Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Legacy Challenge: Ulysses Rendum (Gen 8)

Ulysses Rendum is finally an adult and able to live by his own rules.

He is gonna marry twice (2nd Chance).  He will have only one child.
He will be in the Artist track, his wife will do Business.
They will be Photogenic and live a Life of Luxury

His first wife will be Georgia Newson.
Ulysses and Georgia marry in front of all their friends and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Rendum

Devin is searching for love too

Quarles marries his baby mama, Darlene Ottomas.

Their 6 year old, Charlie now sports a hyphenated last name

Augusta Chung has discovered a fire!

Carla Rutherford Inada is the 1st casualty.

She is survived by her husband (Orren), their daughter (Amanda) and her brother (Mercury)

Mason Inada is the 2nd death.

Mason never married and is survived by his siblings (Dustin, Ember, Kaylor, and Orren) and lots of nieces and nephews.

Devin Rendum is the 3rd death.

Devin is survived by her parents (Mercury & Dustin), her brothers (Quarles, Ulysses, and August) and her niece and nepew (Augusta & Charlie)

Quarles is the final death.

Quarles Rendum is survived by his wife (Darlene), their son (Charlie), his parents (Mercury & Dustin) and his brothers (Ulysses and August)
Ulysses and Georgia Rendum welcome a blue-eyed baby girl, Ella.

Ella was named for Georgia's sister, Gabriella Newson and will be an only child.

Mercury Rutherford-Rendum dies at age 72.

He is survived by his husband (Dustin), two of their children (Ulysses & August) and three grandchildren (Charlie Rendum-Ottomas, Augusta Chung, and Ella Rendum)
August finally marries his long-time girlfriend, Allyn Chung.

Soon after their marriage, they become parents of a 2nd daughter Aunest Rendum.

Georgia Newson Rendum dies after being struck by lightning.

She was pregnant with a 2nd child (against the rules) and she was only to be Ulysses' 1st wife anyway.

She is survived by her husband (Ulysses), their daughter (Ella), and her siblings

Gabriella Newson and Ulysses Rendum marry out of convenience for the sake of young Ella.

They aren't allowed to have any children.

Ella Rendum, heir of the Rendum Legacy, is 2 years old.
Ella Rendum is 5 years old 

Ella Rendum and her very distant cousin, Porter Baity.

Porter is the grandson of Camlee Baity & Peter Ottomas
Ulysses's wife, Gabriella, is abducted by aliens.

Since I have a NO ALIEN SEXISM MOD, she comes back pregnant

Gabriella Newson Rendum pregnant with her (hopefully) only child.

The rules only allow Ulysses to have one child (Ella) so Gabriella was never supposed to conceive.

Dustin Rendum-Rutherford dies at 65.

He is survived by his children (Ulysses & August Rendum), 4 grandchildren (Charlie Rendum, Augusta & Aunest Rendum, and Ella Rendum), and his brother (Orren Inada)

His youngest grandchild, toddler Aunest Rendum, in background.
Kaylor Ottomas, bastard child of Kaylor Inada & Sharla Ottomas, is now the only reproducing male Ottomas left.

David & Heather (Huffington) Ottomas had 2 girls: Hannah & Helen.

Sharla married Carlos Contender and had twins: Carlos II & Carlotta Contenter.

Tommy married Christa Center and had a daughter (Cori) before dying of disease.

The twins both married and lost the Ottomas name.

Gabriella (Newson) Rendum delivered a beautiful human child.

Little Starlight has black hair and blue eyes just like her mother, but Gabriella has to give her up.

Gabriella's brother Garrett Newson and sister-in-law Darlene (Ottomas) Newson have agreed to adopt Starlight.

They already have two older sons together (Gary & Rhett) and Darlene has a teenage son (Charlie) from her marriage to Quarles Rendum.

They live with Sharla (Ottomas) Contender and her family along with Darlene's twin sister and family.

Doreen (Ottomas) DeBateau has only child (Dora) with her husband Beau.
Little Ella Rendum is unaware of the birth of little Starlight and the events surrounding her departure.

