Sunday, September 20, 2015

Race To Royalty - 10th Week (THE END)


Gladys McGrath, spinster & nun, has taken on all the children and unmarried mothers who live at the orphanage.

Karly Snyder, 12, daughter of Silas Snyder & Hyacinth Holden and resident of the orphanage is the 1st casualty of the illness sweeping through the children.

Karly is survived by her father (Silas Snyder), her brother (Colin Snyder), half brother (Titus Snyder) and half sister (Tara Snyder)

Tara Snyder's 1st kiss is Ira Greenburg

Tara Snyder's 2nd kiss is Henry McGrath

Sage McGrath, 8, only child of the late Abraxas Snyder & convicted murder Lavena McGrath and resident of the orphanage is the 2nd casualty.

Sage is survived by his mother (Lavena McGrath)

Holly Snyder meets her grandmother/namesake Holly Holden Moore

Sister Gladys
Jessica McGrath (1st child of Gage & Mae McGrath)
Henry McGrath (son of Jessica McGrath & Michael Holden)


Sister Gladys
Carmen Brinkley (dau of the late Belle Brinkley)
Abraxas Brinkley (son of Carmen Brinkley & the late Abraxas Snyder)


Back Row - Sister Gladys

Middle Row - Ilana (dau of Naama Greenburg Holden) & Yahaira (dau of Jacob Jr Greenburg & Holly Holden Moore)

Front Row - Wulf, Hava, & Ira (children of Jacob Jr Greenburg & the late Belle Brinkley)


Back Row - Raquel Snyder (6th child of the late Sage & the late Mirelyi Snyder), Sister Gladys, Sabina Snyder (3rd child of the late Scorpio & the late Hanna Holden Snyder)

Middle Row - Holly Snyder (dau of Raquel Snyder & the late Zyke Moore) and Eliana Snyder (youngest child of the late Scorpio & the late Hanna Holden Snyder)

Front Row - Tara Snyder (dau of Seamus Snyder & the late Hyacinth Holden) and Colin Snyder (son of Silas Snyder & the late Hyacinth Holden)


Andrew Brinkley, eldest son and heir of Birch & Gemma Brinkley, marries Uma Crest.

Uma is a twin and her sister, Una, moves in also.
Soon enough, Andrew & Uma welcome a son, Walden Brinkley


The Brinkleys are merchants now and Leela has caught the house on fire.

Leela and Bronco welcome a 6th child, Uzma.

Uzma is their 5th daughter.

Blossom Brinkley Kratz comforts her young daughter, Gala.

I've never seen this before.  It's so sweet.
Leela Brinkley has always disliked her sister-in-law Blossom right up until the day she killed her.

Blossom Brinkley Kratz, 52, is survived by her children (Vadim, 17 & Gala, 11) and her siblings (Bahama Holden, Birch, Bronco, and Brook Moore)

Leela was imprisoned for murder and her marriage to Bronco was dissolved.

Bronco Brinkley is now raising his 6 children and his sister's 2 children alone while trying to run the family business.

A little after 2 years since his marriage ended, Bronco finds a 2nd wife in widow Sarah Greenburg.

Sarah brings one daughter (Neva Snyder) to the marriage.


Since Honora's birth, Olive has had difficulty getting and staying pregnant.

This family might forever be a family of 4.

Jacob Jr Greenburg, patriarch of the Greenburg family and owner of Greenburg Groceries, dies in a farming accident.

Jacob Jr Greenburg, 53, is survived by his pregnant wife (Olive, 44), their two children (Worth, 12 & Honora, 9), his illegitimate children (Jacob Holden 40, Yahaira Greenburg 20, Wulf Greenburg 20, Hava Greenburg 19, and Ira Greenburg 16) and his older sisters (Naama Holden & Neva Moore)

In the keeping with Greenburg tradition, Olive delivers a son 4 months after her husband's death.

Jacob Jr was born after his father Jacob Greenburg died..
Jacob III was born after his father Jacob Jr died.

Olive is still of marrying age and may seek a new husband.
For a short time, Sarah Greenburg (widow of Fiero Snyder) moved back into her family home with her young daughter Neva.

Neva Snyder (dau of Fiero Sndyer & Sarah Greenburg)
Jacob Greenburg III (son of Jacob Greenburg Jr & Olive Moore)


Foreground - Daniel Holden marries Carmen Brinkley

Background - Michael Holden marries Jessica McGrath (the mother of their teenage son Henry)


The good thing about running a restaurant is that everyone has their pick of tables.

