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1169-1173: Census Info

The Imperial Crypt

Emperor Cameron Celsus beside his cousin/wife Empress Deja

Their eldest son, Emperor Leonel
Leonel's wife, Dowager Empress Daphne, still lives

You can see that Leonel inherited the Imperial Purple eyes from his parents.

The Imperial Crypt continiued

Emperor Leonel Celsus beside a portrait of his still living wife, Dowager Empress Daphne

Their eldest son, Prince Leander Celsus

A portrait of their younger son, still living Emperor Lycaon Celsus

Leander & Lycaon inherited their eye color from their mother & the Patrician Aelius family
Joint Grand Duke Hadrian Aelius (he is sharing the title with his mother) dies of the flu.

Hadrian is survived by his pregnant young wife (Duchess Strephon), his mother (Grand Duchess Tullia), and his siblings (Duchess Adelpha delaMere, Duke Andre, Empress Alala Celsus, and Alastair Eulogius)

Duke Andre's only son, Duke Andraemon Aelius, dies of the flu at age 13.

Andraemon was the only non-adult Aelius male left.

Duchess Strephon delivers an heir to her deceased husband.

Grand Duchess Tullia is delighted to get to meet her new heir, Duke Hadrian II.

Duchess Strephon Quirinios Aelius dies shortly after delivering her son.

Strephon is survived by her children (Princess Lais & Duke Hadrian II), her father (Grand Duke Stephonos), and her siblings (Grand Duchess Stasia Vatinius & Duke Tre Aelius Quirinios)

Duchess Anassa Aelius, Duke Andre's only other child, dies at age 9.

She is survived by her parents (Duke Andre & Duchess Louise), her grandmother (Grand Duchess Tullia Aelius), and her cousins (Duke Hadrian II Aelius, Duchess Lepida delaMere, and Princess Lycoris & Princess Lyris Celsus)

The Patrician Aelius Crypt

Grand Duke Aesop Aelius beside his wife, Grand Duchess Lepida Tertia

A portrait of their eldest child, Grand Duchess Tullia Aelius

A portrait of Grand Duchess Tullia Aelius beside the remains of her husband, Grand Duke Aristole

Their eldest son, Grand Duke Hadrian Aelius

Grand Duke Hadrian Aelius beside his wife, Duchess Strephon Quirinios

A portrait of their only child and heir, Duke Hadrian II Aelius, being held by his grandmother (Tullia)

Grand Duchess Tullia Aelius aged 74 dies of the flu.

Her duchy is inherited by her nearly 2-year old grandson, Hadrian II.

She is survived by her children (Duchess Adelpha delaMere, Duke Andre Aelius, Empress Alala Celsus, and Alastair Eulogius) and her grandchildren (Grand Duke Hadrian II Aelius, Duchess Lepida delaMere and Princess Lycoris & Princess Lyris Celsus)
The new Grand Duke of the Patrician Aelius family (Hadrian II)

Hadrian is being cared for by slave, Antigone Junius.

His education and upbringing are managed by his uncle (Duke Andre Aelius) who has recently welcomed a son (Duke Anderson)

Andre, Hadrian II, and Anderson are the only male Aelius family members still living.

Family count: 4 (1 female, 3 male)

Aure Porphyrius with her nephew, Alcides.

Alcides is the only male Porphyrius left in the world.

Aure Porphyrius delivers a bastard daughter whom she calls Autumn.

She plans on marrying Autumn's father, Dolius Eulogius.

The Porphyrius family consists only of sisters Aure & Fate and the two babies (Alcides & Autumn)

Family count: 4 (3 female, 1 male)
The Eulogius family is hit hard by the flu

6 deaths in 4 days

First is the head of household, Dimitur Eulogius

He is survived by his new husband (Alastair) and his two sons (Diomedes & Dionysius)

Then Dimitur's brother, Dolius.

Dolius was unmarried and had no children.

3rd is Dimitur's eldest son, Diomedes.

Diomedes is survived only by his younger brother, Dionysius.

