Saturday, April 25, 2015

Race To Royalty: 2nd Week All Families


Michael and Ashley's 3rd child is a son named Birch.

Birch has brown eyes and black hair

The Brinkleys have 3 infants at this moment.

1st born Bahama is a toddler

2nd born Belle is a toddler.

3rd born Birch is a toddler.

The Brinkleys now have 3 toddlers.

Bahama (in yellow) huggles her sister Belle

Their brother Birch sleeps in the background
Oldest child Bahama is school-age.

The kids are all 1 year apart, so they will all age up close together.

2nd child Belle is school-age

Mike Brinkley finally coaxes a dog into the family

Female Ilia's job allows the family to finally by a couch and a bed for the children.

Youngest child Birch is school-age

As the 2nd week closes, the Brinkleys are expecting their 4th child about 6 years after their youngest was born.

NET WORTH - $7,000 (tied for last place)

They are the only family that hasn't been able to afford the most basic unlocked items (a bed for Birch & a wall separating the bedroom from the main living area)


Samantha Greenburg is noticeably pregnant

The Greenburgs are the first family to breed their pets.

Mack is the male offspring of Menice & Midnight.

He is a very easy puppy and was housebroken from birth!

Jacob and Samantha's first child is a daughter named Naama.

Naama has brown hair and brown eyes.

Jacob is reaching the end of his life.  He is 62 currently.

He gives Samantha a small inheritance for their daughter's dowry.

Samantha is pregnant again.

Jacob is thrilled they he may meet his son before his death.

One of the dogs brought home a $10k bonus!!

They are allowed to start a garden now that funds are $14k+ but being winter and with Jacob getting more frail, they are putting it off for a couple years.

Samantha delivers another daughter whom they call Neva (meaning Snow).

Jacob's hopes for a son fade as he feels his strength slipping away more quickly each day.
Jacob Greenburg, 65, has died of old age.

He is survived by his pregnant wife Samantha and their two infant daughters (Naama & Neva)

Samantha is free to woo-hoo or remarry after a suitable mourning period (at least until she isn't pregnant)

Samantha is struggling to keep everything together

Naama is a toddler and Neva in still a baby

Just 6 months (12 sim hours) after Jacob's death, Samantha delivers their 3rd child.

Samantha names her new son Jacob after his father.

Naama snuggles with puppy Mack

Mack is a full grown dog, ready to get a job.

Neva (purple) and Naama (pink) look almost exactly the same.

Neva has wider lips.
Naama is the first toddler to be potty trained

Midnight delivers a 2nd litter

3 puppies this time - Magic (m), Magnolia (f), and Major (m)

Dogs can now be sold on this lot

Magic and Magnolia are quickly sold to other families.

Little Jacob is a toddler.

Naama is school-age

Neva and Jacob Greenburg

NET WORTH - $28,000 (1st place)


Matthew and Emily welcome a third child, daughter Hiah

Hiah has brown eyes and brown hair.

2nd child Henry is a toddler.

Oldest child Hanna is school-age
3rd child Hiah is a toddler

Matt Holden tried to pet a skunk!?

2nd child Henry is school age.

3rd child Hiah in back.

Emily Holden delivers a 4th child, Holly.

Holly has green eyes and brown hair.

3rd child Hiah is school age.

Dad Matt tends to baby Holly.

NET WORTH - $7,000 (tied for last place)


Andrew and Brittany welcome a 4th child, daughter Gladys

Gladys has black hair and blue eyes

Andrew helps 3rd child Gideon age into a toddler.

2nd child Gemma is school-age

Gage and Gemma after their makeovers.

I'm going to style the children's hair like their parents to make it easier to identify their family

Brittany gives birth to a 5th child, daughter Gracie

Gideon and their dog

Andrew helps 4th child Gladys age up
 3rd child Gideon is school age.
5th child Gracie is a toddler.
4th child Gladys is school age.

Eldest child Gage is a teenager.

Gage is the 1st teenager and rolled KNOWLEDGE

The McGraths have purchased one of the Greenburg puppies for $500.

The McGraths currently have 1 teenager, 3 school-age children, 1 toddler and 2 dogs (Bailey & Magnolia)

NET WORTH - $20,000 (2nd place)


Mae Moore playing with her siblings Miles and Meadow

2nd child Meadow is school-age
Chris Moore helps 4th child Mojave age up

This house is chaos!!!!

They have 6 kids and 3 dogs.

The dogs pee everywhere and drink it up.
The toddlers tear through the dog food!

I'm at my wits end!

Milo trying to take Mojave's bottle.

Poor boys, they are both starving!

Little sister, Muriel, in the crib.

Chris helps 5th child Muriel age up.

3rd child Milo is school-age
4th child Mojave is school-age
6th child Myla is a  toddler


Well that didn't last long!

Jessica Moore delivers her 7th child (Oakley) to an audience of four of older children (Mae, Milo, Mojave, Muriel).

At the end of the 2nd week, the Moore family has 7 children (1 teen, 5 school-age, 1 infant) and 4 dogs (Maxx, Beasley, Ichabod, and Alabama)

Their 4th dog is a female but the household is so full that I probably can't breed her!  Maxx and Ichabod might be UNadopted soon.

Teen daughter Mae is a family sim.

NET WORTH - $18,000 (3rd place)


Sarah Snyder delivers a 2nd child, son Scorpio

Scorpio has black hair and blue eyes (like big brother Sage)

Sage is school-age

The boys are 5 years apart.

The gypsy brought us a magic lamp.

The Snyders will sell it, but I'm allowing them to activate their aspiration benefits since they earned the lamp

Scorpio is a toddler.
Scorpio is the 2nd toddler to be potty-trained

2nd/youngest child Scorpio is school-age

The Snyders purchased one of the Greenburg puppies for $500.

They now have 2 sons (Sage & Scorpio) and 2 dogs (Ursa & Magic)

NET WORTH - $11,000 (4th place)