Monday, September 30, 2013

Clan P: Round Two

Since I can no longer determine round length by pregnancies here, the time spent may vary.

When we last left Patrick he was determined to have more children with or without a life mate.  Luckily for Patrick, Amaya of Clan A was searching for some meaning and happened by his hut.  She has just suffered a miscarriage and was trying to escape the reality of it. Patrick took Amaya in and put a baby in her.  When the baby came out, Amaya happily placed him in Patrick's arms (pleased that she could again create life for her mate). When the 2nd baby emerged, Amaya was filled with renewed energy. She could create multiple lives at once! She hurried home to Angus & her little ones.

Patrick is left with Perry & Penny when Amaya leaves.

Sadly, Patrick won't live to see his new children grow up.  He is taken by starvation.

The twins must rely on their older brother for survival.

Penny is crucial to the survival of the dark skinned families since they are not producing daughters at a healthy rate.

So far light skinned children are 4 boys, 4 girls.
So far dark skinned children are 8 boys, 1 girl.
Mixed skin children are 2 boys, 1 girl.

Clan P consists of orphaned children Pax , Perry, Penny.

Clan M: Round Two

Urgh. Talk about frustration.

Marco & Margaret are the first family to have twins although they are the last family to need twins.  Meet Michael & Miguel. The family now has 4 sons and no daughters.

Marco & Margaret trying to manage the twins and their other two boys and support a garden and pregnancy
At the completion on Margaret's fourth pregnancy, the boy count is increased again. Morris is the couple's 5th son.

All the boys will be vying for the attention of little Jill (only daughter of Clan J).

Clan M consists of parents Marco & Margaret and children Mark, Melvin, Michael, Miguel, Morris.

Clan J: Round Two

Jerald ages into a toddler.  While Jack appears to be enjoying his childhood.

Finally the dark skinned families have a little girl.

Jana names their daughter, Jill.

Jana with their little princess, Jill.

The next baby is another boy, Joey.

Clan J consists of parents James & Jana and children Jack, Jerald, Jill, Joey.

Clan C: Round Two

Clan C has probably been the easiest to play and I feel they are the most attractive.

Charles and Clara continued adding on to their family at a steady pace.

This is Charles with his son & heir Clarence.

Their third child is Charlotte (to be paired with Aesop).

Clara takes a moment to spend time with her eldest child, Cara.
Charles also helps little Charlotte with her birthday.

Their fourth child is Clarence (to be paired with Alison).

Clan C consists of parents Charles & Clara and children Cara, Cedric, Charlotte, Clarence.

Clan A: Round 2

Clan A had a little bit of difficulty this time around.

Amaya delivered another son, Aesop, before suffering a tragic miscarriage.

Eldest child, Abner, is happy to have a brother.

She then left the family for a short time to recuperate.

She returned in time to see her young son, Aesop celebrate a birthday.

She was delighted to welcome a little girl after her miscarriage.

Meet Alison.

Clan A consists of parents Angus & Amaya and children Abner, Adalaide, Aesop, Alison.

Clan P: Round One

Meet Patrick & Patricia of Clan P (don't get too attached though)

Patricia has a relatively easy pregnancy and delivers a healthy son, Pax.

During her 2nd pregnancy, Patricia succumbs to heatstroke & starvation.
Patrick & Pax are left to fend for themselves. Patrick can't bear the thought of having no more children.  He will do what he has to to spread his seed!

The round ends with Patrick plotting to kidnap a neighboring mate.

Clan M: Round One

Marco & Margaret of Clan M have definitely been the biggest headache so far for me.

Margaret delivered their first child, Mark, without any alarm (although I'd hoped for a girl to pair with Jack of Clan J)

Marco with his heir, Mark.

Margaret then delivers a second son, Melvin (again hoping for a girl to pair with one of the Clan J brothers)

I don't have a picture of Melvin (probably because I was taking pictures of Mark all the time)

The round ends after two pregnancies & the dark skinned families each have two sons.

Clan J: Round One

James & Jana are the founders of Clan J. I believe they became pregnant during the few minutes I spent moving everyone on their lots. They were the 1st to become pregnant even though they are 3rd in rotation.

Their first child is a son and heir, Jack.

Jana & heir Jack.

Jana then gives birth to a second son, Jerald.

No pictures of Jerald apparently.

Lets hope Clan M (the other dark skinned clan) has some girls for us.

Clan C: Round One

Charles & Clara are the founders of Clan C.  They, just as their light skinned friends of Clan A, became pregnant quickly upon settling their land and building their small shelter.

Clara first gave birth to a little girl, Cara.
Charles is obviously not interested in his new daughter.
The two light skinned families decided that Abner of Clan A & Cara of Clan C were destined to be mates one day.

Charles with his 1st child, Cara.

Charles & Clara then welcomed a son and heir, Cedric.  Cedric's birth coincided with the birth of Clan A's daughter, Adalaide. Thus another pairing was decided upon.

Each round will end after two completed pregnancies.

Clan A: Round One

Angus & Amaya, simply known at the founders of Clan A.  Were fortunate to become pregnant easily when they founded their land and home.

They were visited by a neighbor, Patrick of Clan P (who had chosen to mate with a female of an opposing skin color)

They soon welcomed a son and heir, Abner.
Abner will be paired with Cara of Clan C ( eldest child of the other light skinned family)
Angus with his heir, Abner.

2nd child, Adalaide.

The round ends after two children are born.

This keeps the children in line with each other and the parents will be slightly different ages.

Also after every 2 pregnancies, the parents can cash in their FT points (superpowers)