The 4th death is Abulus Eulogius, Dimitur's uncle.

Abulus is survived by his 2nd wife (Arrecina) and two children (Acantha & Achilles)

Abulus' youngest child, Achilles, dies right along side his father.

Abulus is survived by his mother, Arrecina.

The final death is also the youngest death, Pamela Eulogius.

Pamela was the oldest child of Pavel & Acantha.

She is survived by her parents and her little sister, Pandora.

In the face of all the deaths, Dorin decides to find some happiness.

He proposes to the mother of his daughter.

Dorin and Aure Porphyrius are married at once and their daughter (Autumn) takes her father's last name.


The Kokinos Family is booming.

Athanasios & Alexis have 6 living children.

Their 4 sons are pictured (Athan, Atlas, Atreo, & Attis)

Their 2 daughters are in the service of nobility (Athanasia & Athena)

The Junius family is also hit hard

Lichas Junius dies just as his wife delivers their daughter, Lia.

Jozef & Naiyah Aspir also succumb to the illness.

Widowed again, Jarina Junius, now cares for her two young children with Lichas (Jerome & Lia) and her orphaned cousin (Jaime Aspir, pictured)

The Junius family count is at 4 total (Jarina, Jerome, Lia, and distant cousin Antigone)

The Aspir family count is 1 total (toddler Jaime)

Xenophobe Manlius dies leaving 4 small girls alone.

  The two eldest are his youngest children from his 1st wife and the two littlest are his 1st wife's bastards.

Niobe and Phebe Manlius (youngest children of Xenophobe & Tisiphone)
their half-sisters Cyrenna & Wagaye Etruscilla (bastard daughters of Tisiphone)

Cyrenna's father is deceased neighbor Cyrus Aspir
Wagaye's father is deceased Wachiru Afolayan

They are the last of the Etruscilla family line.

Armand Joque, 25, dies of the flu.

He was the last of his family line and is survived by his pregnant wife (Dunyasha, 28)

Dunyasha Kokinos Joque delivers a daughther, Ara.

Now Ara is the last of the Joque family.

Dunyasha Kokinos and her two daughters (Neola Manlius and Ara Joque)

The Plebian Tertia family is growing steadily.

Emile & Lexine have 4 sons (Egidio, Elek, Endre, and Etor)

The Tertia family count is 6.

The Imperial Family has 8 members (Dowager Empress Daphne, Emperor Lycaon, Empress Alala, Princess Lycoris, Princess Lyris, Princess Lais, Princess Fedora, and Princess Amalthea.

The Patrician Aelius Family has 5 members (toddler Grand Duke Hadrian II, Duke Andre, Duchess Louise, Duke Anderson, and Duke Alastair)

The Patrician Quirinios Family has 6 members (elder Grand Duke Stephanos, Duke Tre, Duchess Isabel, Duke Stamitos, Duchess Tracy, and Duke Stoffel)

The Patrician Vatinius Family has 5 members (Grand Duke Palaemon, Grand Duchess Stasia, Duchess Page, Duke Pancratius, and Duke Paris)

The Plebian Tertia Family has 6 members (Emile, Lexine, and their sons Egidio, Elek, Endre, and Etor)

The Plebian Porphyrius Family has 2 members (Fate and her nephew Alcides)

The Plebian Eulogius Famly has 12 members (elder Arrecina, Pavel, Acantha, Pandora, Panphila, Patroclaus, Dorin, Aure, Autumn, Absyrtus, Abydos, and Maurice)

The Slave Atilla Family has 3 members (Athamas & Firoozeh and their infant daughter Mari)
The Slave Afolayan Family has 1 member (orphaned teen Ennea)
The Slave Kokinos Family has 9 members (Athanasios & Alexis and their children Athan, Athanasia, Athena, Atlas, Atreo, and Attis plus widow Dunyasha)
The Slave Junius Family has 4 members (Jarina and her children Jerome & Lia and cousin Antigone)
The Slave Aspir Family has 1 member (toddler Jaime)
The Slave Manlius Family has 8 members (Antigone, Anteros, Anezka, Balasi, Niobe, Phebe, Daffodil, and Neola)
The Slave Etruscilla Family has 2 members (toddler sisters Cyrenna & Wagaye)
The Slave Mamuyah Family has 4 members (sisters Narkissa, Nefili, Nella, and Nox)
The Slave Joque Family has 1 member (toddler Ara)

I believe that is 77 playable sims in the 'hood (8 royalty, 16 patricians, 20 plebians, 33 slaves)

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The Imperial Family is hit hard by the FLU...Everyone is really!

