Monday, May 26, 2014

1184- The Sickness is Reemerging

Emperor Lycaon gets his children into the best school.

Empress Alala has been in seclusion since shortly after Prince Lycomedes' birth.

They will not have any more children.

Lexine Tertia greets her 1st cousin, Princess Fedora Celsus.  The princess is soon to be wed.

Lexine's father (Emperor Leonel) was the brother of Fedora's father (Prince Franco)

Lexine also meets with her 1st cousin Dowager Duchess Stasia Quirinius.

Lexine's father (Emperor Leonel)
was the brother of
Stasia's mother (Grand Duchess Avril Quirinius)

Lexine and her husband, Emile, welcome their 6th child and 1st daughter, Emelia.

Little Emelia is named after Emile's mother, Duchess Emelia Aelius, who died giving him life.
Atreo Kokinos attacks his younger brother, Attis.

Attis Kokinos, 19, is killed by his brother Atreo.

Atlas Kokinos then attacks and kills Atreo.  Revenge for killing Attis.

Atreo Kokinos, 21, is survived by his parents and older siblings.

The parents (Athananios & Alexis) then attack each other out of grief and anger.

Alexis is killed by her faithful, loving husband of nearly 40 years.

Alexis Manlius Kokinos, 68, is survived by her husband, 4 surviving children (Athan, Athanansia, Athena, and Atlas), and a granddaughter

Athananios Kokinos dies just one year later.

Jerome Junius marries Sophia Mole

Daffodil Manlius delivers a 2nd child, Ane

Narcissus Mamuyac is the 1st plague death of this generation

Atlas Kokinos marries Nox Mamuyac.

His brother, Athan, is married to Nox's older sister, Narkissa.

Athan & Narkissa have a daughter, Alexis.
Atlas & Nox have a daughter, Nichole.

Monday, May 19, 2014

1179-1183 Slave Populations are Rising

Athamas Atilla loses his 2nd wife (Firoozeh Kokinos) and marries Dunyasha Kokinos

Firoozeh was the mother of his 4 children (Mari, Artemas, Demas, and Polydamas)

When Dunyasha moves in she brings 3 daughters (Neola Manlius, Ara Joque, and Agatha Atilla)

Agatha is the daughter of Athamas & Dunyasha born during his marriage to Firoozeh.

The very blended family of Athamas & Dunyasha

The teenager is Neola Manlius (Dunyasha's daughter with Neel Manlius).
The floor baby is Nympha (Athamas & Dunyasha's 2nd child together)
The brown-haired girl in front of Neola is her half-sister, Ara Joque (daughter of Armand & Dunyasha)

The rest are Mari, Artemas, Demas, and Polydamas Atilla
Pregnant Nefili Mamuyac fights a blaze in the home of her master, Grand Duke Stephanos Quirinius.

She is pregnant with his child.

The little girl will be named Nephele.

Testoterone gets the best of this teenage orphans. 

 Grand Duke Pancratius attacks his younger brother and heir, Duke Paris

Grand Duke Pancratius Vatinius, 15, is killed.

He is survived by his mother (Dowager Duchess Stasia) and his siblings (Duchess Page, Grand Duke Paris, and Duchess Pasha)

Grand Duke Stephanos Quirinius and his family.

His son and heir, Duke Tre, with wife Duchess Isabel

Their children: Duke Stamitos, Duchess Tracy, Duchess Trina

Grand Duke Paris Vatinius with his family

His mother Dowager Duchess Stasia, his half-sister Duchess Page, and his little sister Duchess Pasha

The Patrician Vatinus family is in a crisis, only one male to carry on the family name.

Grand Duke Hadrian II Aelius meets Princess Lyris.

Grand Duke Hadrian II Aelius and his family

Teenage Grand Duke, his uncle and heir Duke Andre with his wife Duchess Louise

Their children: Duke Anderson, Duke Andrew, Duchess Anastasia, and Duchess Angeliki

Fate Rusewicz delivers a 2nd red-headed child, Alberta

Arrecina Porphyrius, 80, is survived by her only living child (Fate Rusewicz) and 6 grandchildren (Dionysis Eulogius, Alcides Porphyrius - pictured, Autumn & Dora Euloguis, and Alin & Alberta Rusewicz)

teenage Alcides Porphyrius with his only living family

His sister, Fate and her husband, Alvin

Their children, Alin & Alberta

Widower Dorin Eulogius takes a 2nd wife, Antigone Junius.

They already have a son together (Anibal) and Antigone is pregnant again.
Athamas Atilla battles a fire.

I was kinda hoping his family population would drop, but no luck.

Athamas Atilla and his blended family.

His eldest child (Mari), Athamas, his wife Dunyasha holding Nympha, his stepdaughters (Neola & Ara)

In front: Athamas' children (Artemas, Demas, Agatha, and Polydamas)


Athan Kokinos marries Narkissa Mamuyac

Anteros Manlius marries Daffodil Manlius.

They already have a 10-year old son, Daemon.

Nella & Nox Mamuyac care for their sisters' bastard children.

She is raising Narcissus, Nectarios, and Nephele (pictured with Aunt Nella).