She is just excited about her report card!

She also brought one of the DeBateau quadruplets home from school.

Armand III, Aaron, Adrian, and Asta are the only children of Armand II DeBateau (older brother of Beau) and his late wife Adria.
Ella Rendum is a 13-year old family sim playing with Asta DeBateau

Orren Inada finally asks Elaina Kit-Inada (Kaylor's widow) to marry him.

They had been in love for years but waited for the kids to grow up.

Orren's daughter Amanda Inada (red headed adult) and his great niece Aunest Rendum (child) in background

Orren Inada has achieved his LTW (Criminal Mastermind)

Little Starlight Newson (Gabriella's bio alien daughter) is interesting looking.

Shes pretty but does not resemble her 'brothers' at all.

The three Ottomas sisters have all been widowed in the last two years.

Sharla's husband, Carlos Contender, died at over a 100 years old.  They had twins together (teenagers Carlos II & Carlotta)

Darlene's 2nd husband, Garrett Newson, died of disease.  They had three children together (Gary, Rhett & Starlight) and Darlene has a son (Charlie) with 1st husband Quarles Rendum

Doreen's husband, Beau DeBateau, also died of disease.  They had one daughter (teenage Dora)
In the spare household, Augusta Rendum (daughter of August & Allyn Chung) marries Thomas Kit (son of Elaina Kit)

Charlie Rendum (son of Quarles & Darlene Ottomas) was left at the alter by his bride.

August & Allyn making out in the background.
Sad Charlie further in background.

Ella Rendum's 1st kiss is Carlos II Contender (son of Carlos & Sharla Ottomas).

I've already rolled for Ella and she will marry twice.  Will Carlos be one of her husbands?

Ella also will be attending college and taking 'hood kids with her (Carlos II & Carlotta Contender, Aaron, Adrian, & Asta DeBateau, and cousin Aunest Rendum)
Cousins Augusta (Rendum) Kit and Charlie Rendum.

Augusta (daughter of August & Allyn) married Thomas Kit (son of Elaina Kit)

August Rendum (now divorced from Allyn Chung after cheating on her) marries Samantha Cordial.

Also his daughter, Augusta, delivers a son (Bradley Kit) before dying of disease.

Gabriella (Newson) Rendum dies of illness.

Ulysses pleads for her life and wins.

Gabriella is eternally grateful.

Ulysses celebrates his 54th birthday quietly.

His wife Gabriella and Gaby's coworker Hannah Ottomas are the only attendees.

His daughter Ella is finishing up her last year of college.

Gabriella (Newson) Rendum dies again.

She is survived by her husband (Ulysses, 54), her stepdaughter (Ella, 24), and her biological daughter since adopted into another family (Starlight Newson)

Immediately upon returning from college, Ella gets pregnant by Carlos II Contender.

She is ready to live life by her own rules.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Random Legacy Challenge: Dustin Rendum (Gen 7)

Dustin Rendum will be a single parent (maybe Alien births!) with 4 children
He is a jobhopper who also grows a garden for money on the side
He wants desperately to throw a PARTY TO REMEMBER and he will do it all without outside help (NO STRANGERS)

Mom and Dad (Gala & Destry) are gonna hang around for a while
Dustin was already in the Gamer career track as a teen so he is quickly promoted to level 5.

Job Hopper

Dustin's dad, Destry Inada, is 54.

Dustin's boyfriend, Mercury Rutherford, is also pictured.

Baby bump.  Not alien, this belongs to Mercury.

I sure hope this baby favors Mercury, he is cute.

That is not a good sign.

Dustin hands off his 1st born, Quarles Rendum.

Aww.  Little Ulysses has blonde hair.

That is not a good sign.

Dustin hands off his 2nd born Ulysses Rendum.

Aww.  Little August has red hair.

Damn.  Dustin just delivered QUADS in my 1st use of the Triplets and Quads hack.

Did not expect or want that.

I wanted an alien baby and now Dustin is maxed out.

