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Farewell Emperor Cameron! Long Live Emperor Leonel!

Emperor Cameron Celsus the first of his name has died of an exhaustive illness.

He is survived by his wife (Empress Deja), his children (Grand Duchess Sophia Vatinius, Emperor Leonel Celsus, Princess Avril Celsus, & Prince Franco Celsus) and his grandchildren (Duchess Panthea, Duke Palaemon, Prince Leander, and Princess Lexine)

Dowager Duchess Lepida Tertia Aelius dies quietly of advanced age.

She is survived by 6 daughters and many grandchildren.

The Porphyrius household has become unstable after the death of patriarch Olus Porphyrius.

Younger son Eucio has attacked and killed his youngest brother, Timo.

Timo (son of Livinia) is actually Eucio's nephew raised as a brother.
As retribution, the youngest Porphyrius daughter (Claudia) attacks and kills Eucio.

The family is down 3 children (Livinia, Eucio, and Timo) and left with 4 (Melani, Fabian, Romina, and Claudia).

The Eulogius family welcomes a new set of twins.

A twin himself, Dimitri is now the father of Dia & Dimitur.

After meeting his eldest son's new heir, Mamercus Eulogius, happily exits life. 

He is survived by all five of his children (Mariam Junius, Mariana Eulogius, Dimtri, Dion, and Abulus)

 group shot of the largest family to date
Melvis and Aurora Manlius are pictured with 11 of their 13 children.

Melvis and Aurora Manlius with their two youngest children, twins Galinthias & Ganymede

The other nine children who still live at home (Ira, Ona, Atticus, Bellamy, Camille, Daedelus, Echion, and twins Filipina & Filippo

Eldest son Cassius lives with his wife and daughter

Echion's twins sister, Echo, was killed in recent years.


I believe this is Hilaria Manlius.

A wife of Martin and mother of three.

The new young Emperor in an attempt at solidifying his new policy on plural wives, attempted a marriage with his wife's youngest sister.

Duchess Talitha Aelius leaves him at the altar.

Emperor Leonel is none too pleased.

Princess Lexine (toddler) was present.

Just after her husband's failed wedding, Empress Daphne delivers their 2nd son, Prince Lycaon.

Emperor Leonel again attempts a marriage with another Aelius daughter. 

 Duchess Alyssa also leaves the Emperor fuming.

A Royal Wedding.

Princess Avril marries Grand Duke Stephanos Quirinios.

Duchess Alyssa is taken suddenly by the flu.  She is noticeably pregnant although she will not name her lover.

  The Duchess leaves behind twin children (Duchess Alala & Duke Alastair) fathered by Emperor Leonel.

Her death is viewed by some as proof of the Emperor's divine power.

Duchess Talitha Aelius died within months of her elder sister.

She also spurned the Emperor's advances publicly and birthed a child (Tre Aelius) out of wedlock.

Emperor Leonel does not claim responsibility for Tre and therefore the child does not receive and honorary title.

The deaths in the Aelius household are causing a panic among the nobility. 

 Duchess Arista (teenage daughter of Grand Duke Aristole & Grand Duchess Tullia) is also taken by illness.

Noble Aelius family
Grand Duke Aristole & Grand Duchess Tullia with their three surviving children (Duke Hadrian, Duchess Adelpha, and Duke Andre) and a cousin (Emile Tertia)

After all the deaths in the Porphyrius family, we finally have new life.

Fabian and his sister, Melani, welcome daughters almost simultaneously.

Fabian's daughter is named Aure.

Melani's bastard is called Melantha.

Abigail Porphyrius with her blonde granddaughter, Aure.

Another Aelius daughter death. 

Lorena Eulogius (2nd eldest daughter of Grand Duke Aesop & Grand Duchess Lepida) dies in her husband's home.

She is survived by her husband (Abulus) and their two children (Abderus & Acantah)

Dia Eulogius pictured with her uncle Dion and father Dimitri

Newlywed and new mother, Mariana Atilla dies of the flu epidemic

Mariana was the 2nd child of Mamerus & Mya Eulogius.