Head of Household Argo & Alastair Porphyrius and their two sons (heir Acastus & Acteon)

Head of Household Dimitur Eulogius and his son and heir (Diomedes)

As a gay man in love with a married man, Dimitur is destined to spend his life alone raising his love children from Argo Porphyrius.

Pavel & Acantha Eulogius' daughter, Pamela. 

Achilles' mother Arrecina Porphyrius Eulogius has aged into an elder.

Dadaelus Manlius takes a 2nd wife, Jarina Junius. 

Dadaelus has a daughter (Daffodil) from his 1st marriage.
Jarina has a son (Jerome) from a previous relationship.

Dadaelus dies of the flu before they conceive a child.

Bellamy Manlius (mother of 9) dies of the flu.

She is survived by her husband (Anes) and all 9 of her children.

Obiareus Manlius, son of Ona, grandson of Aurora Manlius, dies of the flu.

Aurora has watched most of her family die.  She is a widower survived by only 1 child of 13.

Ganymede Manlius, Aurora's youngest child, dies of the flu.

Aurora Manlius, 81, is survived by several grandchildren including the granddaughters she is raising after they were orphaned (Atalanta & Daffodil).

Princess Lais Celsus is the only child of Heir Apparent Prince Leander & his wife Princess Strephon.

She is the only Imperially titled grandchild of Emperor Leonel.

Lepida Tertia is the result of comingling with Desiderata Valley residents of the Aspir family.

She is the daughter of Duchess Adelpha Aelius and granddaughter of Grand Duchess Tullia Aelius.

Princess Delta Celsus, youngest child of Emperor Leonel & Empress Daphne, dies of the flu.

There are now three princesses in the kingdom - Princess Lais (daughter of Prince Leander) and Princess Fedora & Princess Almethea (the orphans of Prince Franco)

Heir Apparent Prince Leander Celsus dies of the flu.

He is survived by his parents (~barely Emperor Leonel, 60~ & Empress Daphne, 61), his wife (Princess Strephon, 25), their daughtter (Princess Lais, 6) and his siblings (Lexine Tertia & Prince Lycaon)

The Emperor is taken by the flu within days of his eldest son's death.

Emperor Leonel Celsus, 60, is survived by his wife (Dowager Empress Daphne, 61), their children (Lexine Tertia & Emperor Lyacon), and their grandchildren (Egidio & Elek Tertia and Princess Lais Celsus)

Grand Duchess Sophia Celsus Vatinus Quirinius dies of the flu.

She is survived by her 2nd husband (Grand Duke Stephanos Quirinius), her son (Grand Duke Palaemon Vatinus), and her granddaughter (Duchess Page Vatinus)
With his 2nd wife dead & only two daughters to survive him, Grand Duke Stephanos Quirinius devises a plan.  He enlists the permission of the new Emperor (Lycaon Celsus)

Emperor Lycaon (a family sim) is touched by Stephanos' heartfelt plea.

Grand Duke Stephanos Quirinius has a lot to tell young Tre Aelius (orphaned bastard child of Duchess Talitha Aelius)

"Tre, I am your father and the Emperor has allowed a posthumous marriage between myself and your dear mother legitimizing you as my sole heir.  Go get your new bride and bring her home, son."

The newly anointed Duke Tre Quirinius takes the news wonderfully.

He was raised by the Noble Aelius family but was never allowed to forget that he was a bastard.

