Saturday, October 18, 2014

Random Legacy Challenge: Gala Rendum (Gen 6)

Right around Gala Rendum's 25th birthday, her entire extended family was displaced from the ancestral home by a fire.  All the heirlooms and family photos were lost.  Everyone moved in with Gala and her mother and sister.

Gala decided to spend her inheritance rebuilding the old homestead and living there herself.  She looks forward to making new memories on the land of her revered ancestor Acton Rendum.

She will marry and have 5 children.  She wants to hop from job to job and hopes her spouse will work from home maybe as a sculptor.  She also will have the best furniture money can buy, nothing is too good for her family!
Gala is already at LEVEL 5 in the Criminal career track.  Time to switch it up.  JOB HOPPER

She also finds herself pregnant with the gardener's baby.

Looks like we have a husband.  I just have to convince him to move in.

Gala's 2nd career track in Oceanography.

Gala is the 1st heir to give birth to a son as her 1st child.

Dustin Rendum has brown hair (like mommy) and green eyes.

Destry Inada is finally convinced to spend the rest of his life with Gala.

Hopefully they will be the proud parents of 4 more children (maybe a blonde!!)
Dustin Rendum is a toddler

Gala has reached level 5 of her 2nd career (Oceanography)

Gala's sister, Nola Rendum, is 25 now

Their cousin, Leah Rutherford, is also pictured.
Gala becomes pregnant again and finds a 3rd career to pursue (Military)

Destry and Dustin in background

Gala & Destry are the parents of a daughter, Ember Inada.

I think Ember has brown hair and green eyes just like Gala & Dustin
Dustin Rendum is 5 years old and his eye shape is pretty disappointing.

Luckily he will have 4 siblings, so I have more choices for heir.

Gala delivers a 3rd child, Kaylor Inada.

Kaylor has brown hair and green eyes just like his mother and siblings.

Dustin with his cousin, Camlee Baity (Zane's daughter)

Gala teaching Ember to walk.

Kaylor is on the floor in the background.

Gala has reached level 5 of the Military career.

Time for a job hop.

Gala takes an architecture job.

She brings her very distant cousin, Adria Sears, home from work.

Destry and Kaylor

Gala and Destry have another son, Mason Inada.

Mason also has green eyes and brown hair.

Ember is 5.

Kaylor is a toddler.

Mason is an infant.

Dustin Rendum is 13 and a pleasure sim.

His extended family came to celebrate.
A fire broke out at the spare household and I chose not to intervene right away.

There were 8 deaths and 9 survivors.

Pictured are Nola Rendum (blue clothes), cousin Jay Baity (green clothes), and Uncle Zane Baity (purple shirt)

In picture below: elder Cole, teen Jay, elder Heath, adult Johnson, and elder Layla 

There were many deaths.

Siblings Cole Baity, Layla Rendum, Zane Baity, and Jill Baity Fleig survived.  The two middle sisters Salyse Baity & Kea Baity Rutherford died.  Kea's husband Cosmo Rutherford survived.  Cole's wife Lilly, Zane's wife Camryn, and Jill's husband Johnson all died.

Gala's sister, Nola Rendum, died also.  Her death was the most tragic.  I was hoping for more RENDUM children.

Cousin Heath Rutherford died.

Of the children, Leah Rutherford age 25 was the only death.
Gala has reached level 5 of her 4th career track.

Time for another job hop.

Destry with his 4th child, Mason.

Mason doesn't appear to have the squinty horrible eyes.

Child #3 Kaylor Inada is 5 years old.

Seems that Dustin Rendum is not only my 1st MALE HEIR, he is also my 1st GAY HEIR.

His handsome boyfriend is Mercury Rutherford, a cousin.

Dustin and Mercury's 1st kiss!

Gala lost her job.

I don't even remember what it was.

We need to focus on baby #5 anyway and they've run into fertility issues.

Mason Inada is 5 years old and Gala is finally pregnant.

Pictured are Gala's belly, Dustin, Destry, and of course Mason.

Since the family has to have the BEST of everything and Gala is a job hopper, we haven't bought a table yet.

This family really has only the basics: a kitchen, beds for each child and parents, two complete bathrooms, a couch and some easels.

Gala delivers her 5th and probably final child, Orren Inada.

The final child count is 4 boys/1 girl, all have brown hair and green eyes.
Destry is in the arts and crafts zone and has earned a gold talent badge so I will let him stop.

Just like his mother-in-law, Layla Rendum, Destry hates pottery making.

After the tragic deaths of his wife (Kea Baity Rutherford) and daughter (Leah Rutherford), Cosmo remarries and welcomes a new daughter.

Cosmo's young wife is Amanda Carlson.  They name their daughter, Carla.

Layla Rendum dies at 76 years old.  Her 'twin' brother Cole Baity was only 72 when he passed.

Layla is survived by her elder daughter (Gala Rendum Inada), 5 grandchildren (Dustin Rendum, Ember Inada, Kaylor Inada, Mason Inada, and Orren Inada) and siblings (Jill Baity Fleig & Zane Baity)
Gala has taken a 6th job (Entertainment)

Ember Inada is 13 and a knowledge sim.

She is beautiful except for the squinty eyes.

Gala has thrown a party to introduce everyone to her newest addition.

Here Gala's half-brother, Gage Newson, plays with little Orren.

Gage is the son of Gavin Newson & Tara DeBateu.

Gavin Newson is also the father of Gala and her deceased sister Nola.
3rd child Kaylor Inada celebrates his 13th birthday.

Gala seems surprised that the kids are growing up so quickly.

Gala teaches her youngest child Orren to walk.

Other than teaching Kaylor to talk, Gala hasn't interacted much with the kids.

She has had to skill for 5 different careers!

With the inheritance from Layla's death ($8,500), the Inada family was finally able to purchase a table but only 3 chairs

Now 4 chairs and a Headmaster visit.

Ember and Kaylor in their spiffy new uniforms

5th child, Orren Inada, is 5 years old.

Destry seems mad that one of his children did not inherit the squinty eyes.

Mason could be really cute maybe.

Gala has finally been promoted to level 5 of the entertainment career.

She is now going back to Criminal to fulfill her LTW

Gala Rendum Inada is 54 and ready to hand the reigns of this legacy over to her eldest child, Dustin.

Teenage Dustin Rendum is abducted by aliens.

Dustin's rules have already been rolled and he is expected to be a single parent.

This is one way to get a baby without a partner!
Dustin is returned entirely unharmed (no baby on board)

Whatever, I didn't need a teen alien pregnancy anyway

Dustin Rendum celebrates his 25th birthday.

Thats his Uncle Gage Newson.

Dustin Rendum is an adult and ready to live by his own rules.

Since he is required to have 4 children as a single parent, hold down 5 consecutive jobs and not hire a nanny - he will ask his parents to remain in the household to help.