She is survived by her husband (Attilus), her son (Athamas) and her siblings (twin Mariam Junius, Dimitri, Dion, and Abulus Eulogius)

John Junius with his family.  His daughter from his 1st marriage (Leda), his 2nd wife (Livinia) and three of his children with Livinia (Lydia, Jacinta, Javan)

Not pictured is baby Lichas.

Jyro Junius with his family.

Jyro and his wife Mariam have three children (Jason, Jarina, and Jocasta) 

Also pictured is Mariam's widower brother-in-law, Attilus Atilla

Not pictured is Attilus' infant son (Athamas)

Anes Manlius takes a 2nd wife after his 1st wife's death.

Anes marries Irene Manlius.

Anes has two daughters (Angela & Annis).

Xander & Justina Manlius with their 6 children (Xiomara, Anes, Farra, Justin, Xenia, and Xenophobe)

Farra Manlius and her husband Nicholas Mamuyac with whom she has a daughter, Naiyah.

The Junius family loses its heir, Georg Junius.

Neighborhood bully, Melantha Manlius (bastard spawn of Melani Porphyrius) kills Gregory Junius' eldest son.

Luckily Georg has a twin brother (Gilles).

Gregory and Angela welcome a new son, Antaeus, soon after the tragedy.

Siena Junius marries Jiro Aspir.

The couple have a son, Jozef.

Gregory and Angela Junius with their surviving children (Gregoria, Gilles, Anatola, Andromache, and toddler Aneka)

Not pictured is newborn Antaeus

Griffin Junius marries Danae Manlius after his wife's death

Toni Petronius Junius was taken by the flu shortly after delivering a third child to Griffin.

She is survived by her children (Toxeus, Loni & Eleni)

Cash Manlius is taken by the flu just before proposing marriage to Claudia Porphyrius.

Ira Manlius (2nd eldest child of Melvis & Aurora) marries Gretchen Miguel (a slave in the household of Grand Duke Stefanos)

They aspire to have a larger family than that of his parents.

Good luck, Ira!

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3 sets of twins in a row!!! And a family surpasses 10 children

The Porphyrius family.

Olus & Abigail with their 6 younger children (Melani, Fabian, Romina, Eucio, Claudia, and Timo)

Their oldest daughter, Livilla, died leaving a young daughter (Leda Junius)

Grand Duchess Tullia Aelius marries a rich nobleman named Aristole.

Since Tullia is an heiress and Aristole is not, he is taking her surname and so will their children.

Titus Manlius (a bastard & orphan) marries Lidia Etruscilla (also a bastard & orphan).

They decide to keep Lidia's surname to set their children apart from the Manlius family.

My 1st homosexual union!

Zorro Manlius and his cousin, Trenten Manlius, marry.

They eventually are the parents of twins, Zale & Zandra.


Head of the Manlius Family, MORK MANLIUS is executed.

He is survived by his wife (Jeri) and their children (Danae, Fidelis, Hilaria, Solon, Neri, Dashiell, and Odessa)

Fidelis is now the head of the Manlius family

Emperor Cameron Celsus sits down for a portrait with his heir, Prince Leonel.

Prince Leonel is quite the ladies' man.  He beds several noblewomen before choosing a bride.

Grand Duchess Tullia delivers a daughter, Duchess Arista.
She hopes her next child to be a son.

Grand Duchess Tullia quickly delivers a son, Duke Hadrian.
She will now fulfill her duty to provide 4 children to the empire.  Then she will have no more children.

Accalon Manlius' daughters fight to the death.

  Pelagia is killed by her younger sister, Elpis.

John Junius takes a 2nd wife after the devastating loss of his beloved Livilla.

His new wife is Livilla's cousin, Livinia Petronius (the two girl's mothers were twins)

Jyro Junius marries Mariam Eugolius (eldest child of Mamercus & Mya).

Mariam's twin sister, Mariana, moves in also.

Gregory Junius marries Angela Manilus.

Angela is already expecting a child with Gregory.

Griffin Junius (twin of Gregory) marries Toni Petronius.

The Junius family saw 4 marriages in the space of a month.  They are about to experience a baby boom.

Melvis and Aurora Manlius are the proud parents of twins (Echion & Echo).