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Emperor Lycaon welcomes an heir! A prince is born!

Dowager Empress Daphne with her son's heir, Princess Lycoris

Lycoris is the Emperor & Empress' eldest child.

Empress Alala delivers a 3rd daughter, Princess Lysandra.

The Imperial Family

Dowager Empress Daphne holding heir Princess Lycoris
Emperor Lycaon holding 2nd daughter Princess Lyris
pregnant Empress Alala holding 3rd daughter Princess Lysandra

Dowager Empress Daphne with other Imperial girls (Princess Lais, Princess Fedora, and Princess Almathea)

slave Narkissa Mamuyac delivers a son, Narcissus

The Patrician Quirnius Family

Grand Duke Stephanos with his son's family

Duke Tre & Duchess Isabel and their 4 children: Duke Stamitos, Duchess Tracy, Duke Stoffel, and Duchess Trina

The Patrician Vatinius Family

Grand Duke Palaemon and his wife Grand Duchess Stasia with his children: Duchess Page, Duke Pancratius, Duke Paris, and Duchess Pasha

Grand Duke Hadrian II Aelius

Fate Porphyrius marries Alvin Rusewicz

Autumn Porphyrius Eulogius, daughter of Dorin Eulogius & Aure Porphyrius

Absyrtus, Abydos, and Maurice Eulogius

Pavel & Acantha Eulogius and their surviving children: Pandora, Panphila, and Patroclaus

Dorin & Aure Eulogius and their daughters:
Autumn & Dora

Emile & Lexine Tertia with their 4 sons:
Egidio, Elek, Endre, and Etor

Slave Kokinos family

only the sons are pictured because the 2 daughters are in the service of noble families

Jarina Junius and her children:
Jerome, Lia, and Julian

Jamie Aspir, orphaned child of Jozef & Naiyah

Surviving children of Anes & Bellamy Manlius

Dunyasha Kokinos goes into labor while posing for this picture

Dunyasha Kokinos and her daughters:
Neola Manlius, Ara Joque, and Agatha Kokinos

Empress Alala paints a portrait in honor of her eldest child and heir, Princess Lycoris

The Empress delivers a 4th child, an heir Prince Lycomedes.

Princess Lycoris Celsus, eldest child of Emperor Lycaon & Empress Alala.

She has 3 younger siblings (Lyris, Lysandra, and Lycomedes)

Dowager Empress Daphne Aelius Celsus is survived by two children (Lexine Tertia & Emperor Lycaon) and grandchildren (Princess Lais Celsus, Egidio Tertia, Elek Tertia, Endre Tertia, Etor Tertia, Princess Lycoris Celsus, Princess Lyris Celsus, Princess Lysandra Celsus, and Prince Lycomedes Celsus)

Emperor Lycaon with his only son and heir, Prince Lycomedes

Duke Tre Quirinius & Grand Duke Palaemon Vatinius finally come to blows over women.

The two romance sims have been dating the same circle of women and it finally reached a breaking point.

Grand Duke Palaemon Vatinius, 45, was killed in an altercation with Duke Tre Quirnius.

Palaemon is survived by his 2nd wife (Dowager Duchess Stasia) and his children (Duchess Page, Grand Duke Pancratius, Duke Paris, Duchess Pasha, and Narcissus Mamuyac)

Princess Lycoris attacks young Duke Stoffel.

The Duke is killed accidentally when the Princess pushes him down.

The Imperial Family offers restitution by agreeing to a marriage match between surviving children.

Duke Stoffel Quirinius, 6, is survived by his grandfather (Grand Duke Stephanos), his parents (Duke Tre & Duchess Isabel) and his siblings (Duke Stamitos, Duchess Tracy, and Duchess Trina)

Dowager Duchess Stasia with her husband's legitimate children:
Duchess Page, Grand Duke Pancratius, Duke Paris, and Duchess Pasha

Grand Duke Stephanos with is son and grandchildren

Duke Tre & Duchess Isabel

their surviving children: Duke Stamitos, Duchess Tracy, Duchess Trina

Grand Duke Hadrian II Aelius with his Uncle and family

orphaned Grand Duke Hadrian II
Duke Andre & his pregnant wife Duchess Louise
Andre's children: Duke Anderson, Duke Andrew, Duchess Anastasia

Grand Duke Hadrian II Aelius

Arrecina Porphyrius Eulogius with her newest grandchildren, Alin Rusewicz (son of Fate & Alvin)

Acantha Eulogius dies while pregnant with her 5th child.  She is survived by her husband Pavel and their 3 living kids (Pandora, Panphila, and Patroclaus)

Aure Porphyrius Eulogius dies while pregnant with her 3rd child.  She is survived by her husband Dorin and their daughters (Autumn & Dora)

Pavel Eulogius and his children:
Pandora, Panphila, and Patroclaus

Dorin Eulogius and his daughters:
Autumn & Dora

Lexine Tertia delivers a 5th boy and has a breakdown

Emile and Lexine Tertia with their 5 sons:
Egidio, Elek, Endre, Etor, and Eugene