Quarles (brown hair), Ulysses (blonde hair), August (red hair), and girl Devin (brown hair)

Glad to have grandparents right now!!!!
The quads were actually pretty easy as babies

Eldest quad, Quarles Rendum

2nd quad, Ulysses Rendum

3rd quad, August Rendum

Youngest quad, Devin Rendum

The two oldest, Quarles & Ulysses

The two youngest, August & Devin

Quarles Rendum has brown hair and green eyes and pointy ears from their ALIEN great grandpa Cosmo.

Ulysses is not pictured but he has blonde hair and blue eyes and pointy ALIEN ears.

Their other father, Mercury Rutherford, is the son of an ALIEN-HUMAN HYBRID (Cosmo Rutherford)

August has red hair and blue eyes and one pointy ear and one normal ear.

He also appears to have a squinty eye and a rounded eye.

Devin is the only girl and has brown hair and green eyes.  I don't know about her ears yet.
In the spare household, we have another toddler (Cameron Baity).

This unfortunate-looking little man is the son of cousin Camlee Baity and Peter Ottomas.

The quads were delightful toddlers.

They enjoyed playing together and learned all their skills (except potty training)

They became best friends before their 5th birthdays.
At the spare household, Ember Inada married Adrian Carlson (her college boyfriend)

In the same year, Kaylor Inada married single mother Elaina Kit.

With this union, Kaylor inherited a toddler stepson, Thomas (pictured)

Ember Inada Carlson son welcomed a son, Avery.

Elaina Kit Inada also welcomed a blonde son, Trevor.

August & Quarles on their birthday.

Quarles, Ulysses, August, and Devin after their makeovers.

The two eldest, Ulysses & Quarles

The two youngest, Devin & August

Quarles Rendum, 1st born

Brown hair, green eyes (just like daddy Dustin)

The quads are the children of Dustin Rendum (eldest child of Gala Rendum & Destry Inada) & Mercury Rutherford (youngest child of Kea Baity & Cosmo Rutherford)

Ulysses Rendum, 2nd born

Blonde hair, blue eyes (just like Grandma Kea Baity Rutherford)

Kea Baity Rutherford (Mercury's mom)
Layla Rendum (Dustin's grandmother) were sisters

August Rendum, 3rd born

Red hair, blue eyes (just like other daddy Mercury Rutherford)

Devin Rendum, 4th born

Brown hair, green eyes (just like daddy Dustin)

Also she does have the pointy ears.  They all do.
This is Devin's artwork from when she was a toddler.

Dustin Rendum meets his step-nephew, Thomas Kit.

Thomas is Kaylor's stepson.

The kids playing on their new playground.

Quarles and Devin are in a standoff.

Dustin has finally reached the middle of his 2nd career.


The gypsy brought a LAMP.

Quarles has the memory of it, so I assume it belongs to him.

Dustin's 3rd career choice, Journalism.

Quarles brings his distant cousin, Leigh Newson, home from school.

Leigh is related on two levels.

She is the granddaughter of Gavin Newson and daughter of Gage Newson.

She is also the great granddaughter of Layla Rendum Baity and granddaughter of Zane Baity and daughter of Camlee Baity Newson.

She inherited the weird face shape of the Newson family.
Ulysses Rendum with the younger Ottomas twin, Doreen.

August Rendum

Gala Rendum Inada has achieved her LTW (Criminal Mastermind)

Her 2nd LTW is Graduate 3 Children from College.

Its her lucky lifetime, her youngest child is already in college.  That makes 3 kids in college (two did not show interest)

The Ottomas grandchildren (Hannah & Kaylor)

Seems there is a Rendum hiding in their family.

Kaylor Ottomas has his daddy's swinty eyes.

Kaylor is the son of teenage Sharla Ottomas.

Hannah is the daughter of David & Heather Huffington Ottomas.
Orren Inada becomes the 3rd child of Gala & Destry to graduate college (fullfilling his mom's 2nd LTW)

He then marries his distant cousin, Carla Rutherford (Mercury Rutherford's half-sister)

Carla has no nose (inherited from her half-alien father Cosmo)

Dustin is demoted twice.