The twins are their 8th and 9th children.

Prince Leonel Celsus finally chooses a bride.

He marries for lust.

Introducing for the first time, Princess Daphne Celsus (formerly Duchess Daphne Aelius)

The Emperor and Empress' eldest child, Princess Sophia, marries Grand Duke Philokrates Vatinius.

They move to their own estate and are gifted two slave girls.

Grand Duchess Sophia welcomes a daughter, Duchess Panthea.

Panthea Vatinius is the 1st grandchild for the Emperor and Empress.

Grand Duchess Tullia gives birth to another daughter, Duchess Adelpha.

And quickly delivers a 4th child, Duke Andre Aelius. 

 All are single births but not spaced much.

Duchess Lorena Aelius (the Grand Duchess' eldest sister) delivers a little boy out of wedlock.

He is named Abderus Eugolius after his father and arrangements are made to have the young parents married.

Mya Eugolius dies shortly after learning of the birth of her 1st grandchild, Abderus.

She is survived by her husband (Mamercus) and their 5 children (Mariam, Mariana, Dimitri, Dion, and Abulus)

Duchess Lorena Aelius marries Abulus Eugolius. 

They are already the parents of a young boy.

After being spurned by Grand Duchess Tullia, Fabian Porphyrius rushes to make a good marriage.

  He marries Arrencina Major.

The Junius family has seen quite a few births in the last few years.

John & 2nd wife Livinia have 3 children (Lydia, Jacinta, and Javan)
Jyro & Mariam have 2 children (Jason & Jarina)
Gregory & Angela have 6 (Gregoria, Gregorian, twins Gille & Georg, Anatola, & Andromache)
Griffin & Toni have 2 children (Toxeus & Loni)

Pictured are Gregory and Angela with twins Gille & Georg


Head of the Manlius family FIDELIS MANLIUS is executed.
He is survived by his mother (Jeri) and his siblings.

  His younger brother Solon is now the head of the Manlius family.

Melvis and Aurora Manlius welcome a 2nd set of twins (Filipina & Filippo).

They are numbers 10 and 11.


Empress Deja Celsus with her 1st grandson, Prince Leander.

Leander is the son of Prince Leonel & Princess Daphne.

Arrencina Porphyrius delivers her 1st child, a daughter named Fern.

Fabian was expecting a son!

Olus Porphyrius is at the end of his life.  He worries about the financial implications of his death on his wife, daughters, and granddaughters.

He is survived by his wife (Abigail), 6 of his children (Melani, Fabian, Romina, Eucio, Claudia, & Timo) and two granddaughters (Leda Junius & Fern Porphyrius)

Arrencina finally gives Fabian is son, Argo Porphyrius

Dimitri Eugolius (heir of the Eugolius family) marries Paloma Tertia (a cousin of Grand Duchess Tullia Aelius)


The first deaths of this outbreak are Jeri Manlius and two of her children (Solon & Odessa).

So far since the Roman times began, the life of every head of the Manlius household has come to a tragic end.  MARK (1st HoH) was executed, his son MORK (2nd HoH) was executed, his grandson FIDELIS (3rd HoH) was executed & another grandson SOLON (4th HoH) died of disease in his teens.

Actually all of Mark's children died young.  His first child Max died of illness as a child, 2nd child Melissa was executed, 3rd child Millie was killed in a fight, and final child Mork was executed.

Solon was the head of the Manlius family.  That cursed title now falls to his youngest brother, Dashiell (pictured).

Dashiell Manlius is the youngest son of Mork & Jeri Manlius.  He is also the only surviving son of the pair.

Aurora and Melvis Manlius have delivered a 3rd set of twins in a row.  Meet Galinthias & Ganymede. 

They are Melvis and Aurora's 12th and 13th children.

The children of Melvis & Aurora are: Cassius, Ira, Ona, Atticus, Bellamy, Camille, Daedalus, twins Echion & Echo, twins Filipina & Filippo, and twins Galinthias & Ganymede

Tragedy strikes the parents who have been so blessed.

Echion and Echo fight to the death.

Echion is the victor.

The twins were only 6 years old.