The Holdens are the first family to have turkey, although Hunter is not impressed.  Emily is pregnant and will eat anything.

Emily Holden and her husband Jacob have a daughter, Vania.

Vania has blonde hair just like big brother Saul.

Gage and Mae's youngest daughter Zaida marries Cullen Crest (CAS)

Neither of their sons have married yet.


Early McGrath, eldest child of Gideon & Muriel, dies of an illness.

Early is survived by her parents (Gideon & Muriel) and her siblings (Malachi, Noah, Barnabas, & Kaelin)

Malachi McGrath is really upset over the death of his sister Early.
Malachi marries Uma Crest's twin sister, Una.

Noah marries Olynda Moore (dau of Milo & Hiah)

Malachi and Una are the parents of a daughter named Myla McGrath.

Noah and Olynda have not conceived yet.


Zyke Moore, youngest child of Milo & Holly, dies of an illness.

Zyke, 16, is survived by his parents (Milo & Holly), his older brother (Lance, 19), his child (Holly Snyder, 4) and his half-siblings (Odgen & Olynda Moore and Yahaira Greenburg)
Odgen Moore marries Gylla Snyder.

Ogden is the bastard son of Meadow Moore.
Gylla is the 4th child of Sage & Mireyli Snyder.

Ogden and Gylla name their 1st born child after Gylla's mother, Mireyli.


Oslo Moore, 18, is survived by his parents (Mojave, 59 & Neva, 55), his siblings (Pago, Cambria, Quenna, Andes, & Samuel Moore) and his half-sister (Sarah Greenburg)

One month later, Neva dies of the same illness.

Neva Greenburg Moore, 55, is survived by her husband (Mojave, 59), their children (Pago 23, Cambria 21, Quenna 16, Andes 14, & Samuel 4), and her siblings (Naama Greenburg Holden & Jacob Jr Greenburg) and her daughter (Sarah Greenburg)

Another month later, Mojave & Neva's heir Pago dies also.

Pago Moore, 24, is survived by his father (Mojave), his siblings (Cambria, Quenna, Andes, and Samuel), and his half-sister (Sarah Greenburg)

Brook Moore comforts her young son, Paul.

Brook Moore mourns her niece, Joanna.

Orphan Joanna Moore, 11, is survived by her aunts (Mae McGrath, Muriel McGrath, and Olive Greenburg) and her uncles (Milo Moore, Mojave Moore, and Octavio Moore)
Andes Moore, Mojave's 3rd and eldest surviving son, attacks and kills his sister Quenna.

Quenna Moore, 20, is survived by her father (Mojave) and her siblings (Cambria & Samuel)

Andes is imprisoned for murder and disinherited.

7 year old Samuel is Mojave's last surviving son.


Fiero seems very displeased that his 1st child is a girl.

Sarah names the baby after her own mother, Neva.

Sage has been sick lately and decided to prepare Fiero for running the store in his absence.

Sage Snyder, patriarch of the Snyder family and owner of Snyder Flowers, dies of an illness.

Sage Snyder, 63, is survived by 7 of his 10 children (Fiero, Gylla, Quentin, Raquel, Daffodil, Reuben, Savannah, and Bolivar) and 3 grandchildren (Abraxas Brinkley 5, Neva Snyder 1, Holly Snyder 4)

The property passes to his eldest surviving son, Fiero Snyder.

Fiero Snyder, patriarch of the Snyder family and owner of Snyder Flowers, dies just after his father.

Fiero Snyder, 30, is survived by his wife (Sarah, 42), their only child (Neva, 1) and his 7 younger siblings.

The family business passes to the 5th born child and oldest living son of Sage Snyder, unmarried Quentin.
Bolivar Snyder attacks and kills his sister Daffodil.

Daffodil Snyder, 24, is survived by her siblings (Gylla, Quentin, Raquel, Reuben, Savannah, and Bolivar)

Bolivar is imprisoned for murder and disinherited.

Reuben Snyder is Quentin's heir until Quentin marries and produces a son.
Quentin Snyder marries his cousin, Sabina Snyder.

Quentin's father, Sage, and Sabina's father, Scorpio, were brothers.


Silas and Gracie Snyder's only child, Titus, with family dog Eric.