Penny of Clan J forcing a child upon her.

Penny and Aesop are half-siblings (mother Amaya)

Penny delivered a daughter, Accalon, and returned to her family.

Clan A consists of Amaya, Aesop, Abiah, Abigail, Accalon (5 members)

Abiah and Abigail have aged into teenagers.

Cameron of Clan C has his eyes on the twins since they are the only light skinned females in his age bracket.

Clarence of Clan C was the last victim of The Great Sickness.

He left his niece, Deja, all alone in the Clan C satellite house.

The little money Deja made by selling produce has put Clan C & Clan M on even financial ground each with $42k.  But Clan C is 3 days ahead so Clan M is hot on their heels.

Clan C consists of Cameron & Deja (2 members)

Clans M & P: Round 9

Margaret of Clan M dies of advanced age.

She is survived by most of her children and 4 grandchildren.

Some weird dude called "Witch Doctor" showed up just before she died.  Um, okay?!

Main household of  Clan M End of Round 9 Picture

Mark with his children: Melissa, Millie, heir Mork

Financial standing puts them in 1st place with 42k, beating Clan C by $1,000

But there is still time for all the families to gain or lose

Julia of Clan J with her two eldest children: Patty & Patrizio of Clan P

Julia has 4 children belonging to Clan P and is pregnant with a Clan M baby

Julia delivers Moira of Clan M, daughter of Morris

Julia is currently a floater.  Breeding wherever ACR puts her

James of Clan J stops by to see his only surviving daughter and her family.

Morris of Clan M is in the background.  He and Julia are expecting another child together.

Clan P End of Round 9 Picture

Patty, head of household Patrizio, Paxton, and toddler Periman

Financial standing is dead last with 21k

Michael of Clan M is one of the last victims of The Great Sickness.

Morris marries Julia, bringing Moira into the household and leaving the Clan P orphans to fend for themselves.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Clan J: Round 9

Jiana (8th child of James & Jana, twin of Jizelle) dies of The Great Sickness.

Now James and Jana only have 2 living children: Jack & Jill.

They have 12 living grandchildren, though.  Securing their legacy.

Twin Fight: Jackson & Jacob

Jackson defeats his younger brother.

Jacob is survived by his parents (Jack & Penny), his grandparents (James & Jana), his twin brother and his younger sisters (Jenny & Jiana)

Jackson (rear) and Jacob were nearly identical and I really liked them both.  I'm sad to see Jacob go.

Clan J has two toddlers (Jeri & Jiana), two children (Jackson & Jenny), a breeding pair of adults (Jack & Penny) and two grandparents (James & Jana)

They are the only clan with a pair of breeding adults!

Penny is again pregnant (she is the only pregnant sim in the entire game right now) and Jeri is a child now

Jana helps Penny deliver a 2nd set of twins (John & Jolie)

Clan J is thriving although they lost their satellite household to disease.

They are the only clan to have both 1st Gens living.

They are the only clan to have a pair of breeding adults.

They have an heir, a spare, and several girls to farm out.

They have 23k putting them 4th in financial ranking.

Clans A & C: Round 9

Ambrose of Clan A (5th child of Angus & Amaya) dies of The Great Sickness.

He is survived by his pregnant lifemate, Cora.

Aramis of Clan A (youngest child of Angus & Amaya) dies of The Great Sickness.

He is survived by his mother and twin sister.

Cora (5th child of Charles & Clara) dies of The Great Sickness.

She was pregnant with her 1st child.

Arabella of Clan A (twin of Aramis) died of The Great Sickness.

She was the last member of the satellite household.

Her death moves Clan A into the 2nd spot financially with 39k.

Dante of Clan C (only child of Clarence & Alison) dies of The Great Sickness.

The Clan C satellite household now only consists of Clarence & his orphaned niece Deja.

Clan C moves into the top spot with $41k

Clan A now has only one household containing: Gen 1 Amaya, Gen 2 Aesop, Gen 3 twins Abiah & Abiagail (4 members)....Amaya has outlived all of her children except Aesop & Penny....Aesop (the last male) is still sick so this clan is on the brink of extinction.

Clan C has two households containing: Gen 2 Clarence and Gen 3 Cameron & Deja (3 members)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Everyone: Round 8 (Population Decimation)

Clan A is really being hit hard.  Aaron (the head of household) is taken by the illness that can now be called an epidemic

Aaron of Clan A (eldest child of Abner & Cara).  He is survived by his Grandma Amaya, his sisters (Abiah & Abigail) and his heir, Uncle Aesop.

Clara of Clan C is taken by advanced age.  She died platinum.

She is survived by 4 of her children (Clarence, Cora, Crawley, Cyrcee)

Clara's twin grandsons grew up at the same time.  Maybe it was her death, maybe it was all the deaths they had been subjected too.   Cameron (the younger twin) won the fight and the title Head of Household.Crawley of Clan C dies of a persistent illness just months after his lifemate's death.  He is survived by his infant daughter, Deja.

Uncle Clarence takes on the responsibility of his orphaned niece, Deja

Clan J's satellite household is really decimated.  Jerald's pregnant lifemate Cyrcee is the 1st to go.  Followed quickly by Jerald.  And within a couple years, Joey also dies.  The only survivor is little Jeri.  Jeri then moves in with her grandparents and Uncle Jack.
Jill and Mark finally have an heir, Mork.

Mork is their 4th child.  Their eldest child, Max, died and they have two living child-age daughters (Melissa & Millie)

Jill died of starvation after being scared by a ghost shortly after Mork's birth.

James & Jana's youngest child, Jizelle, dies of the illness.  

Her twin sister, Jiva, watches.
Patty & Patrizio of Clan P (twin children of Pax & Julia)

Perry of Clan P dies before meeting his 1st child.  He is survived by his pregnant lifemate, Julia, and his niece and nephews (Patty, Patrizio, Paxton)

Julia gives birth to Perry's son, Periman.

Julia no longer has a lifemate and is being eyed by all the other clans.

Final tally for each household.
Clan A: Amaya, Aesop, Ambrose, Cora, Arabella, Aramis, Abiah, Abigail (8 members) 48k
Clan C: Clarence, Cameron, Dante, Deja (4 members) 40k
Clan J: James, Jana, Jack, Penny, Jackson, Jacob, Jenny, Jiana, Jiva, Jeri, Julia (11 members) 30k
Clan M: Margaret, Mark, Melissa, Millie, Mork, Melvin, Michael, Miguel, Morris, Mroz, Mya, Mickey (12 members) 32k
Clan P: Patty, Patrizio, Paxton, Periman (4 members) 19k