Sunday, September 28, 2014

Random Legacy Challenge: Leilani Rendum (Gen 2)

Leilani Rendum is the only biological child of founder Acton Rendum with his wife Jessica Sears.

Leilani will have 2 children by different fathers and will be married.

She will be in the Military career track, her husband will be Criminal.

They are Living Green (no new furniture & lots of house plants)

Leilani found the love of her life but not before finding herself pregnant by another man.

Luckily Scot Kwa loves Leilani enough to look past her belly.

Leilani's first child is a Christmas baby.

Meet Samantha Rendum (black hair, green eyes just like mom)

Samantha's father is townie Sam Harris.

Now that Samantha has the Rendum name, Scot and Leilani are free to marry and make their own baby together.
Old habits die hard

Family Dinner

A burglar takes the TV

I'm not allowed to purchase furniture (BEING GREEN) so this is now a TV-free family

Scot tries to make nice with Samantha's father.

He's been kicking over the trashcan.

Samantha Rendum is a toddler.

She is very cute and maybe the heir since Scot has a weird nose.

Leilani and Samantha

I love Peek-A-Boo

I see you

Family Dinner

Both are advancing slowly in their careers.

Samantha turns 5

Sally and Andrzej Harris throw a party to get to know Scot and Samantha

Samantha meets her cousins.

Zinnia Sears & Samantha Rendum

Baby #2 on the way

Leilani and Samantha

Entertaining the Headmaster
(Samantha was accepted)

I realize now that I should've waited until the next baby is a child.

Portraits in the background are of Sally & her kids and of Sally & her husband Andrzej
Its another girl, Sarah Kwa

Sarah has black hair and brown eyes...ugh

Leilani looks good in her uniform

Sarah has quite the nose

Scot and Sarah

Sarah and Samantha

Leilani has been working out to stay ahead of her career requirements

Grandma Jessica with little Sarah

Samantha's 13th birthday

Samantha is a pleasure sim with LTW 50 1st Dates

Sarah is 5

Leilani with her all-grown up nephew, Harrison Sears
Cymoril, the dog, dies

Roux, the cat, dies

I am through with pets!

Samantha and Sarah trying to make friends for their parents' careers

Leilani has maxed her body skill.

She is a LEVEL 7 in Military

Sarah and Samantha in the playhouse together.

You see Sarah's nose?!  That can't be ignored.

Samantha is the heir, she has the family surname anyway
Sarah is a teenager.  Romance


Sally and Andrzej Harris have aged to elder.

Surprisingly, Jessica is still alive.

Pictured are:
Jessica Sears Rendum (Sally & Leilani's mom) in background
Sally Sears Harris (Leilani's half-sister) in pink and
Harrison Sears (Sally's son)

Zinnia Sears (Sally's daughter) is also an adult.  She is in the Criminal career track, so she might carpool with Scot someday.
Heir Samantha Rendum (green eyes in the foreground) and her younger sister, Sarah Kwa
Leilani has reached the top of Military.

She can now switch to the job of her LTW (Education)

The Leilani Wall is complete:
toddler, child, teen, and top of career adult

Scot reaches the top of Criminal.

He can now switch to the job of his LTW (Intelligence)

In his Criminal Mastermind jumpsuit

Two generations of sisters:

Leilani & Sally (Acton's daughters)

Samantha & Sarah (Leilani's daughters)

Samantha gets pregnant on her 4th 1st date/her 1st Woo-Hoo

The guy is Craig Ray.

Pregnant teenager, Samantha Rendum
Jessica (Sears) Rendum dies at the age of 84.

She was married to founder, Acton Rendum.

She is survived by her two daughters (Sally Sears Harris & Leilani Rendum Kwa) and her 4 grandchildren (Harrison Sears, Zinnia Sears, Samantha Rendum, and Sarah Kwa)

The baby is another in my long line of girls, Rayna Rendum.

Her dad was good-looking and her mom is too, so maybe the heir.
Zinnia Sears Baity (Samantha's cousin) and her husband, Ralph, welcome a son.

Robert Baity and Rayna Rendum are 2nd cousins but share no familial link in the game.

I smell an arranged marriage to bring some lighter hair colors back into the family.

Samantha is an adult and ready to live by her own rules.

Her parents and sister move out.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Random Legacy Challenge: Acton Rendum (Gen 1)

Acton Rendum is the founder of the Rendum Legacy Challenge.