This is taking forever.  His mother sailed through JOB HOPPER.
Time for the quadruplets' birthday.
Sorry.  No pictures of the kids.  Too hectic.

Dustin pulls out all the stops to have a PARTY TO REMEMBER.

Quarles Rendum, family sim.

Ulysses Rendum, family sim.

August Rendum, family sim.

Devin Rendum, fortune sim.

Gala and Destry, as in love as ever.

They are ready to move into the spare household and get to know their other grandsons: Thomas, Avery, and Trevor.

This is the side income garden.  It does exist.

All three of the boys have taking a special liking to Darlene Ottomas.

By the end of this day, Darlene is pregnant by Quarles.

Oh boy, ACR!

Quarles is removed from succession since this kid would count as his ONE KID.

The quadruplets get into private school.

And Dustin is finally promoted to level 5 of his 3rd career.

Devin meets her other father, Mercury Rutherford.

Do you see the resemblance?

In the spare household, I authorized each Inada kid to have one child.

Kaylor is sticking to the plan (with the exception of his Ottomas bastard)

Kaylor Inada, his wife Elaina Kit Inada, his stepson Thomas Kit, and their son together Trevor Inada.
Orren Inada with his daughter, Amanda.

Ember has two sons so far, Avery & Angus.

Kaylor has two sons, Thomas & Trevor.

Mason is unmarried.

Orren has one daughter so far, Amanda.
Dustin is promoted to level 5 of his SLACKER job


Devin loses her job

She is the only child with a career related LTW

August moves in his lady friend, Allyn Chung, after knocking her up.

Allyn's parents have disowned her.

August is removed from succession since this kid would count as his ONE KID.

Only Ulysses and Devin remain as heirs.

Dustin is off to work for his final career, MUSIC


Allyn Chung is showing

Dustin is promoted to level 5

He will keep this job until retirement

In the Ottomas house, Darlene (the elder of Samantha's twins) delivers a son to Quarles Rendum.

Little Charlie Ottomas has brown hair and green eyes.

Her twin sister, romantic Doreen, is upset by this birth.

In the Rendum Legacy household, Allyn Chung delivers a daughter to August Rendum.

Little Augusta Chung has brown hair and blue eyes.

Allyn Chung with her daughter, Augusta.

Dustin Rendum is 54 years old and looking pretty satisfied with his life and family.

He looks forward to the kids' 25th birthday, so he can finally live with his one true love Mercury Rutherford.

Mercury is getting old.  They won't get much time together.

In the spare household, Ember with her family.

Adrian & Ember Inada Carlson and their sons: Avery & Angus

Orren Inada with his wife, Carla Rutherford Inada, and their daughter: Amanda

Destry Inada, 79, is survived by his wife (Gala, 82), their 5 children (Dustin, Ember, Kaylor, Mason, and Orren), their 9 grandchildren (Quarles, Ulysses, August, & Devin Rendum, Avery & Angus Carlson, Kaylor Ottomas, Trevor & Amanda Inada) and their 2 great grandchildren (Charlie Ottomas and Augusta Chung)

Gala Rendum Inada, 82, is survived by her 5 children (Dustin, Ember, Kaylor, Mason, and Orren), her 9 grandchildren (Quarles, Ulysses, August, & Devin Rendum, Avery & Angus Carlson, Kaylor Ottomas, Trevor & Amanda Inada) and her 2 great grandchildren (Charlie Ottomas and Augusta Chung)

In the spare household, Ember Inada Carlson has achieved her LTW of Space Pirate.
This is Darlene Ottomas' son, Charlie

He looks really cute.

Maybe I shouldn't have removed Quarles from the heir running.

Augusta Chung, August's daughter

Charlie Ottomas, Quarles' son

The Quads are adults now.

Devin isn't handling it well.

Ulysses is the heir.

Dustin Rendum and his granddaughter Augusta celebrate the QUAD birthday

Mason Inada reached his LTW

Mercury and Dustin finally marry.

Mercury is 65, Dustin is 56.

They have 4 children together and 2 grandchildren.