He and his wife, the new Duchess Isabel, move in quickly and hope to start a family soon.

Duke Hadrian Aelius (eldest child & heir of Grand Duchess Tullia)
finally takes a wife
Duchess Strephon Quirinius (younger daughter of Grand Duke Stephanos & widow of Prince Leander)

Aldo Porphyrius also finds love - with Jarina Junius

The flu strikes the Porphyrius family killing 1st heir Acastus (eldest child of Argo & Alastair)

Then, within a month, taking younger son (Acteon)

Argo & Alastair were only the parents of the two boys.  They are left childless & are suffering from the disease too.

Newlywed, Aldo Porphyrius, is taken next.

He is survived by his pregnant wife, Jarina, and his siblings (Argo, Aure, and Fate)

Argo is the last to die.  He was also the last Porphyrius male.

He is survived by his devastated spouse (Alastair) and his sisters (Aure & Fate)

Aldo's widow, Jarina, delivers their only child.

Its a boy, Alcides Porphyrius.

Alcides is the only Porphyrius male left.

The other Patrician household has also fallen ill.  Abderus Eulogius is the 1st to succumb.

He is survived by a pregnant wife (Maryan) and two young sons.

Maryan soon delivers a 3rd son, Maurice.
The new Duchess Isabel Quirinios delivers a son and heir to her husband, Duke Tre

Lexine Tertia witnesses the birth.

Jozef Aspir (only child of Jiro & Siena)
Naiyah Mumayac (eldest daughter of Nicholas & Farra)

They welcome a son, Jaime

Anaxarete Junius (bastard daughter of Anatola) dies of the flu at 13 years old.

The following year her brother, Anatloe, dies also.

Their cousin, Damian Junius, is the next to die

Medus Junius is also taken

Widow Jarina Junius Porphyrius marries her 1st cousin Lichas Junius.

The two already have a 9-year old son together (Jerome)

Jarina also has a son (Alcides Porphyrius) with her 1st husband

Xenophobe Manlius has lost his wife (Tisiphone) and their two eldest children (Estebe & Hebe) to the flu.

He marries his wife's elder sister (Mariniara Etruscilla)

Nicholas Mamuyac dies of old age at 66.  He is survived by his 5 daughters (Naiyah Aspir, Narkissa, Nefili, Nella, and Nox)

His wife, Farra, died of the flu 2 years before.

Armand Joque (the last of the Joque family)
Dunyasha Kokinos (a newcomer)

The Patrician Quirinios Family

Grand Duke Stephanos
his son/heir Duke Tre & wife Isabel
his grandson Duke Stamitos

The Patrician Vatinius Family

Grand Duke Palaemon with his 2nd wife Grand Duchess Stasia

His daughter from his 1st marriage (Duchess Page) and his son with Stasia (Duke Pancratius)

The Patrician Aelius Family

Grand Duchess Tullia Aelius with her two sons and their families

Duke Hadrian and his new bride, Duchess Strephon

Duke Andre and his wife, Duchess Louise
their children, Duke Andraemon & Duchess Anessa

The Plebian Porphyrius Family

Sisters Aure & Fate with their nephew Alcides

They are the last of the Porphyrius name

Dimitur Eulogius is finally able to marry.

The love of his life, Argo Porphyrius, died.

Argo's husband, Alastair Aelius, is now single and Dimitur is immediately attracted to him.

Dimitur marries Alastair

Part of the Plebian Eulogius Family

Dimitur Eulogius with his husband, Alastair.

Dimitur's brother, Dorin.

Dimitur's sons (Diomedes & Dionysis)

Abulus Eulogius with his 2nd wife, Arrecina and their son together (Achilles)

I don't know why Arrecina is carrying Abydos.

Not pictured are Dolius, Pavel & Acantha and their daughters (Pamela & Pandora), and Maryan Wirth and her three sons with Abderus

Actually Abderus & Maryan's middle son (Abydos) is pictured

The Plebian Tertia Family

Emile Tertia with his pregnant wife, Lexine

Their sons, Edigo & Elek