He is required to have stepchildren.
He is allowed one biological child with his wife.
His career path will be WRITER and hers will be PAINTER.
They are a photogenic family meaning they will have portraits and photographs of themselves all over the house (at least 5 each).
They will only eat homemade meals and will sit down to eat at least once a day as a family.
They will have 3 pets (a small dog, a cat, and a wormrat).  Their dog will have a SERVICE career while the cat will be UNEMPLOYED)

Acton quickly fell in love with his next door neighbor, Jessica Sears.  Jessica is a single mother with a young daughter.

Week One

Acton and Jessica were married at his apartment and vowed to someday own a home where they could raise Sally and maybe a baby of their own.

Sally celebrated her 5th birthday with her new daddy.

Sally Sears, Acton's stepdaughter.

She is very pretty and has brown hair and blue eyes (from her father presumably).

End of Week One
After 7 years of living in the apartment, Acton can finally buy his dream house for his new bride and new daughter.

Week Two
Sally buys their 1st pet, a wormrat named Polly.

Side Note:  I hate this worthless animal and want it to die

Her mother then buys a small dog named Cymorial.

Eating lunch together on their 1st day in the new house.
Jessica is pregnant!

The portrait wall has been started.
Acton and Jessica welcome a little girl, Leilani.

Leilani has black hair and green eyes like her mother.

Acton sometimes struggles with his writing

Eating together

Sally with her new cat, Roux

Leilani is beautiful

Sally is a teenager.

She is a family sim

Leilani is a child.

Leilani's portrait wall has been started.

She will have a portrait of each life stage.

End of Week Two
Leilani is a very VERY neat child.

She brushes her face and teeth every morning when she wakes up.

She also makes everyone's bed in the morning.

This is what every day looks like when the kids are in school.

Acton writes his novels and Jessica paints pictures.

Eating dinner together - Acton and Leilani

When guests are over someone has to eat at the bar.

Our guest today is Nawwaf Leelaporn, the headmaster.

Mr. Leelaporn is impressed.

Both girls are admitted.

Eating together.  The girls in their uniforms.

Eating together.

Family Portrait time

Jessica paints a portrait of her daughters together.

Sally's 1st kiss is Andrzej Harris (ACR)

Sally has her 1st Woo-Hoo that night too (ACR)

Leilani with Cymoril

Leilani's 13th birthday party

Leilani's 13th birthday

Leilani is 13 years old and a family sim.

Her sister, Sally, is the pregnant teenager in the background.

Acton takes Leilani's party really hard.

Maybe he realizes she could get knocked up now too.

Tonight is the 1st time we ate something not homemade.

An exception for Leilani's birthday

Sally Sears delivers a son, Harrison Sears.

Harrison has brown hair and golden eyes.

End of Week Two

Week Three

Eating Together

Sally and Andrzej do it again (ACR)

Bump.  There it is.  Again.

I think we have a problem

Acton seems to be asking "Why?!"

Sally doesn't appear to have a good answer.

Eating together

Sally Sears delivers a daughter, Zinnia Sears.

Zinnia has blue eyes and blonde hair (both from her father, Andrzej Harris)
Leilani helps her nephew age into toddler

Harrison with Cymoril

Harrison has beautiful eyes.

Its unfortunate that his mother is not the heir.

Family Dinner, including Harrison (kind of)

Family Dinner

Acton Rendum with his step-grandson, Harrison Sears.

His step-daughter, Sally, is painting in the background.

Leilani helps her niece, Zinnia Sears, grow up.

 I will be very happy to move Sally and her children out of the house.  It was crowded just with Sally & Leilani living here.  The grandkids are just too much.
Sally and her kids pose for a picture before Harrison grows into something less cute

I've never seen the 'Huggle'.

It is worth the wait.

Leilani paints a portrait of her sister's family.

They will be moving out soon!

First Family Dinner with Harrison officially

Andrzej Harris comes over to watch the game.

Harrison is so excited.

Andrzej & Sally finally marry.

They are both 25 and have two children already (Harrison, 5 & Zinnia, 3)

Andrzej brings $17,000 to the family which I gave back to him by buying $17,000 worth of stuff and putting it in his inventory.

The Cute Corner

Both toddlers were hugging pets at the same time, I did not do that.

Acton is 54

Sally and her family move out.

Andrzej & Sally moved out with her savings of $20,000 plus his savings of $17,000 and were able to buy a lovely house right across the street.

Family Dinner as a family of 3 again

End of Week 4 or 5?  Not sure, I lost count
Acton Rendum & Jessica Sears

30 years of LOVE

Leilani is 25 and ready to live by her own rules.

Her parents move out and she throws a party to meet a man.